Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Prime Rib Dinner (PRD)

For the past few years, Dale has chosen one magical night per year to cook a most delicious Prime Rib Dinner (PRD). The first time he did so was on New Years Eve. He has also done PRD to celebrate a friend's college graduation and another friends bachelor party. This year, he did PRD to celebrate a Saturday.

Now, the good thing about PRD is that it is so good you only need it once a year. The bad thing is that it is so expensive that we can only invite a few people over to partake in the eating. We have rotated the people here and there but have missed out on some of our closest friends. You know who you are. Next year, PRD will be held in your honor.

Want to see a few pics from the festivities? All photos are credited to the talented Tirzah. I love it when she uses my camera.

Josh drank the new Walgreens Beer. You can see it on the counter. Have you heard of this stuff? It's called "Big Fats"...I mean, "Big Flats". "Big Fats" is my nickname. You can see how I would get the two confused.

Dale fashioned his facial hair into a handlebar mustache he called his "one day mustache." It was hard to look at.

The night ended with the final four (five if you count Charlie) in the garage. Shenanigans ensued, naturally.

Tune in soon for a few more pictures from PRD 2011.

In Other News:
So now my lower back is a screwed! Not sure what is going on. Maybe slipped disc, maybe cracked lumbar vertebrae. I just don't know. Sitting and walking are painful and laying down is not much better. Good thing I can stand still. At least my neck is on the mend. Sheesh! The physical therapist says it's all connected and it is not surprising that I had two conditions co-occurring (neck and lower back). We call that "comorbidity," when two or more medical conditions coexist. One possibly caused the other.

The Low Lows are opening for The Heartless Bastards at the Ghost Room this Friday.
I so want to go,
but just don't know,
if my back will support me,

That is all.


Anonymous Christina said...

i was wondering how your back has been since the surgery...im so sorry to hear it is not doing as well as you need it to be!! hopefully things will work out back there. im on my way to a new doctor next week and will be trying out some heated pool physical therapy and also possibly cauterizing some nerves. such fun!! thanks for the positive energy you produce through your blog!!

3:16 PM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

Christina, I have heard good things about salt water pool therapy. I bet the heated pool therapy will also be nice. I know that when I swim in the summer, my back always feels somewhat better. I have also heard good things about nerve cauterizing. It sounds like an awful procedure, but it can work! Not much is better than being pain free.

My neck/upper back really is feeling much better. I'm still having to really work at it, but I am not in pain 24 hours a day anymore. That rules. I hope this lower back business goes away with some more therapy. I think it will. Thanks for thinking of me!

Hope you find your way to recovery soon.

4:34 PM  

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