Wednesday, March 05, 2008

10 inches, baby


I cut my hair this past Friday. 10 Inches gone in one cut. No, I did not donate to “locks of love”. I thought you had to have at least 12 inches to give. I guess I was wrong. Maybe next time.

Here I am taking a few picture of myself, for you to see, but I don’t think the picture is taking because the flash is not going off.

I finally figure it out. CAMERA WHORE TIME!

Ah, the photo edit…

And the profile

I tried to get one of the back of my head, but no workie.

I love it. You should see it when it is straight. Don’t worry, I’ll show you later. I like it better curly, but straight is fun as well.

In other news,
Miss Bean is bringing blogging back. Bean, let me know if I can post your blog address…or, just post it in the comments. Stick around for a while, this time. You were born to blog.

I feel like an ass when I use the word “blog” as a verb.

In other, other news..
I want to punch all of the American idol contestants in the face.
Especially the guys.

That is all.


Blogger Rachel said...

I love it! Sorry for not recognizing you at Starbucks. :) (Yes, Bean... give me your blog address!)

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just getting into the swing of things again, but here you go folks:

4:28 PM  

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