Tuesday, December 29, 2009

She's Crafty!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Listen sister, I made some really cute ornaments and I just have to show them to you. I saw this "do it yourself" idea in some magazine I was reading while waiting, in my dentist's office, to get a tooth ripped out of my jaw.
Get ready to be bombarded with several photos of the same thing. I love them and think they are pretty.

And so we begin:
I bought the clear glass ornaments, colorful feathers, and ribbon at my local Hobby Lobby. I already had the peacock feathers thanks to Clint.

Check it out, you can see my reflection in the eye of the peacock feather.

After a few days,I decided that I did not like how they were hanging and moved them into a bowl. That's right, I did not like how my balls were hanging. And?
The balls come in two different sizes and I used both the small and large. I like the contrast.

I remembered I had some hurricanes that I got free from Ulta because I shop there so much(I love makeup, nail polish, bubble bath and skin products). These babies are perfect for the left overs.

Here is what one ball looks like all by itself. The image is a little blurry because I could not hold the camera still. Thank you, back spasms.
It still turned out pretty cool.
I love these so much that I may keep them out year round.
Or maybe not. I don't know.

In other news:
Have you seen the commercial for the "Taco Bell Drive Through Diet?" Are you fu*#ing kidding me? When I first saw it I thought it was a spoof. I mean, "Taco Bell" and "Diet" should not be uttered in the same sentence. I am surprised that the universe did not implode upon the making of this commercial. It's pure evil.

My physical therapist told me that my right hip is significantly weaker than my left hip. I also found out that my neck musculature is very weak (knew that), my core needs to be strengthened (knew that. I need to get back to hooping), and that my lower back musculature on my right side is weak. Goal for 2010: get strong.

I am recovering from a seriously painful back sprain with a side of spasm. The pain and immobility caused Dale and I to miss Christmas. Well, we celebrated together but could not make the trip to Dallas to see his family. We should see my folks in a few weeks for a late celebration. I am sad I missed out on sharing the holiday with more family but am happy to have a husband that made it special for me. I love that guy. (I know Bee can understand how I feel as she missed out on Christmas with her family due to the blizzard in Lubbock.)

That is all for now. You are all super pretty and you smell good too.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Big, Multi-Colored, Beautiful Lights

I love it when Tirzah uses our camera. like some kind of fictional "photo fairy" she uses the camera while I am sleeping and leaves awesome images for me to discover later.

Imagine my surprise when I uploaded the pictures from my camera onto my computer and these came up:


Ooooooh, preeeeeety!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Treats

Rachel made us a plate of Christmas delights!
Yes, half of the pecan sandie is missing. Well, it's not really missing if I know where it is (in my stomach).

She recently blogged about some of these treats over at thatcatbythebar.blogspot.com

Let me tell you something-
Her red velvet truffles are so good they should be illegal. I don't want a birthday cake this year. Instead, I want a bowl of these beautiful babies.

She and Larry (a.k.a., Bird and Bee) also gave us this adorable salt and pepper shaker set-
I love it!

And, this cool record bowl-
Handmade in Austin, Texas.


And now, a cool picture that my good buddy Tirzah took-

More of those to come.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Now What?

Yup, that is my arm. I made Dale take a picture with my phone as this was a momentous occasion. My very first IV drip.

Saturday started normally. I got up, took a nice bath, read a little, got dressed, and drove to HEB. When I arrived, I parked and grabbed one of those mini-push baskets. I grabbed some yogurt, toilet paper, pancake batter blaster, and a container of just fruit munchies. Nothing heavy. I went through the self check out station and everything continued to be right with the world. I put my bags into the mini-cart and began to wheel it out to my car. As I exited the store, I felt a sudden sharp pain in my back. I took a few steps and the pain became more intense. I had never felt pain in this area of my back before. I continued to walk, very slowly, to the car. The pain was in my lower back on the right side, in the area of where my kidney is located. It was increasing in intensity with every passing second.

After a few steps, I could no longer walk normally. My walk turned into a shuffle as I made my way to the car, using the cart as a walker. Photobucket
When I finally made it to the car I just stood there not knowing what to do next. I could hardly move at this point and the pain was maddening. I heard a woman's voice say, "are you ok?" She was standing behind me and I could not turn around to look at her. I told her that something was wrong with my back. She asked if she could help me with my groceries and I said yes. She opened the trunk and placed the groceries inside. I thanked her and took a step with the cart, intending to put the cart in the "cart storage" area. The pain was too much and I froze in place. I swallowed my pride and asked the woman to return the cart for me. She gave me a worried look and did as I asked. After moving my cart, she helped me get into my car. I could tell that she wanted to do more and would if I had asked her. I did not want to take any more of her time so I thanked her profusely and told her I would be ok. I tried to call Dale but he did not answer so I said a prayer asking God to help me push through the pain and make it home.
At this point, I was starting to think that something was wrong with one of my organs. I had never had pain in this area and it did not necessarily feel like it was muscular. I was scared.

