Monday, January 26, 2009

Toe No!

Oh little pinky toe
how I need you so.
You provide some extra balance
and help me walk, to-and-fro.
Now that I have broken you
my heart is filled with woe,
for I can not wear a cute shoe
on my left foot- Oh NO!


So I was walking barefoot at a brisk pace and I smashed my foot into a door stopper that is placed in a spot where there is no door to stop. Seriously, the thing is just sticking out of the wall for no reason. Now that I think of it, the AC filter/vent thingies are located above it. I guess the stopper was placed there to make sure you don't cover the vents with a piece of furniture.

I tried to convince myself that it was just badly bruised but it still hurts and I can't support my weight on it. I can't even wear a shoe on that foot as it causes pain with every careful step I take.

Today, it took me forever to get from my car to my office. I settled in for a long day of report writing, happy that I only had one class to visit since walking is such a pain in the.....well, foot. An hour into the work day, guess what happened? Yup, fire drill. I considered hiding in my office until it was over but I did not want to explain myself if the safety officer caught me. It took me a while to get up and out so by the time I exited the front door, the entire elementary/snd student body and staff were standing outside. They all had a front row ticket for the freak show....the amazing, limping, one-shoe wearing speech language pathologist!

Rachel is going to lend me her special shoe. Yay for friends!


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

Oh, your poor little toe! It is amazing how much you really do depend on those little suckers. Hope the shoe helps...

5:46 PM  
Blogger j3 said...

i think little toe's shouldn't have nails. it's not just your foot, but i've never seen a little toe's nail that looks normal and healthy.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Aw. You and my sister should patent some hot new shoes that can be worn amidst a damaged foot. You know, some hotter shoes than her "floating hippie" ones. :)

8:49 PM  

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