Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Godfather

Dale is a godfather! Woot Woot! Actually, we are both godparents to lil' Cayden.

The baptism was held during Saturday Mass at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Lubbock. This is the church I attended with my family. This is church where Dale and I got married. It was nice to visit again. Dale enjoyed the Mass. He liked the choir and the priest...the whole sha-bang. I loved it. It made me miss the old days.

Cayden (whose was almost named "Shamus" if only he had been born on St. Patrick's awesome would that have been?) really took to Dale. Dale didn't mind carrying around his brand new godson...even though the baby had been spitting up all night. He didn't agree with something he ate. Not sure what it was, but it was yellow.

Back to the Baptism part of the story- I screwed up. I only had two jobs and I screwed up one of them. Naturally.

1.)before God, the priest, the family, and the congregation we answered questions about our faith and declared our intentions to guide our godson through his faith in the Catholic church. I nailed that part.

2.) I was to give the priest the candle that represents (in short) the gift of faith and the light of Christ. Well, I forgot to bring the candle up to the alter. When the priest asked for it (in the middle of the ceremony) I realized that I left it on the pew. Crap! I whispered to the priest, "Oops, hold on" and quickly walked to the pew to retrieve it. My stupid high heeled boots made the loudest "Clop, Clop" sound that echoed throughout the church. Ugh.

It all worked out.

Bonus Pictures:
Cayden's parents had this proudly displayed on their mantle. You know you want it.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

What a cutie! And was that their wedding cake topper?

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