Saturday, January 14, 2006

Can you play baseball in your house?

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No, you can’t….but Josh can.
Not for long though. He is moving to a new place in the same warehouse compound. It’s a smaller space, but nicer.

This blog is not about Baseball. I just wanted to pull you in. Really, it is about being sick. Dale and I were sick for a few days. Well, Dale is still sick but I am feeling much better.
Remember in the 6th sense when that girl, played by a young Misha Barton, vomits in the little boy’s Jesus tent and then she says “I feel much better now”.

Do you remember that? I am sure that you do cause you have seen that movie 4 times. Ok, you have seen it 5 times….whatever.

Anyway, there is no point to remembering that. I just wanted to see if you did.

I love it when you start to feel better after being sick. You REALLY appreciate what it feels like to be normal. OH HAPPY DAY!

Speaking of Happy Day, I just found out that my friends Brent and Heather are expecting their first child. GLORIOUS!

That’s all. Be happy that you are well.


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