Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Morning!

Last Sunday, I turned on the television and this was the image that greeted me:
This was a segment on the CBS show "Sunday Morning." The man being interviewed is a male escort. I found it extremely funny that the Sunday Morning logo happened to appear right on that dude's jimmy john.

And now for something completely unrelated:
I snapped this pic on Monday afternoon right before the storm came through. I did not capture the true color of the sky, but it's still pretty cool. Gotta love a good summer rain storm.
Gotta hate the mosquitoes that surely follow.

In Other News:
I have started going to a chiropractor. Two chiropractors, actually (both at the same practice). I go three times a week. For my first appointment, the Dr. asked that I bring any MRI or x-ray films/reports that I might have. I had an MRI a few years ago and I was told (by my old spine Dr.) that the results showed that I did not have any spine problems. Well, I had to go to the MRI place and get the report and CD for the chiropractor. I decided to read the report myself. The report said that I have early degeneration of some of my thoracic vertebrae and narrowing of (one of..I think) my neural foramen (the hole that the nerves exit). The chiropractor said that the bone grows in response to pressure and it might be pinching my nerve which would be the source of my pain. I can't believe I never read the report. It was never given to me and I just trusted what my old spine Dr. said. I will always ask for copies of my medical reports from now on. Lesson learned.

At least now I know why I hurt so much. Speaking of hurt, the adjustments and massage work that I am having done is really causing me pain. The Dr. said that this was normal in the beginning. It sucks, but I gotta give it a chance.

Upcoming shows I want to see:
July 10th- Shapes Have Fangs at Beerland
July 16th and 17th-The Ugly Beats at The Continental
July 16th - Thriftstore Cowboys at Scoot Inn (I don't know much about them but they are from Lubbock, my home town, so I thought I might check it out)
July 17th - Delta Spirit at Emo's Alternative Lounge. I have been wanting to see this band for about a year.
July 23- Amplified Heat at Hole in the Wall
July 30th- The Carrots at The Continental. Gonna be fun!
July 28th- Leatherbag at the Parish

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jumbo Weenies

The following comic strip is based on a true story. Enjoy.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Kill Time With a Seven Inch Blade (or a 7 question survey)

Miss Bee does these 'fill in the blank' surveys every Friday. She get’s them from some other blog. I enjoy reading her responses and figured I take a shot at it. I'm killin' some time before I actually have to get up and do something productive.

1. When I'm nervous I- can’t seem to say the right thing. My words come out all jumbled or halted or just plain wrong. This happens whether when I am speaking with my mouth or my hands. If you didn’t know, I work with the Deaf population which makes it necessary for me to use American Sign Language to the best of my ability.

2. My favorite item(s) in my closet are - my Old Gringo cowboy boots. I find that these are the best footwear to adorn when attending the shows (concerts) I so often frequent. They are comfortable, protective, and they look good with a dress.

3. My favorite thing to do when I need to relax- is to sit on a patio with an adult beverage in my hand and some good company by my side.

4. My favorite childhood memory is– What comes to mind right away is playing all of the “pretend” games my siblings and I made up. There was “Hot Lava”, “Fox Tail”, “Amoeba Man” and “Salt, Pepper, Sugar.”

5. Something you may not know about me is- that I don’t really like drinking out of plastic cups (unless it really hard like what they use for the double wall insulation cups). I prefer glass. This has nothing to do with the BPA scare. It’s more about my crazy brain thinking plastic absorbs flavor and then contaminates my next beverage with the absorbed flavor of a previous concoction. I know that is ridiculous. I am a little ridiculous. You are a little ridiculous.

6. A true friend is- the only kind of friend there is. Everyone else is just an acquaintance.

7. Something I hope people think of when they think of me- is that I am not a sucker. Nobody wants to be a sucka’ , fool!

