Thursday, January 10, 2013

Drinks and Driving

I asked Dale to pour me a glass of lemonade and this is what I got-
Complete with a slice of lemon and a beautiful straw. Dale pays attention to detail.

This is Cooper before he had his second back surgery.
He is walking better now than he was when this picture was taken. : )

Sally Hansen nail decals?
Yes please.

Cooper and I driving home from his physical therapy
He waits patiently in the passenger seat for most of the journey home. Once we get about half a mile from home, he franticly tries to crawl into my lap so he can look out the window. Once we turn into my neighborhood, he expects me to roll down the window so he can stick his head out and let his ears flap in the breeze.

Don't worry, that pic was taken at a stop light. I know it's not super safe to let your dog sit in your lap while you are driving but it brings him so much joy! How can I resist?


Blogger Miss Bee said...

I remember when Dale asked if I would like a glass of water and it had the cute slice of lemon. He doesn't play around!

Blossom normally has to ride in her "house" when she is in the car, but when we take her somewhere local, she does the same thing....I swear she knows as soon as we turn onto our street and gets so excited!

7:11 PM  

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