Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4 ever

When I arrived home after working on Memorial day, I found Josh and Dale and a bottle of whiskey. I said "no" to the whiskey but said "yes" to a bunch of wine....and a little beer. We listened to King Kahn, Afghan Whigs, Soledad Brothers, Harry Nilsson, The Ramones, and some Stooges. All the while, we drank. One glass of wine became two - became three - became more. Then, we went into the living room and played music. The boys mostly played. I mostly sang. It was a good time, indeed. At some point, I knew I had to escape into the bedroom. I had to work the next day and things were getting blurry in a hurry. Sleep was the solution. As Josh and Dale chatted in the kitchen, I snuck back into the bedroom and hit the hay.

The next morning, I found four folded sheets of paper in my purse:
(S.M.W. are my initials)

I laughed and could imagine Josh as the culprit. I could practically see him writing out the letters as Dale looked on and laughed.

I made it to work and decided to make a little doodle for my old pal Josh. I ended up making two and sending them both to him in separate e-mails. I did not say anything in the e-mail, as I thought the picture was enough (worth a thousand words, right?)

(T.R.J. is Josh's wife)


After receiving the second e-mail, Josh responded with "maybe still a little drunk?"

After work, I was talking to Dale and told him I found Josh's notes in my purse. Dale then told me that he wrote the notes after Josh left.

Josh knew nothing about the notes.

So my pictures must have seemed quite out of the ordinary.

Uh-oh. I had some splaining to do! I called Josh right away and told him all about how I thought he wrote the notes and blah-blah-blah.


It all made for a good laugh in the end.

Friday, May 11, 2012


This post was going to be about how my husband thought my new pajamas (night shirt, if you will) was actually a dress that I planned on wearing to work.
It's a black Ralph Lauren night shirt with tiny white hearts. 100% cotton and 100% comfortable. I got it for $5.00 on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx and I love it!

Any-hoo, I asked my husband to grab the camera and take a few pics of me in the pajamas for this here blog. We got outside and I took a few boring pictures of me standing there doing nothing. As a joke, I decided to jump in one of the shots and, well, that's when the magic happened. Ok, maybe not "magic" but my husband and I thought the pics were pretty funny and kind of cool.

I now present you with, Levitating Sarah:






Things I learned from this photo shoot:

1. you must hold your night shirt down when jumping (unless you plan on posting photos to a more "adult" website).

2. it's hard to make your face look good during a jump (it's easy to look like you just had a stroke....you should see my outtakes).

3. it's all about the hair and the toes.

4. when my dog Cooper is in a photo, he makes it 50% better

5. I want to do this again.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Keep on Truckin'

I was following my husband home the other day and snapped a few pictures of his truck as we pulled up to a traffic light.
He has been driving this truck for about 10 years. He bought it used and has kept it in good condition. Many things have changed in his life since he first bought this truck.


He has gotten married, been promoted (a few times), bought a home, became a dog owner, and became a second car owner (my Volvo). If anybody deserves the Volvo, it is my husband...not me. I mean, his job is fancier and he makes more money than I do. Oh yeah, and he bought the Volvo with his money! I was in grad school when he purchased the vehicle. The only reason I have the Volvo is because he wanted me to have the safest car out there when it comes to rear-impact ratings. Because of my neck problems, it would be bad news bears if I were to be hit from behind in another car accident.
But husband is happy in his little Mazda truck. He is going to drive that sucker as long as possible. I love this about my husband. A white collar dude in a blue collar vehicle.

I also love that he flipped me off when he realized I was taking pictures of his truck:



Bonus pics:
Last Sunday night in my living room:
Husband and Josh....making the music.

That's all.