Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lake Day

This is mostly a photo dump. If you keep looking, you will get to see a topless Dale. Ohh-la-la!

A few weekends ago, a group of us spent the day on Lake Travis. Shout out to Paul for allowing us passage on his Vessel.
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For the most part, Margaret drove the boat. Most of you guys know that I WAS afraid of boats. I say was, because I no longer am. I conquered the fear babies! Now I just have to work on the claustrophobia and the fear of bridges. Oh, and the fear of mirrors in a dark room.
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After Margaret and Dale took part in some wake-boarding (Margaret, you rock by the way), we skimmed atop the water on over to Devil’s cove. Once there, we tied up with a few other boats and started the relaxin’.
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Those pool noodles are the best!

Dale stayed in the water long enough to grow gills.
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Wow! Who are these foxy ladies?
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Oh, on the way out we met this family and their ducks. They had kept the ducks as pets since birth. Eventually, the mother got sick of em’ so she decided to set them free at lake travis (the ducks, not her kids). I hope that their survival skills are innate.
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thanks for looking. Now go donate some money to the people and city of NOLA!


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