I made it home and got out of the car. I could no longer stand up straight and any movement, even that caused by breathing, was painful. I somehow shuffled myself into the house and then into the bedroom where Dale was sleeping. I woke him up and told him, "something is wrong with me!" Boom! Cue the tears!I started to cry because of the pain and because I was freaked out. Dale managed to get me on the bed but that did not alleviate the pain. He quickly got dressed, put me in the car, and we started driving. He tried to call the after hours health clinic but he could not get through to anyone. We were both very worried about the cause of the pain. Dale called 911 to see if he should take me to the ER or to the clinic. The 911 operator told him to take me to the ER as pain in that area could be "referred" and could be indicative of many things. They wanted Dale to pull over so that they could send an ambulance but he refused, saying that we were not far from Seton Northwest hospital.

We made it to the hospital. Dale put me in a wheelchair and I waited for a doctor. After a while, they got me into a room and the doctor came in. He also thought that something was wrong with my kidney. They popped an IV in me, gave me some medicine (including something for the pain)and took my blood. They also took a urine sample and ran a CT scan over my lower half.
(I was very uncomfortable.)

All of the tests came back negative for anything kidney related. That was good news. The bad news is that it must muscular or joint related. This is the 3rd area of my back that now has a problem. WHAT IS GOING ON!! DO I HAVE A DISEASE? WTF? Should I order a Rascal now or wait a while?

I am still in pain though it is getting better every day. I keep telling myself that things could be worse and to be thankful that I am not in a wheelchair. Still, It worries me that the pain came on suddenly and seemingly for no reason. It's not like I strained it when I was scanning my Greek yogurt or pulled it when I was lifting the toilet paper into the basket.

Where is this guy when you need him?
I need Dr. House to make a diagnosis.

I have an appointment with my back doctor tomorrow. Maybe he will know what the deal-e-o is. I need some answers.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Things in My Office

Let's wrap up this tour of my office, shall we?

Here are my Lucha-keys.
How adorable are those luchador masks? The day after this picture was taken, I lost those keys. I am still looking for them.

This is the window on my office door and my little white board.
I love decorating my windows. Hey, look! I am going to visit the Audiology department at 9:00. More on that later.

My black board:
I put the most important items of my to-do list on this sucker.

Small table, storage drawers, Led Zeppelin print:
My giant daily planner is also in the picture, as are my visa pens and some reading materials.

Filing cabinet-the top
Why yes, those are Felix the Cat magnets! Somebody (Joe Rubio) gave those to me on my 23rd birthday. The top of this cabinet holds manuals that I never look through, files that I never look at, an elephant hand puppet that I rarely use, a plastic car, a plastic apple, and a framed photo. The photo is of a 3-D bus, made from pipe cleaners, that was assembled by a very talented student.

What do you call this thing?
It's not a cork board but it serves the same purpose. You will have to forgive me and my depleted lexicon. I am writing this under the influence of pain medication. I went to the ER, yesterday, but that is another story. Everything is fine. I will tell you about it in the next blog.

Moving on....

I have an actual cork board under the other board. I also have a mirror and a framed greeting card. I really liked the picture on the greeting card so I stuck it in a frame and slapped it on my wall. Quick and easy office decor.

My chair:
It's blue with little white dots. I used to have a nice ergonomically correct chair but I had to give it back to it's previous owner. This one is ok, but it looks like it belongs in your grandmothers office. I have a sweater draped over the top of the chair which increases the "grandmother vibe" by about 35%.

I don't think I took a picture of my other window. That is a shame because I had that sucker decorated all cute for Christmas.

Look! I painted this little butterfly. He belongs to a group that I used as my Spring window display.

Random toys:
These were all given to me by various co-workers.

My Slinky!

Time to visit the audiologist...
Yes, we do have an audiologist on campus. She is smart, funny, and very laid back.

Well, that about wraps up my office tour. It is cluttered, small, and a tad bit chaotic. On the other hand, it is colorful, fun, and full of information.

That is all for now. Have a good day. I hope you eat some Christmas cookies.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Office

The tour of my office continues! Remember, I used the camera on my computer to take these photos so the quality is poor.

