Friday, March 25, 2011


Thursday night brought us to the Lustre Pearl for an impressive line up. First up, Nive Nielsen from the dang ol' North Pole!
We only heard a few of their songs. Nive was very sweet, very gracious, very humble, and very talented.

Up next, Devotchka! My friend Mary recommended that I see Devotchka and I'm glad she did. Nick Urata has a terrific voice and each member of band plays more than one instrument. Amongst the instrument that were played during the set were a tuba, a theremin, a bouzouki, a trumpet, a violin, an accordion, and an upright bass. Those were only some of the instruments...not all. Do you know what a theremin is? Well I'm not going to tell you so just look it up.
You can see the theremin in the above pic. I used flashy text and a big, green arrow to point it out to you. You're welcome.

You can't go wrong with a tuba adorned with Christmas lights. No sir, you can't.

Wine is fine.

The only bad part about the Devotchka show was all of the d-bags in the audience. I mean it was like a frat party up in there. The dude in front of me was all over his girl, grabbing her butt like it handles. It was grossing me out. Plus, there was a lot of bad dancing going on (white kid shuffle..think Jam Band audience). In almost equal numbers as the frat crowd were the pseudo-hipsters. You know...the too cool for school crowd yet not ironic enough to be actual hipsters. Blech. I really wanted to stick around for the Cold War Kids, but the annoying crowd and the fact that the only bathrooms available were nasty port-a-potties had me running away from the Lustre Pearl just as soon as Devotchka hit the last note of their last song.

After making our escape from Lustre Pearl, we ran straight to Emo's for The Greenhornes. Yup. I liked them enough to see them twice in one day. We caught just a little bit of The Kills on the outside stage before going inside and watching a little bit of a band from Minnesota. I won't mention their names because I have nothing good to say about them and I don't want to be rude.

I have nothing bad to say about The Greenhornes because they killed it! Ka-boom! Pow! Bang! BOOM!
And that drumkit is pretty bad ass.

That dude is pretty bad ass.

That band is pretty bad ass.

I only got a few pictures of this show as I had to give the camera to Dale for safe keeping. Here's what happened- I was in the front row, enjoying the show, minding my own bid'ness when out of nowhere came a group of assholes shoving their way up to the front. It was a group of about 4 dudes and one chick. They were all dancing like they were on fire. If the gal were laying on the floor, I would have thought that she was having seizures. It was obnoxious and she continually ran into me. I promise these fools were from LA as they just reeked of that "I'm better than you" attitude. After the gal ran her elbow/arm/head/knee into me a few times, I handed Dale the camera and told him to put it away. I then prepared myself for a fight. I figured that I would probably have to punch the gal. No problem. I was worried that one of the guys she was with would launch a counter attack and that had me a little worried. I was so mad that I really did not care. I figured Dale would come to my rescue.

I was just waiting for my temper to spike....

And then, it happened.

There was a really nice lady standing next to me. She was trying to take a picture of the band when the LA chick went into another flailing fit and almost smacked the nice lady's iphone from her hand. I say almost because I took my right arm and flung that LA bitch about three feet away from the scene. I prepared myself for her retaliation but she just bounced back and continued to dance!

At this moment, The Greenhornes were really taking everybody to school and I was able to focus on the music and ignore the LA crew.

That's the end of Thursday! I managed to not get punched in the face yet the Greenhornes managed to kick my ass!

*Disclaimer- I don't want you to think that I hate dancing. I don't. I love dancing. I dance every day! I dance at concerts! I just don't make a fool out of myself, dancing like somebody's shootin' bullets at my feet. I also don't assault anybody with my dance moves. I stay in my space. It's not a mosh pitt...keep your elbows to yourself or you are going to get my elbow in your rib. It's ok if you want to dance but you don't have rhythm. Really, it is. I might laugh at you but who cares? Not know you can't dance.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

Bwahahaa, "I just don't make a fool out of myself, dancing like somebody's shootin' bullets at my feet." Love it!

And I can totally picture you all riled up, ready up to punch a fool. It looks like it was an awesome show, although I'm glad I wasn't there.... you know I would have probably kicked that girl. ;)

Oh, and I found "Randy George's Theremin Channel" on youtube. That thing is crazy! How does it work? How did they incorporate it? Very neat.

9:03 AM  
Blogger christina said...

how is your back coming along? very jealous of your music endeavors...

12:08 PM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

Bee, you totally would have kicked that gal. I know it!

funny you should ask. As I type this, I am laying down with an ice pack strapped to my shoulder/neck area. The surgery helped my nerve pain but my muscles are so tight! They won't relax! I just got a Rx for a different type of muscle relaxer. Hopefully, it will help. I am also going to go to a rolfer. Have you heard of rolfing? I've been once and it was great! I'll keep you posted on if it works for me. ;)

12:46 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

ha ha! Bee beat me to it...I had copied and was about to pastes

"just don't make a fool out of myself, dancing like somebody's shootin' bullets at my feet."

That really made me giggle. Funny visual - like the scene from Blind Date with Bruce Willis.

1:54 PM  

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