Monday, June 06, 2011

Down Low

I have a story to go along with today's "low angle" shot (day 4 of the photography challenge).
I'm in San Antonio. My first stop was the hospital to see my father. I spent several hours with him and my mom. He had a liver and a spleen scan but we do not know the results. He is in good spirits.

When I went online to make my hotel reservation, I decided to utilize the fact that I am a state employee and ask for the state rate (it's not a bad discount). I had to provide them with my workplace information and all that Jazz so I was not entirely surprised when the front desk clerk said "I'm sorry I can't sign to you." I laughed and told him that was ok. He then preceded to tell me that he recently "Deaf Days" over at Six Flags San Antonio because his friend from church is an interpreter. He spoke about how cool it was and how I should check it out next year. I smiled, thanked him and went up to my room. Here is what was posted outside my door:
"Room for handicapped please depress button for five seconds"

Yup, they put me in a "handicapped" room. The button activates a light inside the room. This is a service for deaf or hard of hearing people since they would have trouble hearing a knock at the door. I chuckled to myself and thought that there must have been a mix up with the reservations people. When they read that I work at a school for the deaf, they must have assumed that I myself am deaf.

Further exploration of the room revealed a bathroom with safety rails, and rails inside the shower.
Uh-oh. I began to feel bad about occupying the room. What if I was taking up a room that somebody else needed? This room was a general room for people with certain needs....physical limitations...not just for those that are deaf.
I called down to the front desk and told him the mix up.

It was NOT a mix up.

They can only hold so many "state rate" rooms. I requested a king sized room and the only king sized, state rate rooms they had remaining were the handicapped rooms.

Ha! A "coincidence" he called it.

Side note: Many Deaf people do not like to be referred to as "Handicapped" or even "Hearing Impaired." Just throwing that out there.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

That is actually a pretty funny coincidence! And at least you will definitely not fall down the shower, so that is good.

5:58 PM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

There is a phone next to the toilet so I can call for help.......while on the toilet.

7:07 PM  

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