Here is the tippity top of my bookshelf. I stuck beautiful gemstones on it to add some pizzaz.

I have loads of books and materials. Not enough room on the bookshelf for all of it.

See how it spills out onto the floor?
Why yes, that is a red boa. I forgot where I got that. I am pretty sure somebody gave it to me. All I know is, you don't turn down a free red boa. You just don't.

My buddy Josh gave me both of those dachshund prints. Above the dachshund prints is a Día de los Muertos napkin depicting La Calevera (The Skull). The colors please me. You can also see my Hacienda poster, trimmed with gold thingymagigs, and my glitter bird picture. On the other wall, you see the door to my office and two pictures.

This is the top of the little file cabinet that is next to my bookshelf.
There is a beautiful, purple, sparkly, beaded box on top of the cabinet. On top of the box you see two rubber bats. There is also a fushia paperweight, a small PECS book, more jewel thingies, and some paper fastener deal-ie-bobs.

Look! Another bat!
This one is my favorite.

My magic wand:
you need one of these if you work with kids.

Happy Saturday to you. That is all.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Photo Booth

Guess who discovered the camera on her new work computer?
(looking a little cross eye)

I DID!! And now, you get a tour of my office. How fun for you!

Here is my desk top. I rarely use that paper calendar for it's intended purpose. It eventually just becomes a giant scratch pad. Odd...this image is flipped. What's left is right and what's right is left. No matter. You don't see a computer on my desk because I was using it to take this picture. (No shit).

I'm going to now show you a few of my favorite things on my desk.

Glitter Ball
I told myself, when I bought this at Toy Joy last year, that I would use this during therapy with my students. Umm...it totally became my toy instead. It's pretty.

Bead Spider
I got this sucker at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center's gift shop.

Glass Spider
This one came from Tuesday morning.

Bell Spider
Zingers. I got it at Zingers. Why do I have three spiders in my office? My last name is Webb, that's why.

Nest o' Chickens- With Egg.
All pieces are removable. Purchased at 10,000 Villages on South Congress.

Double Insulated Hard Plastic Cup-With Straw
Love this.

Flower Power
These are directly above my desk on the wall that I face. It's nice

I'm done for now. We still have more to explore so come back. You know you want to see more of my office. I would want to see pictures of your office. Seriously, I would. I find this kind of thing fun.

I think MoFo Colin is the only reader-of-the-blog that has actually seen my office in person. MoFo Colin, do you still read my blog? Just curious.

Ok, now I am really done.

For now.

Friday, December 04, 2009

The Wedding: Part Three- The Finale

Hello. I am not feeling so good. I had to have some things done at the dentist which have resulted in me staying in bed while surviving on a diet of ice cream and soft scrambled eggs.
I wanted to put the rest of the wedding photos up, for your viewing pleasure. I can't promise that I have anything witty to say. Hopefully, the pictures are funny/interesting enough. Now where did I put my vicodin? Oh, that's right....I already took it. Hmmm..things could get interesting.

Puppy love.
Check out the tie that sweet man standing behind Rachel is wearing. He is not only wearing a puppy tie, but a straight face as well. How does he do it?

Colin at the bar
All he ever wanted was a wedding with an open bar. Score!

Dale about to punch somebody!
Not sure what Laurie's relative (aunt?) said to piss Dale off but she is about to get a knuckle sammich, Duke style.

Rachel's eye
For some reason, Rachel wanted me to take a close up picture of her eye. My camera would not allow me to get very close. I think I must have had it on auto focus. This is as close as I could get from where I was standing.

I cropped the eye. I should have framed this and given it to her for Christmas. Hahaha! That would have been funny!

Feel the curls
This red head walked by and her crazy curls caught my attention. I have curly hair but this chick has CURLY hair. Tight little ringlet curls. I asked her if I could touch her hair and she granted me permission. It felt just like it looked. Here is Rachel taking part in the experience.


Here I am dancing with my scarf like I am Stevie Nicks.

Moments later, Colin said "Who do you think you are, Stevie Nicks?" I said, "THAT IS WHO I WAS PRETENDING TO BE!" and gave him a double high five. A high ten, if you will.

And now things just get out of hand.
I never fail to become "that girl" while dancing at a wedding.

The girl that is not really dancing "with" anybody but always "next to" somebody.

The one that enters into her own world and pulls out moves that feel good even if they don't look good.

I have no regrets.

Bonus picture:
Rachel and I take a moment to smell the flowers.

So as you can see, Colin and Laurie's wedding was fun. I wish them the best in their marriage and life together.