Tuesday, November 01, 2005

First things first

I need to tell ya’ll about the trip to Lubbock and what happened when we got there. Then, I will tell you about Halloween Dale, (the curse of the wig).

I drove the whole way to Lubbock! Normally, Dale and I take turns but due to his ingested mixture of allergy meds and Dramamine he was out like a broken bulb.

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“I am too sleepy to drive”.

I wanted to get to Lubbock fast so that the fun could start. Somewhere in Brownwood county, an officer let me know that I was trying to get to Lubbock a little too fast.
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85 in a 70

He was super cool thought because :
1. although we have current insurance, we did not have proof of it with us. Johnny Law let us slide.
2. We had a break light out. Again, Johnny Law only gave us a warning.
3. Dale’s registration sticker has been out since AUGUST! The officer acted like he did not notice it was out.
If we would have been ticketed for all of the above, I would owe Brownwood county almost $500.00 (including the speeding ticket). YOWZA!

We finally got to Lubbock and, after some last minute costume shopping for Dale, met Danny at the Pour House (Lubbockites- it is where conference café once was).
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We had a few beers, and Danny ate a few of these here Jalapeno poppers with rubbery bacon wrapped around them. Dale tried one but his sinuses, taste buds, and tear ducts alerted him that the seeds were still in the jalapenos making them VERY hot.
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We paid our tab and were finishing our beers when some dude approaches the table and asks if he can join us. I first noticed that he was quite drunk. He had a beer in one hand and a bourbon and coke in the other. We told him we were about to leave, but that he could stay there while we finished our beers. Then, I noticed something was wrong with his face………..
He told us that 4 dudes jumped him the night before………
I got up for a closer inspection and saw that the left side of his face was swollen and there were several abrasions on his cheek. His ear was caked with dried blood and the mastoid process (that bony protuberance behind your ear) was swollen as well.
His Jaw was defiantly broken, and we suspected that his ear drum was ruptured because he could not hear when I made sounds next to that ear.
Dude was seriously messed up.
We pleaded with him to go to the hospital. I think he was in a state of shock or something. He just kept saying how effed up it was. Then I noticed that he had blood on his shirt. I don’t think he ever went home after he got the crap beat out of him. The waitress came by and he tried to order another round. Dale intervened and told her that the dude needed to be cut off. Then, a friend of his came into the bar and I told her to take him to the hospital (which she did).
Damn! That was a long story.
The whole time that I was talking to the guy, I kept thinking…:I should take a picture of him for my blog”.
I did not do it though….I was too chicken.
Point of the story, weird people find their way to Dale and I on a regular basis.
The story of Halloween Dale, (the curse of the wig) will have to wait for the next post. This one is just too long as it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so wrong for making me wait to hear the rest of the story! But it will give me something to look forward to in this rountine I call my life. P.S. Sorry about the ticket. Bastards. :) Rach

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