Friday, November 04, 2005

Halloween Dale (The curse of the wig)

Before I get into the story, take a look at these two kiddos
Image hosted by
BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME EVER! (Thanks to Margaret for the pic)

Now, on with the story.
First let me say that Dale is one of the most gentle, kind, selfless men I know. He does not like to insult people and does not find it funny when others do it (which makes him a saint for marrying me).
But this can all change when Dale is under the CURSE!!!
So Dale has had a history of bad behavior when any of the following things are occurring at the same time:
1. Dale wearing a wig
2. Halloween
3. Wiskey
4. Beer

I first noticed this phenomenon years ago at Dina’s White Trash Party back in 199---something). Dale Drank some brew and Put on a wig. Fun was had by all until someone alerted me that Dale was sitting (almost passed out) on the couch slinging insults at anyone within ear shot.
Then, that same year at Halloween Dale wore a long red wig to go with his hippy costume. We were at a club and Dale soon turned nasty. We were having an argument when a bouncer approached us and politely asked if we would like to enter the costume contest. This guy was huge, BTW. Dale’s reply was something like this “Hey man, take a hike.” The guy did not hear what he said so Dale followed it up with “I said GETOUTTAHERE!”
Then there was the Halloween when no wig was involved, but the whiskey and beer were. Dale was dressed as a guy that got ran over by a car. I was a fairy princess. That was the year that Dale broke my wand. Oh yea, he snapped it like a twig with a smile on his face. That was also the year that I banned Dale from Halloween.
The ban was lifted last year and Dale went as Alex from a clock work orange. He was wigless and wiskeyless thus the night went off without a hitch. YAY DALE!

This Year, we had some issues. No wiskey, but there was the wig and the beer. Here is what happened.
Before the beer took it’s toll, Dale was chipper:
Image hosted by
All smiles

He even borrowed Danny’s hat and glasses to pull off the Tom Petty Look:
Image hosted by
“Don’t come around here no more.”

But soon, the wig and the alcohol proved to be too much for young Dale.
You can see the metamorphosis happen in this photo:
Image hosted by

So Danny, J3ph, and Dale ( I think Danny was there) are all sitting in a booth at Chimmeys. I am not far away, waiting in line for the bathroom. These two young college girls dressed as devils approach the table and one looks at Dale and exclaims “ELVIS!”
Really? Cause he did not look like the King at all. What a dumb ass.
Without skipping a beat Dale shoots back “FUCK YOU!” in a loud, slow drawl.
The girl looked utterly shocked! She replied “FUCK YOU!” How original.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head. Then I noticed that the girls were with a guy, presumably one of the girls boyfriends. He walked up to J3ph and Dale and I swear I thought he was gonna throw a punch. But NO! This fella says “Hey, you guys got a light?” What a class act.

In Dale’s defense, the bimbo deserved to be cut down. I don’t know if an F-Bomb was necessary, but it sure did make J3ph crack up.
After that incident, Dale was back to his fun loving self again. I think he needed to release some of the crazy from his brain.

Here is what Dale and I looked like at the end of the night:
Image hosted by
AWwwwwwwwww YEA!

The next post will most likely contain a series of the best photos from Halloween night.
Have a good Friday.


Blogger j3 said...

i still laugh about that incident.

angry drunk dale provides plenty of laughs.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than seeing the photo of you guys at the end of the night. It shows you had a heckuva good time.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous peter said...


8:22 PM  

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