Random Pic- Me in my,1940’s inspired dress, doing the jitterbug:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Supper

What did you have for dinner today? We had grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and melon salad. Mmmmmmmm boy! It was as good as it looked! See for yourself:
See the wine? It's Kenwood Pinot Noir and it is my favorite wine of the moment. It's on sale at Randall's if you want to try some for yourself.

In other news: I made a trip to the thrift store. I bought three dresses. One looks like it is from the 40s or 50, another from the 80s and another from the 90s. Since it is GPOYW, I will post pictures of myself in the 90s dress. Actually, we all know it does not have to be Wednesday for me to post a picture of myself. It just has to be a day of the week that ends in a "y."
I asked Husband if he liked it and he said that he did. Then, he said "I'm going to start calling you Rhiannon." I guess it is a little Stevie Nicks-ish, what with the flowy material. I thought it looked more like something Brenda would have worn on 90210. If I had Dr. Marten boots the look would be dead on.

Dang, this wine is gooooooooood! If only I had some chocolate to go with it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This good looking fella is Mechad Brooks. He plays the character Benedict Talley ("Eggs " for short) on the HBO series True Blood.


Two random bits of trivia regarding Mr. Brooks:
1. He is from Austin.
2. I have that same necklace that he is wearing.

Dale and I recently caught up on the last season of True Blood. We don't have HBO so we just wait until the show comes out on DVD and we rent the entire season. It's fun to be able to watch the shows back to back. Any-poo, throughout most episodes of season 2, Eggs was wearing the necklace he is wearing in the above picture. I myself purchased that very necklace from Dillard's (of all places) about a year or two ago. Here I am wearing the same necklace during Pachanga Fest back in May:
I bought it because it looked like it might have magical powers.
*Edit* That is such a strange picture of me. Now you know why I did not include it in the actual Pachanga post. Too creepy.

Now we know that the necklace looks good on both men and women. I wonder if it looks good on dogs?

Yup. You rockin' it, Cooper!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dale the Bounty Hunter

The Dalegator.

The other day started like any other day for Dale. He got up, made his protein shake, put on his gym clothes, kissed me good-bye, kissed the dogs good-bye, and went out the door. He got into his truck, which was parked at the curb in front of our casa, and started it up. Then, before you could say "Oh no he did-en" a car came speeding by and side swiped Dale's truck.

The driver of the car did not stop. He continued blazing down our quiet little neighborhood, swerving sending sparks flying as he continually hit the curb.

Dale was not having it. Not on his watch, baby.

He followed the guy through the neighborhood until he was able to get his license plate numer. The opportunity arose once the guy slowed down enough to make an incomplete stop at the stop sign by the elementary school. Thank the LORD school was out because this jack-hole continued to drive like he was in a demolition derby.

Dale called 911 and reported the idiot. The 911 operator instructed Dale to pull over and wait for the police. So Dale waited......and waited.....and waited. He waited for well over an hour for the cop to show up. When the cop finally showed up, he told Dale that the license plate number did not match the make/model of the car that Dale reported. Apparently, the 911 operator had heard it wrong.

Frustrate, but in one piece, Dale went to work and went on with his day.

The cop called him about an hour later and told Dale that he got the dangerous driver. He had combed the streets of our neighborhood until he found the car Dale reported. The license plate number was good. The 911 operator had heard an "M" instead of "N." Other than that, it was a match! The officer knocked on the door and told the couple that answered about the incident. It was their 21 year old son's car and he was inside the house, taking a snooze. Apparently, he had worn out his welcome at the place he was staying downtown and drove home drunk and angry. Not a good combination, bub.
The officer had to wake up the boozer as his parent's attempt was unsuccessful. I did not ask Dale, but I assume the fella was arrested.

Dale's truck is ok. The side swipe left a black smudge that can be buffed out.
Here's the thing, that jerk could have just as easily hit Dale or a kid or a doggie instead of hitting Dale's truck. Hopefully, this incident will serve as a wake-up call to Mario Amdrunkie.

That is all.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ooooooh! It Sparkles!

