Sunday, March 06, 2011

Beard Contest Part 6: Billy

Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about the special guest judge that showed up about halfway through the competition!

Ladies and germs, I give you...................

Billy Gibbons!
ZZ Top Ya'll!

The first thing I noticed about Billy was that he is Wee.
As a guitarist, he is a giant. As a person, he is wee.

The second thing I noticed was his teeth and the almost blinding shade of white they are:
Hollywood style

The third thing I noticed about him was his flair. He has the hat, the strange eyes on his jacket, the polkadot scarf, the sunglasses, and the collection of keys and what-nots that he wears around his neck.

Dude hung out, onstage, for the rest of the night.
Pretty cool, Billy.

They gave him a trophy for being a bad ass or something....I forget exactly what it was for.

Bonus Photo:

You can see me in the corner with my camera and crazy hat, just clickin' away.
I promise...the ladies will be the next post. Maybe. Haha!


Blogger Tracy Fennell said...

Some friends and I went to get some Billy Gibbons tequila a few weeks back when he was signing bottles. It was funny the guy behind us in line was wanting to complain so bad about some concert he went to in like 1985 and didn't get to come backstage even though he had passes or something.

2:16 PM  

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