Saturday, February 25, 2006

on my 'fridge

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Dale and I are so excited about the upcoming ski extravaganza we are going to take part in this month. Jeff, the man in the photo, is credited with putting the trip together. I found these old pictures of him in a box of thank you cards. What were they doing there?
Dale says that the pics were taken during one of yall’s past ski trips.

Here is the other one:
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I put both of the pics up on my fridge to remind us of the upcoming fun.

After the ski trip, we have SXSW!
I had to stand in this line for an hour and a half to get two wristbands.
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I got two wrist bands. We need to get a few more but have to wait until they are released. Those efers are expensive!
It’s worth it, though.

That is all for now.
Go see The Matador, it is funny.


Blogger Tracy Fennell said...

Miss Sarah! Wristbands are overrated! I am set on seeing Flogging Molly and the rest of the time just goofing off. If you're like me, a wristband isn't worth trying to get into one certain show regular. (Or this is what I tell myself trying to do it without a 130$ plastic strip!)

7:47 PM  

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