Monday, October 20, 2008

A tour

Well hello friend! I’ve been out for quite some time, this I know, but I am back now and ready to blog.

This past weekend, Rachel asked me to be her date and go on a Haunted Austin tour. Her boyfriend spent the day helping my husband take our fence down and was too sore to take the tour.

I was reluctant to go on the tour, but I wanted to hang out with Rachel so off I went.

First, Rachel practiced her skills with the spinderella and then we paused for a quick photo op:

We had to meet the tour group at the Moonshine grill. I downed a gimlet and Rachel had a rum and diet coke. Something told me I would need a good buzz to participate in the tour. That something was catching a glimpse of the previous tour group…the leader was dressed in 1800 garb and the group was filled with a bunch of dorks.

Here is our guide and group:

I took this one as we were walking:

We went to the Rusty Spoke, a gay country and western bar.

The guide told some story about a clock not working no matter what they did. Whatever. I wanted a picture of Rachel and I under the clock but these chicks sat their asses down before we did and were not moving. I asked them if they wanted to be in our picture and proceeded to squeeze myself amongst them:

The guide told us to check our pictures for orbs. If we found any, he wanted us to send them to him. Should I send him these?

On the way out, I made Rachel take some literature that was on a table near the front door. Here she is reading it. It said something about a BBQ that happens once a month and let me tell you….that pamphlet was filled with sexual innuendos and double entendres. Yeah, there was a joke about mayo.

After that bar, the tour was a total bust. Rachel and I considered bailing out a few times but stuck through it as we knew it was short.

We went to a few bars on 6th street and the cellulite emphasizing outfits most of the girls were wearing scared us more than anything the tour guide had shown us.

On the way to the car, Rachel posed in front of this building:
Now that mama jamma should have been on the tour.


Blogger Rachel said...

The pamphlet from the Rusty Spoke deserves a post all to itself! Thanks for being my date. muah

4:20 PM  
Blogger Tracy Fennell said...

That seems like a pretty lame tour. Let's start one in Lubbock.

8:07 PM  

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