Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Pimpin'

I have been limping around the last few days because of the toe incident. When I went to the Doctor, he told me that I would probably make my upper back/neck injury worse by hobbling along like I was. He suggested that I get a cane and use it until I can put my full weight on my foot.

I got this beauty at Walgreens:

Notice the nice, faux wood grain:Photobucket

Yeah, they did not have a great selection. It was either this cane or one with a base that sprouts three prongs. Nice.

I went ahead and used my hula hoop tape to give it some flava:


Now that I think about it, I should have went all Dr. Gregory House on that mutha. Behold, the Flame Cane:
Did you know that you can buy canes that are fashioned after the ones House uses on the TV show? It's true.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Toe No!

Oh little pinky toe
how I need you so.
You provide some extra balance
and help me walk, to-and-fro.
Now that I have broken you
my heart is filled with woe,
for I can not wear a cute shoe
on my left foot- Oh NO!


So I was walking barefoot at a brisk pace and I smashed my foot into a door stopper that is placed in a spot where there is no door to stop. Seriously, the thing is just sticking out of the wall for no reason. Now that I think of it, the AC filter/vent thingies are located above it. I guess the stopper was placed there to make sure you don't cover the vents with a piece of furniture.

I tried to convince myself that it was just badly bruised but it still hurts and I can't support my weight on it. I can't even wear a shoe on that foot as it causes pain with every careful step I take.

Today, it took me forever to get from my car to my office. I settled in for a long day of report writing, happy that I only had one class to visit since walking is such a pain in the.....well, foot. An hour into the work day, guess what happened? Yup, fire drill. I considered hiding in my office until it was over but I did not want to explain myself if the safety officer caught me. It took me a while to get up and out so by the time I exited the front door, the entire elementary/snd student body and staff were standing outside. They all had a front row ticket for the freak show....the amazing, limping, one-shoe wearing speech language pathologist!

Rachel is going to lend me her special shoe. Yay for friends!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hat


I LOVED the hat Aretha Franklin wore to the inauguration. That baby was only $179 bucks. I figured it would have been more. reports that "The heather-gray hat was done in wool felt. The sparkly things are Swarovski crystal."

I wish it were fashionable to wear hats to work because I would do so on a daily basis. I have enough of them, though not all of them work for me. Let's take a look at my collection, shall we?

The River Hat
Almost Everybody in Texas owns one of these bad boys. Mine has a leather string attached that goes around your neck so that you won't lose it when your drunk ass is floating down the river.

The Italian
I got this puppy at a thrift store. The tag says "made in Milan." I love it and wear it at least a few times a year when it is cold outside. Hats really do help keep you warm. Though it is a myth that you lose 90% of your body heat through your head, capping that scalp is just another way to cover an exposed part of your body to keep it as warm as possible.

The Animal
I have only donned this beauty two times. I absolutely love it and would wear it more often if I could. It looks great with an all black outfit and matching animal print shoes.

The Dullard
I don't think I have ever had this on in public. It was an impulse buy. Probably from TJ Maxx or something.

The Fan
Josh Johnson gave me this cap on my 30th birthday. It is good for when my hair is a mess and I just want to run to Starbucks without doing my do.

The Man
I bought this one to compliment an outfit comprised of a black vest, black pants, and converse. I was trying to dress like a dude for this party I was going to. Josh and Dale had given me grief for wearing dresses all the time so I thought, "WELL I'LL SHOW THEM!" It's not my favorite hat. I don't think it really looks good on me.

The Coffee Shop
This is my most recent hat purchase. It's so-so. Not my best find.

The Kangol
I REALLY wanted this hat to work for me. It was another thrift store find. My buddy Danny and my buddy Jeff can both pull off this look so well! I think this one is too small. They can't all be winners.

The Britney (aka, the "I am too old to pull of this color")
Raspberry? Hot Pink? Fuschia? I don't know what color it is but it is not the color for me. I am 31 for Pete's sake! I did wear this one back in my 20's. I think I will give it to my 18 year old niece. It is just not age appropriate...thank you Clinton and Stacey.

La Catrina
This is the had I modified for my most recent Halloween costume. I painted it black and added the flowers and feathers. It is undeniably awesome. How awesome would the world be if I could get away with wearing this to work?

Here is the costume:
I know you have seen it before. What-evs.

I am sad to say I can not find my most favorite little black hat. I know it is in the house somewhere. I got it from Express ages ago and it still rocks the planet Earth.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my hat collection. Yes, somebody did figure out how to work the self timer on her camera.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Groovin' on it

I LOVE that Dale can play guitar. It's instant entertainment. I love it that we have that extra form of entertainment to rely on when hanging out with friends. He may play a song we all know or he may make up a ditty that we can improvise the words to (Josh is the king of lyric improvisation). He may play some crazy Daniel Johnston tune that he and Juan will sing along to or he may play a Ween song that PJ or Josh will provide vocals for.

It's really cool.

Super cool.

I also like that I have other friends that are musicians. Colin, I am talking to you. Why don't you bring your drums over again and take us down to funky town?

