Wednesday, July 22, 2009


GPOYW = Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday!
a funny weekly picture of yourself. shot by you or someone else. used by blogger e.g. tumblr. can also be shot on other days, but posted only on Wednesdays.

My buddy Tirzah Took some really cool pics of me hoopin' and sparklin' on the 4th of July. I thought today would be a good day to do my first GPOYW post with those photos.
(side note, I know I have gratuitous pictures of myself many days. That's how I roll.)

Here is my favorite:

And these ain't bad either:

Here is a cool one of Josh:

And to show you how superior Tirzah's photography skills are compared to mine, here is one I took:
Somebody needs to learn more about her camera's settings.

In other news:
We are going to Gold's Gym to try and get a membership. I hate negotiating. Let's hope I don't call the sales goob a dirty liar and throw his energy drink in his face.

I made a new hoop using only fancy tape. (glitter tape and super shiny tape). It does not have the grip action that a hoop has when you put some electrical tape in the mix. That's your tip of the day. It sure looks pretty though.

I just learned that my friend Danny (a.k.a. Osama-bin-drinkin') is going to pay us a visit starting next Wed and ending on Monday. I better start drunk-proofing the house now.

That is all.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

I would steal this idea, but I'm not, how do you say, photogenic.

I love sparklers.

4:22 PM  
Blogger M--- said...

I would steal this idea, TOO, but I'm not how to you say in Engrish...photographed! I'm the one usually behind the if I can just get a real camera!

9:22 AM  

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