Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Parents Live in East LA

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Seriously, the background of this pic includes the fence and tree of the people that live across the street from my parent’s.
Dale made a comment of how the fence, which is about to fall down by the way, and palm tree look like they belong in east LA.

I then decided to dress my brother up like a cholo.
Take a look at the close up.
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Being a camera whore, I decided to get in on the fun as well. I threw my hair up and donned the required dark lip liner that you see gracing the faces of many female gang members. Well, at least that is the way they wear it when I see them on law and order or some other Hollywood production.

Have a looksie:
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I don’t know any “real” gang signs, so made this one up on the fly. My fingers are displaying the sign language symbol for “f”.

My parents live in a little duplex on the west side of San Antonio. The neighborhood is quite run down. There home has been broken into only once. I have a little ritual when I visit them. Every time Dale and I turn the corner onto their street I bust out into Elvis Presley’s song “In the Ghetto”.
But you know what? They have no problems living where they do. They have a big yard and plenty of room for themselves. My dad is happy because he can plant veggies in the back and BBQ to his hearts delight. My mom enjoys decorating the inside of her house with various items and they love their new recliners.
They do just fine, thank you very much.


Anonymous Colin said...

fantastic pic.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous somerandominternetchick said...

that guys cute whats his number tehehe

6:48 PM  
Anonymous somereandominternetchicknotsarahsbrotherbeingalldrunk said...

he looks like a young telly savalis or some shit

6:50 PM  

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