Thursday, September 17, 2009

This and That

I have a few things to tell you.

Charlie's Loot
Charlie loves hanging out under the bed. He goes under there every night before he gets in bed with us. We can hear him growling and moving around. It's odd. A month or so ago, I looked under the bed and there was a bunch of shredded paper towels and torn up subscription cards (that you find in magazines). I threw everything away. A few days ago, I heard Charlie under the bed. He was making a strange noise and I could tell he was chewing something plastic. I called Dale to investigate and this is what Dale found:
1. my bath robe
2. a pair of my jeans
3. a daily pill container thingy
like this
4. a pack of dayquil
like this

I don't know how he is acquiring all this stuff. It amazes me that he was able to drag my heavy robe from the bathroom to under the bed. He is such a little guy. I am sure Cooper is in on it. He has been spending more time under the bed himself lately.

There is probably more crap under there. We have to move the bed to find out.

Advice From a Business Man
I went and got my nails done a few weeks ago. While I was waiting for them to dry, the owner of the nail salon came over to ask how I was doing. We ended up having a long conversation about customer service, children, and marriage. I wrote down some of what he said because I liked it so much.

Here is what this lovely Vietnamese man had to say:
On customer service: "Customer always right. Even when they stupid, you act like they right. It take a lot of patience."

On Children: "They like little monkeys. They do what you do. You drink, they drink. You smoke, they smoke. You put blinders on them like a horse so they can focus straight ahead and to the future."

On Marriage: "I been married for 30 years and I never fight. You know how? When you mad or don't get your way you have to give in and give up. Just give in and give up. Fighting, it not worth it. Give in and Give up and you be happy."

On Marriage, again: "If you feel like you gonna get mad and you have hard time to give in and give up, I tell you what you do. You squeeze the hand, don't yell in the ear. Squeeze the hand and remember you love."

Not only did he give me free advice, he also gave me a free pen. Awesome.

She will flip you the bird.
That is all.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

***Note from Rachel***

I don't flip the bird, which is why this picture is funny.

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