Friday, August 23, 2013

Am I the Only One?

Am I the only one who:
A.) does not fully remover their pants/shorts when trying on dresses


B.) takes a picture of themselves in an outfit they are considering purchasing to see how it looks in a photo (to make sure they don't look like a blob)?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Small Chi

I went out and bought a tiny Chi flat iron. I mean, it's tiny plate is 1" in width...not sure of the length. I have been wanting one for a while so when I saw one on the shelf at TJ Maxx for nearly half the price of what I would spend at Ulta I scooped it up. Because of the packaging, I could not tell that it was a mere sliver of a Chi until I opened the box. The owner's manual explains that the tiny 1" Chi was made for men with short hair.

My first thought was, "shit. I have to return this lil' ol' thing." But I got such a good deal on it that I decided to give the tiny Chi a shot before making up my mind. Here are the results:
 photo straightblack2_zpsc7e53ed7.jpg
 photo straightblack4_zpsb3ace2c5.jpg
 photo straightblack3_zpsb16915ab.jpg

I think i'll keep it.

In other news:
I am sitting on the couch watching the View. The show is pretty awful, but I find myself watching anyway (from time-to-time). Rocco Dispirito is on and he is making omelets. They look amazing. Dale can make a mean omelet. Speaking of Dale, he is going to be starting his MBA program soon. I am so excited for him! I am throwing the tiniest of pity parties for myself because I know I will miss him so much when he is gone. He has to go to Lubbock for a week each semester to attend class. Whenever he is out of town, I live a different life.
 Instead of feasting on Dale's nightly dinner creations, I buy some lettuce wraps from Pei Wei and make them last for 5 days.
The dogs abandon their doggy bed and sleep with me instead.
I lock my bedroom door.
When I get home from work, I immediately take a bath and then put my pajamas on. The quicker I get to bed, the better. It makes it feel like the week is going by quicker than usual.
I talk to the dog's a lot more.
Normally, I prefer the bedroom to be pitch black but when Dale is gone I sometimes turn on a light or leave the TV on. I can freak myself out when I am alone and the light and/or sounds from the tv can prevent that.
And, nobody is around to take pictures of me when I am wearing something cute!!!
Le is hard. Haahaha!

 photo straightblack1_zps894b2985.jpg photo straightblack5_zps265eefbe.jpg