Thursday, August 28, 2008

football and chocolate

I was born in Lubbock and I lived there for 22 years of my life. I then moved to Austin and graduated from UT (twice, holla!).

Every year, I root for UT and Tech during football season. When the two play each other, I have a hard time choosing sides.

Anyway, Cooper is a UT fan.

He is also a fan of chocolate, even though he has never had any. In the container pictured below, I had a few expensive chocolates that I keep around for those days that I need something sweet with my red wine. I usually keep this in the fridge. The other day, I accidentally left it on the counter. Cooper, who is an accomplished rock climber, had no trouble scaling the couch and getting to the counter to grab the goodies. I did not see him do this. He snuck into the big room (aka, the hoop room) and began chewing away at the lid in hopes of getting to the sweet, sweet chocolate inside.


I heard him chewing but thought he was just gnawing on his rawhide. Then, I got suspicious. Call it, “puppy owner’s intuition.” It appears that I got there just in time as he almost had the lid completely destroyed:

I’m glad I did. Chocolate is a no-no for the canines.

Look at him, all sleepy and cute:

Now look at me as a blonde guy back in 1968:
I totally would have gotten my ass kicked if this were really me.


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