Friday, June 06, 2008



A few weeks ago, one of the Teachers at my place of work asked everyone in the department to write down a word or phrase to describe each person in the department. We all went to lunch, today, as it was the last day of school (woot). During lunch, two of our department members got up and read/signed a list of 13 words for each person and we were to guess who they were describing. Would you like to hear the list of words describing me?

Ok, here we go:
Great hair
Fashion queen
Great team payer
Considers students needs
Burst of sunshine

My favorite is “Enchanting.” It makes me feel like I have magical powers. The descriptor they should have included would be “cry baby”.

Yeah, I said it.

See, I went to my spine doctor for a follow up, today. I was thinking that he might recommend that I get some steroid injections due to the fact that my neck/shoulders continue to cause me great pain even though I have participated in physical therapy for a month now. The steroid injections kind of scare me, but I am willing to do anything to alleviate the pain at this point. The Dr. explained to me that he could not do the injections because they have not found my “trigger point” (or “chigga pahn”, as he pronounces it). When he explained that to me, my eyes just started leaking. I could not help it. I tried to hold back the tears but they were stupid and would not listen to me. I am just so frustrated. I wake up to pain and it gradually gets worse as the day goes on. By 4:00, it is horrible.

So, I now have two different kinds of pain pills, one muscle relaxer, my ice packs (they rock), and my physical therapy. I also have a summer break and am under Dr.’s orders to rest.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.
Don’t feel too sorry for me. I am enchanting, after all.


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