Thursday, September 28, 2006

Have a look at a completely random picture, why don’t cha?

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I have ideas for blog postings:
-how I almost lost my eye the other day
-black metal and all of it’s goofiness
-thinking about sleeping pills
-the crooked car I saw (picture pending)
-can I please just wake up and loose 8 pounds? (ok, who am I kidding. Better make it 10 pounds)

There is more, I just can’t remember it right now. Plus, the office is about to come on so I gotta wrap this baby up.

I just wanted to share.


Blogger j3 said...

here, i'll help you out.

yes, black metal is goofy--expand on that.

stay away from the sleeping pills, increase water intake and reduce the amount of nicotine.

don't lose the weight. you don't need to. it'd mean less sarah to love anyway. we like you the way you are.

bye for now.

7:13 PM  

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