Friday, December 28, 2012

Mixed Bag

This is my good buddy Miss Bee.  Here you see her approaching the Alamo Draft House on a rainy summer's day to watch Paranorman with me. Rachel and I are each other's movie dates for those flicks we know our fella's won't want to attend, i.e. Magic Mike, the first Twilight (I stopped seeing them after the first one), and perhaps Les Miserables.  What do you say, Bee? Want to see a musical on the big screen?

This is a big lizard I rescued from Charlie. Cooper caught a bigger lizzard a few years ago. The fate of that particular reptile was not so good. 

Husband and I doing the old "OH MY! I'M SO SURPRISED" face. I hate that face. Why do I do that? 

Ahhhh, bath time. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This Blog Has Gone To The Dogs

I'm still publishing my phone pics. We will be coming up to some new material soon (other than my dogs) so please be patient.

Unless you are a fan of Cooper and Charlie. In that case, TREAT YO' SELF!

When Cooper has been barking, the corners of his mouth get stuck up on his teeth, not unlike the frozen facial characteristic of Fire Marshal Bill (remember that?).


Did you know you can ask for a "puppy whip" at Starbucks? Charlie loves him some puppy whip.
It's his reward for riding so nicely in the car.

Friday, December 21, 2012

It's all Dogs and Selfies....

This one is to show you that my dogs have spooned on more than one occasion (see previous post).

Cooper has to have a minimum of one cuddle period a day. If he does not get this cuddle period, he will probably poop in the house. Bastard.


The above three are when I was taking a picture to update my Facebook profile. I chose the middle one. That last one is a doozy....I look like a grump. Must remember to smile.

In Other News:
Christmas break is here! I don't go back to work until the 7th! YAY!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shoes and Dogs

This is precisely why dachshunds do not like to pee in the wet grass. The blades more than cover the amount of space between the ground and the dachshunds chest and belly. Imagine soaking your entire front torso every time you had to pee. Um...soaking it with rain water...not pee. Gross.

Look, it's shoes!

I've been trying to get pictures of all of my shoes so I can tape the images to my plastic shoe boxes. Even thought the shoe boxes are somewhat see through, it is still hard to identify which pair is inside when they are up high on the shelf.

Oh my gosh! How cute are my dogs? They are super cute when they are sleepy, but can be assholes when they are awake. I took them on a walk the other day and Cooper went crazy. A elderly man (small in stature) was walking by and Cooper freaked the heck out! He started barking at the man and was pulling at his leash with all of his might in an attempt to escape. Charlie started barking and Cooper snapped at Charlie's face. I bent down to break the two up and accidentally let go of Cooper's leash. He took off like a rocket! I was delayed in chasing him for a few seconds as Charlie was wrapped around a tree. We were right next to a busy street, and I was TERRIFIED that Cooper was going to get hit by a car.

Nope. He ran up to the man and began nipping at his shoes. The man stepped on Cooper's leash so he would not run away. I caught up to the man and Charlie joined Cooper in the nipping.


I asked the man if he was ok and he gave me a big smile and nodded. I thanked him and took my mean mutts home. Cooper should not be running...he could re-injure his back. I am nervous to see him exhibit signs of disc damage.

Oh, that Cooper.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bad Angle

If I ever became famous, I would demand that the photographers never shoot me from this angle:
Where does my neck end and my chin begin???

When you are home during summer break (because everybody works at a school, right?) do you get bored and message pictures of yourself to your husband of yourself suggestively eating a vegan chicken nugget?
Neither do I.

What about when your husband is in another room of the house and he (jokingly) yells some insult at you send him a picture like this?
Neither do I.

Bonus photo:
I took a picture of a picture of my dog.

The end.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I just transfered 374 pictures from my phone to my computer. Three hundred and seventy-mother-truckin-four!  I took every single picture for a reason. I did not delete them for a reason. Therefore, I am going to post them all. Every. Single. Picture.

Ok, not really every picture but most of them......until I get bored with this.

I'll start with the oldest pictures and move towards the most recent. Here we go:

Cooper at his station. He loves hanging out by the front window, barking at everything that dares to pass in front of our house. Our guardian Dachshund.

This is a selfie I took to send to a friend as proof that I chopped off all of my hair. He prefers the long haired Sarah, but I think that is because he does not like change. Heck, he buys and wears faded denim jeans that remind him of the 90's. I tell him they are "dad jeans" but he could care less.

I attended NI Week this year to check out all the cool stuff NI does. Husband works there. He is a smarty pants....I barely understood anything they were talking about.

I get bored and take pictures of myself....often. Ok?

Merry holidays.