Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This tomato thing


I love tomatoes. I can, and usually do, eat them every day. I love them in salad, by themselves, mixed in my spaghetti squash, grilled, sun dried, etc., etc., etc…..

I hate them stewed, though. It’s a texture thing.

Anyway, when I found out about this salmonella thing I was sad. I will miss my little friends. Remember how long it took for the grocery stores to carry spinach again after that little issue? Ugh.

Almost everything I make has tomatoes in it. Therefore, I am uninspired to cook and am living off of Luna bars and freeze dried fruit.


Yeah, I am totally addicted to the Just Fruit Munchies. You can find them at your local HEB. If you are a Lubbock reader, try that Marketstreet place.

I want my tomatoes back! I wish I could grow my own. Unfortunately, I don’t think we get enough sun in our back yard.

In other news:
My summer break is underway. I am totally practicing the hula hoop. I am getting pretty good at it. My contortionist thing never really worked out so I am hoping that I will give the hula hoop a better shot.

Other than that, I am catching up on some TV. I rented season 6 of the Soprano’s and seasons 2 and 3 of WEEDS. Love Weeds. Love it!
I think I will rent Heros next. Oh, and Rome. Who needs show time or HBO when you can just wait and rent the best shows?

I am going to take some pictures for my blog, soon. Not sure what they will be, but I need to spice it up around here. Any suggestions?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

New season of Weeds starts on Monday - I made Colin get Showtime so I could watch it in real time! Either that or catch it OnDemand.

Anywho - miss ya!

4:46 PM  

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