Sunday, April 20, 2008

10 years


Earlier this month, Dale and I marked our 10 year anniversary. We started dating back in 1998, some time around Easter.

We were 21 years young. He was a college student, about to graduate, and I was a DJ working the midnight shift at a classic rock station.

We tried to keep our relationship hidden from our mutual friends. The plan was foiled when they spotted us making out at a night club in Dallas.

I totally dug him from the moment we met, even though he was wearing socks with sandals.

It was not long before we packed up a U-Haul, grabbed Lee, and moved to Austin. He got a job offer at this great company where he remains to this day. I had no idea where I was headed. I just knew that I wanted out of Lubbock and that I wanted to be with him.

I also knew, from very early on in our relationship, that I would marry him.
(even though, in a heated fury fueled by an argument that I had just had with Dale, I told Colin that I would “NEVER MARRY THAT MAN!”)

We will be married for 4 years on the 22nd of May.

Now, Dale is keeping me hostage in my own home. Sure, he has a valid reason. He does not want me to do too much activity thus impeding upon the healing that must happen for my back to get better. I’m all dopey on the pain pills and muscle relaxers. Bean told me that it sounded like I was in a Brittney Spears type situation.

Help Me!

All I want to do is go to TJ Maxx to look for new summer dresses!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! You're totally brit brit

You've passed your dress fetish to me. I'm all about the comfy dresses this summer.

Get well soon - I miss you :-(

Rachel - if you read this, I miss you too


10:41 AM  
Anonymous Laura B. said...

haha too cute! Happy 10 year!

2:17 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I'm sorry that you weren't allowed to partake in margaritas yesterday. They were quite good. Feel better soon!

I just found Kohl's for the first time and bought the same dress in two colors. (I will probably go back and get one more.) I think you, me and Laurie should all wear dresses and go have cocktails.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and that my folks, is how it became known as the "cocktail dress"

I'm so down!


3:38 PM  

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