Josh, Cody, Lefty, and Chuck all play.

I love that I have friends that enjoy singing along.

We need to get together more often and have a hoot'nanny.

Excuse me, I seem to have inhaled too much Nag Champa fumes.
Have you seen my patchouli oil?

Friday, January 16, 2009

It happened again


I have been using Dirty Girl bubble bath for at least 3 years now. It creates the perfect amount of lily scented bubbles that last the entire time I am in the bath.
When we first moved into this house, I took my first bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub with disastrous results. Basically, I found myself encapsulated in a mountain of bubbles and not much water. Well, I have perfected the bubble bath routine and now know the exact amount (a dollop) of dirty girl I should use to obtain optimal results. I have not had a repeat "mountain bubble" incident......until last night.

I recently bought some bath and body works gardenia bubble bath because it was on sale for $3.00. Well, a dollop of that stuff is waaaaaaaaay different that a dollop of dirty girl due to it's consistency. Here were the results:

I yelled for Dale to come in and turn off the jets once I realized things were getting out of control. The jet control is by the bathroom door and I would have to get out of the tub to turn it off. I can't really do that covered in bubbles so Dale had to save the day. Little did I know that he would find my situation amusing and photo shoot worthy.

After viewing the photos, I must admit that he was correct.

In other news:
Rachel and I attended a pilates class last night. I loved it, but there is a story that must be told. Give me a day or two to chew on it before I blog about it.

I SWEAR that acupuncture is working! I don't know how or what it is doing, but it is doing something! YIPPEE!

Dale makes the best cereal. Yup....he makes cereal. I am going to have some right now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cooper Kiss

So I have been going through the photos I have recently taken on my camera and I have found some I would like to share.

Dukes of Buccleuch
When Dale and Josh get together to drink or play music, they become the Dukes of Buccleuch. This is a promotional photo for the Dukes. What are they promoting? Bad-assness, that's what.

Here is one from the same night. Josh wanted to try out the camera so I decided to give him some movement. It's what Tyra would have done.

Prime Time Rib
We did not know what we would be doing to celebrate NYE until that evening. Dale decided to whip up some prime rib. Ok, I strongly suggested it. Man, that meat was goooooooooood!

Seriously, how sweet was he to make the prime rib? I love that man.

Wait...what the hell is going on with my fingers?
I bet that was after a few glasses of wine.

Cooper Kiss
Cooper loves a lot of humans. He has a special place in his heart, however, for Reyna. Reyna was the first person he took a nap on the day we brought him home. It was love at first sight. Look at him trying to give her a kiss!

Let's check this out in a close up:

Whooooooo boy, it's gonna be a cold one tonight! I think I'll wrap this up so I can take a hot bubble bath. Ya'll take care.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have the use of my computer once again! I missed checking out the blogs, blogging, and all of the information the internet has to offer. I missed being able to check my e-mail obsessively, facebook, and randomly googling friend's names.

I missed being able to post photos of my dog.

These were taken with the super duper long lens. I had to wait for a sunny day to take these. I think they turned out great.

This last one was taken New Year's Eve. I did not use a flash or a tripod. That's pretty special. I am going to print and frame this bad boy:

In other news:
Dale made the best pulled pork sammiches. He even whipped up a mango/pineapple salsa to accompany them. Yum! Even though I sometimes get annoyed with his incessant viewing of the food network I do appreciate that my man can cook!

I got to see PJ and Kristi's baby, Grace, yesterday. How cute is she! I'll show you how cute on a later post. I swear, I have not held a baby so tiny in a long time. I had to smell her head and I pulled one of her socks off to check out her tiny feet. I resisted the urge to put said foot in my mouth. Don't judge me.

I am going to start planning the hoop party. I think I want to hold it in Feb. I may have to hold off until March. It just depends on how long it will take my tape order to arrive. If you want to come, It would be awesome if you ordered a roll or two of the tape you would like to use to decorate your hoop. Go to

Oh yes, I have decided to celebrate my 32 birthday for every weekend during the month of March. I have been touched by a lot of death and dying lately and It has made me appreciate every moment I am alive that much more. I am not sure how I will celebrate....but I will think of something. It will not be me just celebrating me. It will be about me celebrating my life and all of you that are in it. Go you!

Boy, I am thirsty. I am going to wrap this up so I can get a nice tall glass of ice water. Have a good day!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


My computer caught a virus and that bad boy shut the mutha down…all the way to china town! Dale had to wipe the hard drive and re-load everything. Thank goodness for the back up hard drive. Otherwise, we would have lost everything! We are not yet internet ready. Something about a driver that Dale lost and he had to order a new one and blah, blah, blah (I am using my work computer and internet to post this). I am so glad he knows how to do this stuff because If it were up to me I would have probably bought a new computer.

I want a Mac. I better start saving. Hmm….what do I want more- a Mac or some furniture?

Mama needs a new couch.

Cooper hiked a leg and peed on my Christmas tree and so ends the holiday season. I am now ready for spring break.

Regular blogging will be reinstated once I have the interwebs.