Sunday, August 02, 2009

North West in the Deep South

Colin's birthday is this Tuesday. Yesterday, his fiancé decided to throw a little surprise party in his honor. I had a baby shower to go to, that evening, so I did not join the party until everybody was nice and boozey.
Here is the gang out at the bar where it all started. I forget the name of the place. Photo courtesy of Miss Bee. She brought a cookie cake. Girl can't help it! She is that nice!

I met Colin, Laurie, and the gang out at the Red Shed in South Austin. It's a cool little bar with an ample back patio and a stage for a band or DJ. Early into the evening, Colin pointed out that there were some hula hoops on stage. I immediately stood up to go hoop but Colin laughed and said, "no. don't."

I could not quit thinking about those hoops. They were calling my name. "Sarah, come over and play."

About an hour or so later, I gave in to my desire and marched up to the stage and grabbed a couple of the hoops. I quickly noticed that though they were hand made hoops, they were not as big or as heavy as the ones I make and use. No problemo...I learned on kids hoops so I can adjust.

I started hooping and the crowd watched as I performed tricks and spins. I know that the foot spin (pictured below) is a real crowd pleaser so after a few minutes I decided to try that trick. I was wearing boots so the first time I tried to spin it around my foot, I failed. Because I am not one to let something like foot wear stop me, I quickly pulled my boot off and tried again. I found that my sock did not allow for enough friction for this trick to work as the hoop flew off my foot within the first rotation. Third time is a charm. I took both shoes and socks off my feet and the crowd started to make some noise. I think they might have thought I was performing a strip tease. I guess I was for those that have a foot fetish. Finally, the trick worked and it was worth it.
(Taken at our Hoop Making Party. I can hoop in wedge heels but not in cowboy boots. Go figure.)

I got up and hooped with two hoops (another crowd pleaser) and invited anyone from the audience to join me. Everybody smiled, waved, clapped, yelled, gave the thumbs up sign, but nobody wanted to join me.

Except for Dale. He came up and grabbed a hoop and we entertained the crowd side by side. Reason #1000 why I love this man.

During the car ride home, Dale said- "You know some of those people at the bar are probably talking about how this is why they love South Austin because some gal just put on an impromptu hula hoop show for no reason. Little do they know you are a gal from north-west Austin."

For Christmas, I want a fire hoop. Dale says no. Booooooo!
Look how cool they are!

I guess I will have to settle for an LED light hoop.
It's pretty, but there is no danger.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

Oh how I wish someone had taken pictures of you showing the South Austin people how we do it up North! =)

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