Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wrath part II


As soon as I got home, I found this site For $11.95, they will look up the license plate and tell you who the owner is. It was the best $11.95 I ever spent. Turns out, the Jack ass’s name is George W.


He is not a cop.
He works at giant computer technology and consulting corporation. I know where he lives and I know what he does. By surfing around a bit on the net, I even found some of his work e-mails.

The problem, now, is that Dale does not want me to go any further with this matter. See, I wanted to put a note on his front door that said “I knew you weren’t a cop, jackass”. That way, he would know I knew where he lived. But Dale is just not comfortable with that. He feels that I got him back by making his blood pressure most likely rise to a dangerous level. Also he said, “what if he wrote down your information”?

Honestly, I could care less if he did. However, I don’t think Dale would want to visit me in prison which is where I might end up if this a-hole were to ever confront me again.

I could, as Sarah K. mentioned, turn him into the police for impersonating an officer. However, I have experienced trying to get APD to help me out in a situation before and they fell flat on their face. Remember the violent waggle post?

Besides, I would much rather deal with this scum bag myself.

Oh well.


Anonymous Colin said...

ANother great story for you future biography...

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale didn't say I couldn't do it.....

5:16 PM  

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