Thursday, January 26, 2006

I do yoga and Pilates and the room is full of hotties

Today, I started taking a yoga class.
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I am taking yoga for two reasons:
1. I need to strengthen my back because it is sooooo prone to injury. Damn sacro iliac joint disorder.
Dale and I may be going skiing for spring break, and I need to be fit.

2. I want to breath deeply. I am trying to stay off the smokes, and breathing exercises help me to stay focused. They help me to remember that my lungs are becoming cleaner by the day. Does that sound gay? I know it does, but I don’t care. I am trying, kiddies.

I am going to take a few Pilates classes as well. Again, for strengthening and toning.

In other news, I saw this bumper sticker on a car in the Target parking lot today. It made me laugh, so I took a pic.
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He or she took the guess work out of that quandary.

And in closing…
For those of you who know my friend Sophie, check out her new hair style:
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I like the blue.

I am wearing a sweater in that pic that I got Brand new at a thrift store for $8.00.
The original price tag was still attached to it, boasting the ticket price of $140.00.
Gotta love that deal.

Got work to do now.
See ya later.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

so appropriate

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I should buy this.

Did not smoke for a week, then I smoked of Friday and Saturday.
I have not smoked this week.

Friends, I will most likely not be drinking this weekend. I need to get the evil nicotine out of my system.

We can still have fun.

How about some Jello Wrestling?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Crazy Amy and Five Bucks

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My friends Amy and Adrianne came to visit me on Friday. We ended up going to Shenanagins for a few brews. Within 10 minutes of our arrival, Amy said that she would drink a mystery beer that had ashes in it for 5 bucks.

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It was a “mystery beer” because we had no idea whom it belonged to. It had been left on a bar table by lord knows who.

Also, Colin had his fingers all up in the beer as he retrieved the cigarette butt that he tossed in moments before.

Dale produced the $5.00 prize an we all watched in amazement as Amy, who does not like the taste of beer, chugged the disgusting concoction.
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Eww. You can kinda see the ashes swimming around in there.

Here we are trying to take a bad pic:
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And by Miss Bee...I mean Rach.

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And that is all you need to know about her.

To give credit where credit is due, fellow blogger John Devilman has been making personalized signs for his blog before I even thought about starting my blog.

School is back in session. I am gonna be a busy lady. I have 4 clients this semester. Jeez. I just better suck it up.
I am going to bed now.
Sarah Sleepy.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Fun with the camera

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I found these pics on my computer today. We took these shortly after we got our first digital camera. I recommend that everybody find a buddy and take pictures in this fashion.
What I mean is, situate yourselves so that neither one of you can see what kind of facial expression the other is making.
I guarantee a bucket of laughs will be delivered to your belly when you review your works of art.

In other news,
Man it’s windy today. Something wicked this way comes. A cold front is blowing in and it bringeth troubles in pain.

Not really. It bringeth giggles and merriment.
Is merriment a word? I think it is.

Back to cleaning my crack house. Laters.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Can you play baseball in your house?

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No, you can’t….but Josh can.
Not for long though. He is moving to a new place in the same warehouse compound. It’s a smaller space, but nicer.

This blog is not about Baseball. I just wanted to pull you in. Really, it is about being sick. Dale and I were sick for a few days. Well, Dale is still sick but I am feeling much better.
Remember in the 6th sense when that girl, played by a young Misha Barton, vomits in the little boy’s Jesus tent and then she says “I feel much better now”.

Do you remember that? I am sure that you do cause you have seen that movie 4 times. Ok, you have seen it 5 times….whatever.

Anyway, there is no point to remembering that. I just wanted to see if you did.

I love it when you start to feel better after being sick. You REALLY appreciate what it feels like to be normal. OH HAPPY DAY!

Speaking of Happy Day, I just found out that my friends Brent and Heather are expecting their first child. GLORIOUS!

That’s all. Be happy that you are well.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

“Going Square Dancing in Hell”

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This black tulle skirt is a little something I picked up yesterday. I absolutely love it, even though it is a size big. It was the only one left at the store and it was on clearance. That means that I had to get it.
I wore it to dinner with Dale last night. When I emerged from the room I asked him if he liked my skirt.
“uh, not really”, he said.
Now Dale has NEVER told me that he did not like something I was wearing. Still, I was not that surprised because I have never worn anything similar to this. He kept referring to my skirt as a “petty coat”.
I told him that I looked like an evil ballerina and I liked it. He told me that it looked like I was going to go square dancing in hell. Freakin’ Dale, he pulls out the whammies sometimes.

