Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Duckling Love

Our Science teacher had a batch of incubated chicken eggs and a batch of duck eggs in her classroom. I missed the chicks hatching but was able to be there when this fella broke free:
 photo ducks4_zps27c9a1e1.jpg
 photo ducks3_zps330a35bb.jpg
 photo ducks2_zps7e1cb6a8.jpg

Yeah, it was pretty amazing.
I get to see the birds grow bigger and bigger each day as are being raised at our school. Two of the ducks were born with special needs. Their names are Frankie and Nemo. More on that later.

Bottom line: if you have never seen a duckling hatch I recommend that you find a way to rectify that.

 photo ducks1_zps10f11242.jpg


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