Tuesday, January 15, 2013


There are certain "forces" at work that really make me want to quit my job. Because of these um...."forces", I spent an entire year in a state of  stress and misery during my work hours. I tried several things to change what was causing my stress only to find there are certain things I can not change. What a bummer.
Many times, I actually used the phrase "hostil work environment," to describe my situation. These feelings started to really become stronger last year. It was as if the stress was a tiny pebble rolling down a snow covered mountain. By the time it reached the bottom, it was a giant snowball big enough to take out a house.  Needless to say, by the time the end of the year came around, I had my mind made up that I was going to work for one more year and then resign. Why would I subject myself to one more year of stress and frustration? Why not just quit?  To be honest, there were a few projects I wanted to make sure were developed fully before I left. These projects would benefit the students and I could not leave until they were complete.
At the beginning of this school year, I freshened up my resume and began each workday thinking it was a countdown to my last day. In the midst of doing this,  I became less stressed and started to enjoy the nice things about my job. For instance, I went to the Thanksgiving pie festival and really took in being there with my co-worker friends and the students. I love the students.
Because I wanted to spend more time and energy experiencing all of the positive people and activities at my workplace (working with students, lunch with my favorite co-workers, Halloween carnivals, supporting teachers, etc) I had no time to devote to the  negative "forces" that have haunted me. And you know what? Things have gotten better. I'm not saying things are perfect, or even great...but they are better.

People always say you should focus on the good things around you. I knew what that meant, in theory, but when I really applied it I truly understood.

Take this beautiful view, for instance:
This is a picture I snapped as I made my daily walk from my car to my building. There is beauty all around my workplace. I just have to continue to focus.

The negativity is still there....I have just refused to feed it.


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