Sunday, July 30, 2006

No Justice

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Wednesday was the day of the violent waggle. I spent Thursday and Friday morning looking for the man who exposed himself to me and then chased me in his car.

I had no luck finding him……..
Until Friday at 10:00 a.m.

I was walking to the parking lot where I parked my car when I crossed paths with this jack ass. He was with two other people who turned out to be his co-workers. They were roofers working on the building that was RIGHT NEXT TO the parking lot I parked in!

He was wearing the exact same thing (white shirt and pants with a green belt).
I did not think I would be able to, but I recognized his face as easily as I recognize my own.

I trailed him as he made his way to a truck parked in the lot. He and his co-workers let the tailgate down so they could sit and enjoy their lunch. I scanned the parking lot for his car but could not find it.

I got my camera and my pepper spray from the car and then dialed up the Austin Police. The pictures I took were really fuzzy. I was shaking when I was taking them because the dude was staring right at me!

I would show you the fuzzy pic of this pervert but I can’t find my damn camera cord.

Anyway, long story short…the cops would not arrest him. They said he looked too much like his co-workers and that the D.A. would not believe that I could positively ID the man.

What a crock!

I think they are just afraid of racial profiling. The APD has been in trouble for that, recently.
The cops told me to be on the look out for his car. If I find his car, I can write down his license number and turn that in to the cops. If his car is registered, and they doubt that it is, they MAY be able to arrest him because I will be giving them two identifications.

Oh yea, the cops also made me stand in front of this guy and identify him. Why? I am not sure as they did not arrest him.

I hope it scared him. Most likely it just let him know that he can get away with showing girls his pee-pee.

Where is the justice?
This man has now been able to study my face. I think he knows what I drive. GREAT!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Violent Waggle

Something EXTREMLY disturbing happened to me this morning. Let me set the scene. Around 8:00 I parked on 25th street, a few blocks west of campus. I got out of my car and began walking towards the communication building. It was drizzling so I had to use my umbrella. The only thing I was carrying was my big, green, sequenced bag. I had on a skirt, a shirt, and my wedge heals. As I am walking, I am thinking about everything I have to do for the day. I am also enjoying the soft rain. It was a pretty morning. Then, as I am walking in front of an apartment complex, a notice something through the use of my peripheral vision. Upon first glance, I think I see a man peeing. He is facing me, and is about a yard away from where I was. I do a double take and I notice that he has his “little friend” in his hand. His pants are not down but his “Lil’ guy” is most definitely protruding through his fly. What is more disturbing is that he is staring right at me, and he is WAGGLING THE THING AT ME IN A VERY FAST, VIOLENT MANNER!
(side to side motion)

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So what do I do?

I flipped him the bird. And I did it in an equally violent manner.

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I knew right after I did it, that it was a mistake. I could not help it…it was my first reaction. He yells something at me so I pick up the pace a little. As I put more distance between us, I keep looking over my shoulder to make sure he is not following me.

Right when I think I am in the clear, I hear the screeching of car tires. He had gottten into his car and was chasing me!!! The son of a bitch almost jumped the curb that was separating us as he tried to pull up beside me. Again, he was yelling something, but I could not understand what it was.

I started to run.
In my heels.
In the, at this point, pouring rain.

Mother fucker.

I saw this homeless guy up the street, so I ran towards him. The sexual offender guy had turned down a different street (thank God). I walked with the bum, making conversation with him until I reached campus. I did not tell him what just happened because I did not want to freak him out. I did not want to be alone, either.

When I got to school, I called the cops and filed a report.

I asked the woman officer on the phone “Is it illegal to flip someone off?” She said “Honey, I don’t think so but what that man did to you is MOST DEFINITELY illegal”.

What pisses me off the most is that he scared me. I was running for my life! I am so pissed about that. Tomorrow, I am going to go incognito and try to find his car so that I can take a picture and give it to the police. If I find him, I will get his fucking picture. I know he is a construction worker because of what he was wearing (All white…there is a group of these guys that all wear the same thing. Must be their company’s policy).

I’ll let you know what happens.




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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You sure are purty!

Yesterday, I went to my local convenience store so that I could purchase a sixer of brew. As I walked up to the door to enter the store, this guy approached the door very quickly so that he could hold the door open for me.

I don’t mind. I like chivalry.

I slowed my pace so that he would reach the door before I did. He grabbed the handle of the door and swung it open. “How are you doing today?” he asked as I entered the store. I told him I was doing fine and thanked him for getting the door. He then smiled at me and it became very apparent that this fella was a big fan of chewing tobacco.
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The second thing I noticed about this guy, who was probably about the same age as me, was the odd look in his eye. He looked eager……creepily eager.
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Kinda like this.

I scooted down the isle towards the beer and he followed me. He kinda half whispered something and it sounded like “you sure are purty (i.e., pretty)”. I ignored him as I was not sure if he intended for me to hear him. I grabbed the six pack and carried it to the counter for purchase.

The guy lingered behind me.

After I paid for my beer, the guy followed me out of the store. He bought nothing. He did not even look for something to buy. As I was walking to my car, he said “You are pretty”.

I said “excuse me?” (acting like I did not hear him).

He then said “how are you doing today?” He had already asked me this, remember. Again, I told him I was doing fine. Then he said “Your hair sure is pretty. I like your hair.”
(cue the banjo music in your mind’s sound track right about now).

Uhhhhhhhhh, ok.

I said “thank you” and awkwardly escaped to my car. He just continued to smile his black tooth grin. I watched him go to his car. I am not sure if he drove off or if he went back into the store after I drove away.

I always attract the weird ones.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Who is this guy anyway?
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Wow, the magic of makeup can do wonders for a person’s appearance!
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Here is the story. Josh came over for a friendly haircut from yours truly. As I was snipping away, I decided to give him a mirror so that he could see how much I was taking off.

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I provided him with my eyeshadow kit because it has a large mirror. Thus began Josh’s deed to turn himself into…..well, into this:

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Many beers went into this process. Josh is a master of make-up, I must say.
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I can barely look at these pics for more than a few seconds before my side hurts from the laughter they envoke. I have plenty more, and will show ya’ll if you ever wanna see them. Just ask me the next time you are at my house.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Last night

I gave this man a hair cut.

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More on this later.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Josh Johnson has pipes

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A collection passed down from his grandfather.

His grandfather not only collected pipes, he made them and sold them as well.
Josh took some time to show Dale and I some of the pipes. What you see in the picture is not the entire collection.

He had some really cool pipes from Italy.

There was this one pipe that was called “the lady pipe”. It had little jewels in it. Ladies gotta be fashionable when they are smoking on their pipe, ya know.

I don’t really collect anything. There for a while, I was collecting frog figurines. I got tired of that pretty quick.

The end.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Halloween Costume

After a marathon viewing of Deadwood (season one….again), I decided that Danny, Dale, and I will be dressing up as people from the late 1800’s. Lee will be the Indian. We already have our pose down:

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I can’t remember much from last Friday to this past Monday. Danny and Lee were in town and the days have pretty much run together. I don’t even know if I can pull up enough memories to write about it.

Needless to say, We had a hell of a time

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I am pissed at Time Warner. My internet connection is not working. Each time I call them, they say it is something else…nothing that would relate to being their fault, mind you.

Bloody Hell.