Friday, December 22, 2006

Ol' rubber face

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Zoe, Sarah, and Lily

It was really nice to meet my new niece, Lily, and to spend time with My sister and Zoe.

I just want to take some time to show you the many faces that my young niece can conjure up:
First, we have Zoe doing her best Elvis impersonation
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Here is Zoe as Gilbert Gottfired
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I don’t have a celebrity comparison for the rest, I just think they are funny
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Posing with her aunt:
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Ah, here is the true Zoe:
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Those eyes are ridiculous! Tooo cute.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Do you know what the Tensor Tympani is?

I recently made a quick trip to Lubbock. The purpose of the trip was to meet my new niece, Lily, and to attend my buddy Clint’s 30th b-day.

Let’s start with Clint first, shall we?

He has a goatee now. Look!!!
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Here he is with the lovely Adrianne, and one of his many Chihuahuas…the fearful Bella. Just look at that fiery red chin decoration Clint is sporting. He looks like he could be your college anthropology professor. You should see him in his tweed sports jacket. No lie.

So Clint had a big birthday bash planned. Unfortunately, his boss had to leave town due to a family emergency which left Clint to pick up the slack at work. Because of this, his big bash was canceled. What’s a man to do with all of the invitations he had ordered? Use them as kindling for the fire, but of coarse.
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Although Clint did not get the big bash he deserved, a few of us (Kami, Adrianne, Myself, Rhena, and Curt) managed to come together at casa de Lemon for a nice dinner, wonderful conversation, a few rounds of the laughter inducing game “catch phrase”, and the best cake I have ever had.
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The brothers Lemon

Clint has been one of my dearest friends for 16, going on 17, years now. For those of you lucky enough to know him, you know that he is a truly rare find. He is very intelligent, kind, creative, funny, good looking, has a good ear for music, loves literature, and can keep you interested in a conversation for hours. Those are just a few things that make him great. Here is an example of Clint’s smarts…

One time, Adrianne and I were talking about Audiology stuff. Clint made some sarcastic comment about how we were talking about our “field related” things again and ignoring the rest of the group. I told him he was just jealous because he did not know what the tensor tympani was to which Clint replied with something along the lines of “it is the muscle that inserts onto the handle of the malleus. When tensed, the action of the muscle is to pull the malleus medially, tensing the tympanic membrane, damping vibration in the ear ossicles and thereby reducing the amplitude of sounds”. I shit you not.

Man, this is a long entry. I will post pics and stories of my visit with Lily, and her sister Zoe soon. Ya’ll take care.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm Done

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At 10:30 this morning, I walked out of the University of Texas Speech and Hearing Clinic. I finished my third semester of grad school. I only have one more semester to complete...if all goes well. Keep your fingers crossed, bitches.

I have started off my semester break with a little lunch date. My husband and I went to our friendly neighborhood Tres Amigos (or "threes" as I call it). The waiter asked if we would like any coke or tea to start out with. I said "no, but I would like your largest margarita".

Now I am sitting on my back porch enjoying a miller lite as I type this to you. I am also pondering what I want to do over this break. This is what I have come up with, so far (in no particular order):

2. roller skate
3. karaoke
4. visit my friends
5. work on some photo albums
6. start my thesis/report (yuck)
7. sleep in
8. buy groceries
9. cook dinners
10. get a massage
11. enjoy some live music
12. visit family
13. update my ipod
14. play the guitar
15. read
16. enjoy leisure time with the husband
17. watch some tv

Ahhhhhh, I am gonna make the best of this break. Even if I only get to a few items on the list, it will be worthwhile. The most important things on there are relaxing, spending time with the hubby, and visiting my friends and family. That right there is really want I want to do the rest of my life. Well, that and help people. I kinda like doing that as well.

Ya'll will be hearing from me soon.

Friday, December 08, 2006

An Update

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Enjoy this random image of black metal loving teens. The future of America, ladies and gentlemen.

I know I have been away from the blog world for a while. I don’t know if you care, but I am going to update you on the goings on in my world anyway.

It’s therapeutic, for me.

A few weeks ago, I got pneumonia. It was pretty nasty. It hurt so much to cough, and I could not sleep without propping myself up with about five pillows because I could not breathe otherwise.
I missed a week of school and clinic. That really set me back, and I have been playing “catch-up” ever since.

Waking up at 5:00 am and working until 10:00 pm is not good on the body, mind, or spirit….let me tell ya.

In other news, one of my off-campus clinical placements has kinda offered me a job for when I graduate.
I think I am going to go for it.

I have been surviving on a diet of coffee, more coffee, chocolate, muffins, and the occasional protein. I have not been to the grocery store in a month and we have no food in the house. You would think that the hubby would take it upon himself to go to the store and remedy the situation, but he has not done that in years and it might send his system into shock.

He pays the bills, ya’ll. I can’t complain…..much.

Thank the lord the semester is coming to an end. I don’t think I can physically do this much longer. One day, I will be able to come home from work and watch t.v., or cook dinner, or blog, or go SEE MY FRIENDS, or roller-skate.

I can’t wait.

Word to your mother.