Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mmmmmm, cookies.

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I have to tell you that I was offered a homemade chocolate chip cookie with nuts today. The chocolate chip w/nuts is my favorite cookie.
I turned it down.
Yea me! I have not won the battle, but I am in the trenches fighting.
Also, I threw away all of the extra fortune cookies we had from our recent PF Changs take-out order.

Victory will be mine.

In other news:
I am suffering from Post Potter Depression (I am officially coining that phrase). I have already seen the new movie and I have read the most recent book ages ago. Who knows when the next one will be out. I don’t know what I will do when the series is over. Ok, that last statement was a bit pathetic.

I am still reeling from the Walk The Line movie. Anytime Johnny Cash is on TV, I am glued to it. I think I will pick up his autobiography.

Does Lost come on tonight? I hope so. I need some mindless tv time.

Right now, I am posting this useless blog entry so that I can continue to procrastinate. I have a paper due tomorrow and I am only half way finished. Bleh!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tell us the purse story, Sarah!

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the purse

Gather ‘round kiddies for a true story featuring Sarah’s absent mindedness. This morning, I arrived at school at about 7:00. I parked in a public pay lot and started thinking about getting a coffee from starbucks. As I exited my vehicle, I noticed a crumpled up paper bag on the floor board. I picked it up, gathered my book bag and purse, locked the truck, and went to the trash can that was located on the near by sidewalk. I tossed the paper bag and took off for Starbucks (“tra-la-la-fiddle-dee-dee, I want a sugar free hazelnut coffee”.) I get to Starbucks, located a block away from where I parked, and approached the counter. Before I order, I always have my wallet ready. I like to save time that way. So I go for my purse to get my wallet and OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..I did not have my purse! SHIT!
I am thinking of the three possibilities that could have happened:
1. I dropped my purse on the way to starbucks. Unlikely.
2. I left my purse in the car. This would suck because my keys, wallet, and phone were all in my purse. But, the purse would have been relatively safe.
3. I threw my purse in the trash along with the paper bag.
Guess which one it was?

I ran back to my car as fast as my rolling bag would allow (picture me running with a rolling bag…it’s good for a laugh). Panic was setting in. Palms were sweaty, mom’s spaghetti…
I am scanning the street for my bag the whole way. Nothing.
I reach my car and glance inside….not there.
Two steps later, I am at the trash can…
Wa-hooo! I got lucky.
The end.

In other news:
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I am a cookie crumb away from checking myself into a rehab program for my cookie addiction. I have had chocolate chip cookies for three days in a row now. The madness must stop here. I am going to just say no to cookies for a while. Please do not offer me any. I will be relying on your support.

Monday, November 28, 2005

What I have been thinking about

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It bothers me that I was a little sad when hearing that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are getting divorced. Why should I care? Why should any of us care? Maybe because they exposed their marriage on MTV for us to all ohh and ahh over. Maybe it is because I am married and I don’t like to think of people divorcing. Maybe it is because I think Joe Simpson may possibly have a hand in this. Again, it bothers me that I am even wasting brain waves on this shit. All in all, their relationship was probably more about the wedding than the marriage. Ah to be young and in Hollywood. Any takers on who Nick will date next? A porn star, maybe? How about a nice girl next door type. I hope that he ends up with someone who knows that tuna is not made of chicken.

And what about these stupid dating shows? Specifically, the one on MTV where there is a bus load of guys or girls waiting in line to date the same person. I think it is called NEXT. The contestants introduce themselves with “witty” one liners such as: “HI, I am Alysha and this guy won’t next me cause I’m a classic BEAUTY with a classic BOOTY”.
Can you imagine if they did the same show with a bunch of 40 year olds? HAHAHAHA!
“ Hi, my name is Tina and this guy won’t next me because I can do his taxes and show him my ASSets”

I talked to a drag rat today. He was really nice. It took him a month to hitchhike here from northern California. He says he will have to leave soon because he got into a fight with another drag rat and was arrested for it. Now, he has a court date coming up and he will not attend because he has no money to pay the fee or whatever. If he stays, he will end up in jail. I gave him thirty five cents. The best part was that he did not stink. Good for him.

I only have 19 to go until the semester is over. Better yet, I only have 4 class days left. Wa-hoo! I can smell the gimlets waiting for me!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Capitan Pounce Jenkins

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I have no new pictures to share with you, so I offer you this picture of a very cool cat. ( The cat belongs to Dale’s old roommate, Cody.)

I have been ill with the congestion and the what not, so there is nothing much to say. All I have been doing since Thursday is sleeping.

Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad’s went over smoothly. Nothing much to say. It was good to see the family.

Really, this post is boring. I don’t know why you even stopped by. Hopefully, I will feel better soon so that I can think of something good to stick up here.

Somebody bring me some day-quil.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Movie Day

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Dale and I just got back from seeing WALK THE LINE. Bitches, this was a GREAT movie. I think that it is a must see on the big screen. It is a big movie, with big music and big personalities so see it on the big screen. See it at the Alamo, if you are in Austin, so you can enjoy a beer while you watch Johnny Cash have a beer. But don’t take the pills that he takes in the film. Just say no.
Later tonight, at 10:10 to be exact, I am going to see the new Harry Potter flick.(that’s right, two movies in one day.)
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I already know it will be awesome. The Goblet of Fire was/is my favorite Harry Potter book. I mean, come on! The Tri-wizard tournament kicks that ass. It kicks it…that ass.
I am about to leave for the library (PCL) where I plan on writing the bulk of a term paper that is due this Tuesday. I am not looking forward to it at all. Yuck. Once it is complete, I will be filled with joy. Until then, I will be filled with dread.
My shoulder/upper back muscles have been sore for three days now. I think I am carrying the stress up there. It hurts.
Maybe I will have a butter bear at the Harry Potter movie.
See ya later.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hello, again, hello...........

