Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Their Version of Television

I only allow my dogs to hang out in the front room when I am in there so that I can watch them. If they are left unsupervised, they try to eat the furniture. Well, just the old-ass love seat. I got said love seat from a grad school buddy. It has to be 40-50 years old. Maybe older. Any-hoo, I think she had a cat who liked to nap on the love seat. I guess my dogs can smell the cat, because they just tear into the cushions any chance they get!

If I am in the room, and can supervise, they will leave the love seat alone and just look out the big window at all of the people and animals walking by. They will stay there for as long as I let them....just watching....and barking.



Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

Nothing is cuter than two little weenie behinds at a window.

5:41 PM  

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