Wednesday, January 11, 2006

women be shoppin!

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I went to do a lil’ shopping at my friendly neighborhood Target today. Don’t be jealous.
I was in the clothing section when I noticed this woman with her son. The woman was probably in her early 30’s and her son was about 2 and a half. Every 5 minutes or so, this kid would start screaming and crying about how he was hungry. His momma would calm him and sweetly say, “Ok, we are gonna leave in just a second baby”. He would continue to cry, and she would put whatever clothing item she was looking at back on the rack and start pushing the cart again. The kid was strapped in the cart without any hope of escaping. The woman would roll the cart a few feet to the next rack and stop again to look at different clothes. A few minutes would pass, and the kid would start screaming again about being hungry. She would pull the same trick over and over again by telling him that they were leaving only to stop at the next rack.
No WONDER why men hate SHOPPING! It’s the momma’s fault.

I was in the soap Isle checking out the foaming pump soaps. This is the only hand soap I like because I don’t feel the need to rinse my hands 10 times after I use it. Seriously, I am a bit OCD when it comes to hand rinsing. Any-hoo, this woman comes barreling down the Isle and our shopping carts get stuck together. I WAS NOT in the middle of the isle (I hate isle hogs) she just was not looking where she was going. And as if that was not annoying enough, she spilt her popcorn on the black skirt that I had in my shopping cart….and she TRIED TO IGNORE the fact that she did so. I scooped up the popcorn and asked her if she wanted it back. “HA, I can’t eat and drive”, she replied. So I placed the popcorn next to the AXE body wash and went on my way.

That is all.


Blogger Sassypants said...

Screaming birth control ever! As for the aisle hog, that's just so annoying. I hope she didn't get popcorn grease spots on your shirt .

8:20 PM  

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