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I had a hell of a Tuesday. I got to school at 5:45am and left after 8:00 pm (I know, you have heard me bitch about this before). I had a test to take and a bunch of clinic assignments due. I was exhausted beyond belief, both mentally and physically, by the time I got home. I opened up my e-mail to find that there were three different messages from friends. Each one on these friends, in their e-mails, told me that they were thinking of me.
I really needed that.
I didn’t know that I needed it, but I did.
So thanks, friends. You know who you are.

A now for something completely different….
Has this ever happened to you, cause it always happens to me:
I will be driving around listening to the radio, right? So I start flipping through the stations trying to find some good music and end up stopping on a tejano station. I usually stop there when/because I have to take my hand away from the radio dials so that I can switch gears. Why do I have to switch gears when the radio is playing tejano music? I don’t know. Anyway, I stop on the damn station and then I forget about it. I’ll be driving around, paying attention to the road and the voices in my head, and the crazy tejano music will be playing in the background. Eventually, I come to my senses and realize that Jamie Y Los Chamacos are blaring from my speakers.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Are you sick of this yet?

This is me entertaining Jeff with my impersonation of that creepy gal from the ring.
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“I don’t care how much you crotch itches, I am NOT going to scratch it for you”

Straight from the pages of GQ
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Somebody’s been naughty
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Dabner will dance with you even if you are not dancing with him
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Dale climbing the scaffolding
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Gas face
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Getting’ busy
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I need another drink
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Finally, the last of the Halloween pictures
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Thank you for being patient with me as my blog has been taken over by Halloween. You guys should not be surprised because you all know that it is my favorite holiday. But it is over, and has been for quite some time. I must move on towards different subjects.
Who knows what subject the blog will cover next. I just have to wait for the inspiration bug to sting me. Right now, I got nothing.
I hope I don’t get stung in between my toes. That is a really crappy place to be stung.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The last halloween post

A comment from my previous post:
Anonymous said…
Please expand on the grl’s costume that looks like a sexy road worker…I would like to see another one of her.

Ok, anonymous. Ask and ye shall receive. This is a different pic of her. I cropped all the other people out so that you could have a little “alone time” with this co-ed.
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Here are the rest of the best from Halloween night:
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Dale will slap you (colin).

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Danny buys a round of beers. Thank’s Danny.

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Oops! Did I catch ya’ll at an awkward time?

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Fucking Dale. He always makes me laugh!

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There are several funny things going on in this picture.
1. The scary look on Danny’s face
2. Jeff blending in with the mural in the background
3. The actual guy that is part of a mural in the background
4. this gal rocked as Strawberry Shortcake (maybe not as funny as 1,2,and3)

This guy was dressed as the artist Bob Ross. You know, the “happy trees” guy.
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Check out Danny flipping the bird.

I have no Idea why Danny had such a problem with this guy. He was harmless
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In the limo
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Hang in there

We are loosing Danny!
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Singing some Poison
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Coppin’ a feel
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It started out so innocently

Things start to take a turn for the worse
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I still have bad dreams about this.

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There has been a change in plans. I need to make one more Halloween post. THe last one will be shorter than the first two.
SOrry, I just have to get these pics out there. It heals my soul.
In other news...Grad school still sucks.
Good Day.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pics, pics, and more pics

These are my favorite pics from the Halloween adventure.
I threw down some photo editing on some of them, like this one of J3ph:

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“the blue surfer” –he borrowed Dale wig (my wig, actually)

What are you looking at Danny?
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“Jack the Ripper’s next victim”

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“The coolness of the cape”

I look like a 5 year old
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“coolness of the cape part two”

My bartender at Chimmey’s. This guy was sooooo nice.
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“an ode to back hair” (the beard and the back hair were all his)

It was only a hug
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“Cleopatra’s love”

There is no good explanation for this. (he looks to be in a great amount of pain and I look like I am enjoying the fact that he is in a great amount of pain.)
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“Death of a biker”

Dale took this pic (no kidding).
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“Pamela’s sister”

This is a two-parter
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Image hosted by
“Who’s your mamma?”

Am I a giant or is Dina a dwarf?
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“height differential”

A few people I don’t know:
I think colin will like these
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Image hosted by

Here is one for the ladies
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Here is another one for Colin
Image hosted by
Prison Bitch

Ok, enough for now. I have some more pics to post from this series. Maybe I can show you them by the time Christmas roles around.

In the news of Sarah, school is kicking my ass right now. The projects, tests, and clinical work are all piling up. I really want to have a good thanksgiving break, but it looks like I may have to work through it. Oh well, I guess I won’t have time to gain the usual 5lbs during the food filled holiday. That's ok. I plan on packing on the pounds during the semester break thanks to the "liquid diet" I will be initiating. And by liquid, I mean alchohol. And by alchohol, I mean Vodka Gimlets.
My new Mantra—“It will be over soon”.