I wore it anyway, and made him take a picture of me spinning.
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I told him that the skirt would grow on him and he said that it already looked like it was growing on me so no thanks.

Oh well, he gets points for being honest.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

women be shoppin!

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I went to do a lil’ shopping at my friendly neighborhood Target today. Don’t be jealous.
I was in the clothing section when I noticed this woman with her son. The woman was probably in her early 30’s and her son was about 2 and a half. Every 5 minutes or so, this kid would start screaming and crying about how he was hungry. His momma would calm him and sweetly say, “Ok, we are gonna leave in just a second baby”. He would continue to cry, and she would put whatever clothing item she was looking at back on the rack and start pushing the cart again. The kid was strapped in the cart without any hope of escaping. The woman would roll the cart a few feet to the next rack and stop again to look at different clothes. A few minutes would pass, and the kid would start screaming again about being hungry. She would pull the same trick over and over again by telling him that they were leaving only to stop at the next rack.
No WONDER why men hate SHOPPING! It’s the momma’s fault.

I was in the soap Isle checking out the foaming pump soaps. This is the only hand soap I like because I don’t feel the need to rinse my hands 10 times after I use it. Seriously, I am a bit OCD when it comes to hand rinsing. Any-hoo, this woman comes barreling down the Isle and our shopping carts get stuck together. I WAS NOT in the middle of the isle (I hate isle hogs) she just was not looking where she was going. And as if that was not annoying enough, she spilt her popcorn on the black skirt that I had in my shopping cart….and she TRIED TO IGNORE the fact that she did so. I scooped up the popcorn and asked her if she wanted it back. “HA, I can’t eat and drive”, she replied. So I placed the popcorn next to the AXE body wash and went on my way.

That is all.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Untold NYE story

So Rachel and I decide to sit in the outer area of Emo’s for a while to rest our high healed feet. We are joined by our new found friends Andrew (a.k.a. Reggie), and Jen. We are seated at a picnic table next to a middle aged women and some kids.
Out of the blue, this middle aged lady starts yapping. We find out that she is with her husband, their teen aged children, and one of their son’s girlfriends. They drove all the way from Weatherford, Tx. This woman, who is way past the point of being sober, is the epitome of “white trash”.
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(That’s the girlfriend)
She is yelling and hootin and hollerin and telling me all sorts of funny things about herself. Her son sits by me and starts hitting on me right in front of his girlfriend. I send him on his way and see that he is about to sit and talk with Rachel. I told him to watch out, and be nice to Rachel or she will eat him alive.
He does not listen.
Rachel pretty much chewed him up and spit him out and he took off into the crowd, leaving his girlfriend with his momma. Nice.
The momma starts asking me if I have any pot.
Then, she decides to ask Andrew the same question, except she thinks his name is Raymond.
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Imagine this belligerent woman yelling “Hey Raymond, got any hyyyyyydro?” with her ear piercing Texas Twang.
Oh boy, it was funny.
Ok, so I did not tell the story as funny as it actually was. I guess you had to be there.
Don’t Judge Me!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Husband

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Today, Dale is 29 years of age. The last year of his 20’s is suddenly upon him. Let’s take a look at some of his life’s accomplishments as we celebrate this man:

Dale was a guitar player in a high school rock band when he was in Jr. High. He rocked. Still does.

Dale played bass in the Orchestra. Sometimes as first chair, sometimes as second. Jeff W. would be first chair when Dale was not.

Dale graduated from Texas Tech , Cum Laude. He majored in mechanical engineering and minored in math.

He participated in the restoration of Lechugia cave in New Mexico. Few people can even say that they have entered this mo-fo. He had to pee in a cup and poo in a bag. Gross, I know, but it shows his dedication.

Dale has been a rock climber, a mountain biker, a spelunker, a musician, an artist (yea, he won some awards back in school), a hiker, a disc-golfer, a good friend, and a great husband.

He can make me laugh without saying a word.

Dale has received several awards from his job at NI. He has worked in conjunction with the President of the company. He has worked there for the past 6 years and is now a manager. GO DALE!

He tutored me in college algebra……..and survived! I got an A, thanks.

He has survived being my best friend and the number one fella in my life for about 8 years.

He took me to Hawaii for our honeymoon for goodness sakes.

He has supported me throughout my college education without once bitching about it.

He never said I was fat, even when I was. He always has insisted that I am beautiful. When I start to self hate- “ugh, I am so freaking fat” – he says, “don’t talk about my wife like that”.

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!

This list could go on and on, but I do not want to embarrass him too much. Mostly, I just wanted to let my husband know that he is much appreciated and much loved. I picked a winner, that’s for sure. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

Ya’ll can all vomit from the sweetness now.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

HEY, Where is my bible?

