Sunday, May 26, 2013


Dale and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary by eating at two fabulous restaurants here in Austin. On Thursday we went to Hudson on the Bend and on Saturday we went to Uchi.

Both places were very, very good. Here is what I wore on Thursday:
 photo nine12_zpsc833abac.jpg
 photo nine10_zps802c8fb5.jpg

Dale's duds:
 photo hudson4_zps31d4f81c.jpg
(he only allowed me to take one picture and I had to beg for that)

On our way to the good food:
 photo hudson6_zps8c63e239.jpg
 photo hudson5_zps61a16f18.jpg

My hat and bag are both vintage (found at estate sales). I replaced the netting on the hat and it's good as new. My dress and shoes were both new. I almost put some gloves on to complete the look but decided against it at the last minute. Maybe next time.

Speaking of next time, I'll show pictures from the Uchi night in the next post.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You Better

 photo securedownload-5_zpsce44d1ac.jpeg

You know you should do something to prevent something bad from happening, but you don't do and end up cursing yourself when the bad thing happens.

You better quit smoking or you are going to get lung cancer.

You better watch your cholesterol or you will have a heart attach and/or stroke.

You better get the oil changed in your car or the engine is going to EXPLODE (is that what happens if your oil goes unchanged?)!

You better do your physical therapy exercises and mix in some hula hooping or your back WILL go out and it WILL BE PAINFUL (and frustrating)!

I came home and awkwardly lowered myself into a hot bath and stayed there as long as possible  (40 minutes and then the water was not longer hot). Now, I am on a heating pad trying to take my mind of this pain. I can't get comfortable no matter what I do. Misery.


I better get over myself or I will become a cry baby.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Duckling Love

Our Science teacher had a batch of incubated chicken eggs and a batch of duck eggs in her classroom. I missed the chicks hatching but was able to be there when this fella broke free:
 photo ducks4_zps27c9a1e1.jpg
 photo ducks3_zps330a35bb.jpg
 photo ducks2_zps7e1cb6a8.jpg

Yeah, it was pretty amazing.
I get to see the birds grow bigger and bigger each day as are being raised at our school. Two of the ducks were born with special needs. Their names are Frankie and Nemo. More on that later.

Bottom line: if you have never seen a duckling hatch I recommend that you find a way to rectify that.

 photo ducks1_zps10f11242.jpg

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Right This Moment

 photo me1_zps553ba27a.jpg

I am in the bedroom, laying on a heating pad, listening to good music, texting friends and checking facebook.
Alabama Shakes is playing right this moment. Dale is in the living room playing DJ.

I am in a textversation with my good buddy who is telling me about how they are going to induce her on May 22 which happens to be my wedding anniversary. I told her that the Lord done blessed that day so she has nothing to worry about.... EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT SHE WILL HAVE A TINY HUMAN TO CARE FOR! THAT'S PRETTY CRAZY...but totally natural.

Hmm, what is new on Facebook? Oh, here is what's new..everybody is now posting recipes. WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL? I don't need to see the cheesy broccoli casserole you want to make but never will. Hello? That's what Pinterest is for! GOSH!

Right This Moment, I am trying to decide when to get my toes did. I'm thinking on Thursday, after I get my teeth did (some veneers have to be replaced).

I'm also thinking how my job can simultaneously suck and be super cool. How is that possible?

Oh lord, Dale has some trip-hop shit on the music machine. What is going on here? Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground is playing loud and proud right this moment. And suddenly, I am being transported back to 1997ish.  1997 Sarah needs a good manicure and some eyebrow shaping.

And just like that, we are listening to Hank Williams, Hey Good Lookin'.

I can hear Dale singing along.