Saturday, September 27, 2008

I second that emotion

Sometimes, special needs children have difficulties identifying emotions. That is, they may have a hard time seeing the look on your face and associating it with anger, embarrassment, happiness, sadness, etc.
Last week, I was working with some of my student’s on doing just that. First, I had them sort and categorize several pictures of people making faces that conveyed a range of emotions. After that, we got to the fun part. I allowed them to use my camera to take pictures of each other making facial expressions to convey emotions. They had to tell the person they were taking a photo of to express a particular emotion and that person would give it a shot.

Now, not unlike some of you, using an unfamiliar camera can be a little difficult for these kiddos. It takes some getting used to how long one must hold the button down before the picture takes. Therefore, sometimes the photographer’s subject had to hold their expression for a longer than natural time.

Enter my photo shoot:
Can you tell which emotion I am trying to convey?

Yeah, I am going for “fear.” As you can see, I totally sucked. I think I was holding that position for a solid 60 seconds.

I got better at it when I was asked to be “mad” for the picture:

I don’t really show it with they eyes. Tyra would be disappointed. I wish I could post the pictures of the students making the expressions. They are priceless!

It really was a fun “lesson.”

My job is cool.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post #364

I was going to post some funny (I think) pictures today, but I left my camera at school. This picture was stolen from Rachel’s Myspace Blog:
She notes- Did you ever notice that Lone Star and Carta Blanca look very similar? We call this shot "Tex-Mex."

I also stole this one from her-
So true.

In other news:
I am going to be presenting at a national conference in November, two days after I present to a Deaf Culture Symposium at UT. Yes, I do feel important. I just wish I had more time to prepare.

Also, the national conference is in Houston. I wish it were somewhere cool like New York. Oh well.

I am drinking this new wine by Yellowtail called “rose”. It tastes like strawberries and pepper. Very good….it is to be served chilled. Yum!

I need to buy or borrow a digital video recorder so that I can put myself on you tube. I totally want to show off my super amazing hula hoop skills. I still want to have a hoop making party, maybe in early November. Remember, go to
To order your tape if you want in on the fun. You can just use colored electrical tape as well but they don’t offer it in sparkly purple.

The Black Keys after show is this Sunday! YAY! I am taking Monday off to recover. I know I’ll need it.

Halloween is nearing. I am not sure what I will be. Suggestions are welcome.

My mom found out about my tattoo quest and said she would “kick my butt” if I got one. Can I be a rebellious teenager when I am 31 and get one just to spite her?

I totally know what I want to name my kids. A girl would be Adah (It means “adornment” got it from a White Stripes song but it is totally biblical and Hebrew in origin like my name) and Judah for a boy (got it from the bible – it means the praised one and is also of Hebrew origin. I have also seen it in the book- The Red Tent and it’s the name of the dead husband from Weeds). I like names ending in the "uh" sound. What can I say? Maybe I should start calling my dog "Coopah"

Have a nice one.
That is all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where am I on the tattoo thing?

The other night, I was talking to Rachel about this new spider ring I had purchased. I told her I got it because my last name is “Webb” so, naturally, the spider belongs on my finger.

Then, I thought “Maybe I should get a spider tattoo?”

Ok, not one that big and scary….though that shading is crazy good.

I was thinking something more like this:
But centered on the back of my neck and even smaller.

Maybe like this:

I don’t want a Webb tattoo
Just don’t like them that much, bub.

The more I think about it, I really like color tattoos as well


I don’t know….this is why I never got a tattoo back when I was a youngster. I just can’t decide.
When I was 18, this is what I wanted:
It is the symbol for the Holy Trinity. I still like it……maybe I’ll get that.

Maybe I won’t get one at all.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Are you wondering where I have been? If so, read the following myspace survey I just filled out. If not, then why are you here? Maybe you should think about that young man/lady. That’s right, I called you a “man/lady” now get over it.


1.What is the connection between you and the last person you texted?

Once again, google was the last “thing” I texted. Google and I went to summer camp together in Wisconsin.

2.What is wrong with you right now?

I am in horrible pain. You see, last Wed I had half of a root canal done (the second half was scheduled for this Thursday). The dentist sent me home and said I may experience pain for two days. I did, and then it went on for four more days. I went back today to see what the hell was going on. He figured that he left some “infected pulp” in the cavity and had to remove my temporary filling and clean out the socket again. Now, cleaning out the socket is a bitch. Basically, he takes theses needles (I think they are called endofiles), inserts them into the socket (or, “pulp chamber”) and ferociously moves them up and down to scrape out any tissue. He filled my tooth back up with the temp filling and sent me and my numbed up mouth on my way. Four hours later, I was in so much pain I thought I was going to vomit.
Oh, and the kicker is that I can’t finish the root canal until next week. The double kicker is that I have to do this 2 more times.

3.Do you miss your first love?
How can I even think of such things when I just had needles jammed in my tooth socket?

4.When did you last cry?

You would have thought that I cried today but I didn’t. I am one tough bitch.

5.Who do you hate?

I hate my father’s genetics for giving me such bad teeth. I don’t hate you, dad, just your damned DNA….although I did get fabulous calf muscles from your side of the family as well as my charming “butt chin.”

6.What do you want in your life right now?

Hmmm, let me think…oh yeah, I want the pain to stop.

7.Are you happy right now?

Are you fucking kidding me???

8.Do you have feelings for more than 1 person?

Right now, my feelings are focused on my pain though the vicodin is starting to kick in a bit.

9. Have you been to a baby shower?
Only 2 and I was a kid at the first one. I am going to be throwing one next month. There will be NO stupid games, such as tasting baby food and what not.


I could use about 3 shots of whiskey.

11.What is your favorite thing to have on your bed?
An Ice pack for my face.

12. What do you wear to bed?

Do you really care? I wear an ice pack strapped to my face in an effort to numb the pain.

13.Do you tend to make relationships difficult?
I am making Dale stop by HEB to get me soft foods and more cherry vanilla ice cream. Is that so difficult?

14.What are you doing/did today?

Went to work, went to dentist, went back to work, had to leave work an hour early for fear that I would throw up, went to Walgreens, and now I am home with my ice pack, my pain pills, and my dog who is extremely sensitive to my suffering.

15. What was the last movie you went to?
The one I imagined as my dentist was torturing me. I was snorkeling in Hawaii…it was lovely.

16.Name an award you have won:
I should receive the “one tough bitch” award for all the pain I have endured this year.

17. Do you remember your dreams?

Only the ones I remember. That made sense to me…the vicodin must be working.

18. Do you read?

How else would I fill this out, genius?

19.Do you like anyone right now?
The pharmacist.

20. Are you bored?

Not at all. This is quite fascinating. Not as fascinating as the man I was sitting next to at the pharmacy. He was reading a book and he would talk to himself every once in a while. Coooo-Koooooooooo!

21.Do you say dawg?

Absolutely not.

22. What bank do you use?

None of your business, dawg! (shit)

23. Who was last to cook for you?
HEB has been providing my mushy food for almost a week. The whipped sweet potatoes are great.

24. Do you care what others think about you?
I sure do. When you are a teen, you have to say “no” when answering this question. Now, it is better to say “yes” because it’s the truth and there is nothing wrong with it. I want people to like me. I want my colleagues to respect my opinion. I want my husband to love me and think I am attractive. I want my parents to be proud of me.

25. Who was the last person you called?
The dentist.

26. Who was the last missed call?

The spine doctor. Yep, that shit is still going on.

27. What happened at 10:00 am today?

I was sitting in the Dentist’s chair getting “numbed up.”