I saw this note on my friend mike’s refrigerator yesterday. Actually, Rachel saw it first and told me about it. Good ol’ Rach.
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Why did my friend Mike’s mother take his bible? He told me that she has one in just about every room of her house. Do you think that she took it to see if he really wanted it? She is testing his Christianity. That is great. Also, apparently Mike’s mom likes her caffeine.

This is Mike:
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We went to Mike’s house to watch the game. WHAT AT GAME! Man, I think I celebrated a bit too much. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh……..uuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhh.
Why do I think that I can take a shot of tequila with out suffering any consequences?
Thanks for having us over Mike.
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Build me up to tear me down

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I went to the convenience store today to buy some Marlboro ultra lights. Calm down, I am gonna quit. Anyway, I walk in and request the smokes. The fella behind the counter says “How old”. (He is foreign).
I told him I was 28.
He then looked at me funny and said “are you sure?”
“Yep”, I said.
Then, he asked how my day was, and I told him it was fine.
He said “Busy?”
and I told him “no, school has not started back up yet so I am relaxing.”
THEN HE PULLED THIS ONE…”YOU are in school?”
“UH, yea” I replied
He followed up with, “28 years old and in school?”
I shot back with “Well, I am in grad school” (even though I graduated from undergrad last year but he does not need to know that)
“Are you a teacher?” he asked as he handed over my death sticks
I grabbed them and said “No, but I guess I should be by now”

Then I got the hell outta there.

WHAT AN ASS! Hello…………You work at a gas station. I don’t care if your family owns it, it is still a GAS STATION!

I don’t need your comments about my life. Dick.
The end

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


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I am happy to see that you have finally read my blog!
-Your sister,


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We almost missed the ringing in of the New Year!
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This nice fella took our group shots
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The Satan’s cheerleaders sprayed the crowd with silly spring

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Dale had to wear one of Lee’s ties as a belt so that his pants would not fall down. How fashionable.
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Dou you like my shirt? It’s new. Got it at Stein mart. They were having a sale.
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Rachel and I with Satan’s Cheerleaders
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The bass player for the Flametrick subs did not have a left hand.
Image hosted by
He played with his nub. Now that’s talent!

See how my hair turned into a freaky half-breed of curl and straightened pieces? It did the same thing last NYE.
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I just need to stop straightening it for this yearly event.

That’s all for now.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years Eve: a synopsis (part 1)

After spending most of the day shopping for a new outfit, I came home and waited for the crew to arrive. Dale and LeeAngelo Angel of Death Martinez-Palomos made it to casa del Webb first. (or is it casa de webb?)
They brought BBQ and Beer. That, my friends, is the key to my heart. Rachel arrived soon after and was followed by a solo Colin. Laurie could not make it due to the virus that claimed her being the night before.

Rachel gave Colin a new years eve gift. This pic is crappy, but the gift was half a bottle of vodka and some tonic water. Colin now has a new New Years eve tradition. A drink for his father, God rest his soul.
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We had a few drinks on the porch and enjoyed each others company. Then, Lee (mr. “I don’t go past 15th street”) made fun of Colin for shopping at the gap.
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Uh, Lee, I remember you in Lubbock with your leather coats and your slick hair. You are not fooling anybody.

Dale and Lee suggested that we go to Emo’s to ring in 2006.
Slick 57, Basin Street, and the Flametrick Subs were all playing. Plus, Satan’s Cheerleaders were gonna be there.
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“go-go dancers from hell”

We sent young Colin on his way and we took off for Lee’s house.
Once we were at Lee’s We had a few more beers as we watched his NOLA neighbors set off fireworks. Yes, we all know there was a Burning Ban.
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Dale dropped Rachel and I off at Emo’s. He and Lee had decided to walk to the club from Lee’s house. Rachel and I were both in heels, so walking was a no-no.

The first band up was Basin Street
Please excuse the crappy pic
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“straight ahead rock and roll mixed with punk, gospel, and soul”

I really enjoyed this band. I liked them so much that I decided to let it slide when the guitarist/singer tossed a jug of water on me. Rachel was able to move out of the way, and remained dry. The water hit my straightened hair causing my curls to come back to life. DAMN!

Oh well.

After they played, we met the bass player/vocalist Andrew and his friend Jenn:
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They were both very nice. We also met a white trash family from Weatherford, TX. But that, my friends, is another story for another soon to come posting.

Soak all of this in first.

I leave you with this:
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Sunday, January 01, 2006


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Pictures and stories to come.
Just not right now. I am on the Hydrocodone.