Have you ever been shopping at Tuesday Morning? It's one of those strange places that tends to be hit or miss. The aisles are small and the shelves are packed with all kinds of stuff. If you go on Tuesday Morning, which is when they stock the new items on the shelves (hence the name), you have to maneuver around all of the older folks that friggen' LOVE that store. Me and the grey hairs, we got things in common.

As far as price goes, that is also a hit or miss for this "discount" store. Some of those price tags do not suggest that there is anything remotely "discount" about this joint. I mean, $300.00 for an ottoman? Really? Tuesday Morning, you act like your poo don't stink when all the while you're covering the smell up with tea rose perfume. P-friggen'-U!

Having said that, you can most definitely find some good deals amongst the absurd. I happened to find 3 good items. Well, I think they are good. You may think they are garbage.

First up - Crystal Perfume Decanter
I have always wanted one of these. Growing up, I would watch old movies from the 40's and 50's and the starlet often stored her perfume in one of these beauties.

And now I have one. (pssst, it was not expensive. None of the items you are about to see were expensive. You know me...I am thrifty. Well, except for the Chanel nail polish incident).

They must have gotten a crystal shipment in because I also found this:
Crystal Garland. Yes. I am going to fashion something out of it and display it on my back patio. That is the plan, anyway. I have never seen crystal garland before. I did not know they even made it! Wait....maybe I will make a necklace out of it instead. Oh the possibilities!

And finally, Little Bee
I am giving this to Miss Bee for her back yard area. It's really cute. Hope she likes it.

In other news:
Dale chased down a booze-hound and called 911. I will tell you that story in my next post.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Josh and Tirzah came by for some steaks and wine (and bud light lime). They recently got engaged to there was cause for celebration.Here you see Josh sitting on our back patio.

Tirzah took all of the photos featured on today's blog.

Dale and Charlie also enjoyed sitting outdoors:
When Charlie is relaxed, he tends to bare his teeth and his belly.

When the night arrived, we were visited by creatures I had never noticed in my very own backyard. Behold, the slug!
Do you see it?

Look how big this bastard is:
It's as long as a beer can!

We watched that sucker ooze it's way far up into the tree. Creepy, man. Creepy.

In Other News:
Tomorrow is my last day of work before Summer break!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Hate Myself

If you are a dude, you might want to skip this post. It's all girly and shit.

It all started with the latest issue of Austin Monthly. If I remember correctly, I purchased this issue for the restaurant guide. I'm always looking for a good place to eat.
I sat on my couch and flipped through the pages, barely skimming the headlines, until I came upon this page:
This color really jumped out at me. I noticed there was a photo turquoise nail polish included in the spread. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was a shade called "Nouvelle Vague" by Chanel. Ohh-la-la! I have never purchased Chanel anything, much less nail polish. However, I have always wanted to get my hands on the Vamp color they put out years ago. Do they still sell that?

Any-hoodle, I decided I wanted that damn polish. I desired it. The magazine told me to get it and I listened. I am a sheep. Baaaaaaaaa!
Dale took me to Neimen Marcus where the lady at the Chanel counter told me that they sold out of that color within 2 hours of putting it out. The story was the same for Macy's and Dillards. Nobody had this color and Chanel was not shipping out replacements. It's limited addition. All was lost. I got a pedicure in a fabulous hot fuchsia color and an American manicure. That was on Saturday.

On Sunday, I logged onto ebay.

And I bought the Chanel polish.

And I paid too much for it.

Today is Thursday. I checked the mail and the polish had arrived. I went straight to the nail salon and had them change my fuchsia to turquoise.

The polish change (for my fingers and toes) cost me $12.00. The polish itself cost me more than I care to admit. But look how fancy I am!
I know. I'm super fancy.

Or maybe I am just a sucker.

Yup....I am a sucker. I know it. I fell hard for the media campaign. HARD! I admit it. Now let's all move on, mmmm-kay.
(I plan on wearing this color to death. I may just sport it all summer long. I need to get my money's worth).