Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kinda dull

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Danny and Lee will be in Austin this Saturday!

This means much fun, drinking, and debauchery will surely take place.
Ya’ll keep me in your prayers.

I am reloading my ipod right now. When my computer crashed, it took my itunes with it. I still have all the songs on my ipod, but the stupid itunes will not let me add any more songs to the ipod unless I change my library. When I change my library, it will replace my current ipod listings with the new stuff.

Good thing I am on break and have time to do such things.

I am listening to The Strokes, “Room on Fire” right now as the album uploads. At first, I did not really like this album. I did not listen to it more than twice though and now, on it’s 3rd listen, I am liking it.

It makes me wanna dance like ants are in my pants.

I hope I can think of something to blog soon. This place is getting stale and smelling funky. Can you see the cobwebs starting to gather in the corner?
Somebody get a broom.


Anonymous Laurie said...

have fun goon!

4:46 PM  
Anonymous dan said...

why don't you change your ipod settings to manual...that way it won't automatically update your song list? and while you're at it, check out corey crowder and augustana...if you want a girl to be a smitten kitten when around you...play these and look deeply into her eyes...guaranteed!

Big D in the Big D.

8:01 AM  

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