Saturday, February 27, 2010

Walk With ME

"Walk with me, Suzy Lee - Through the park and by the tree - We will rest upon the ground - And look at all the bugs we found......" -The White Stripes

Hello, friends. I have a story to tell ya. It's nice outside.....wanna walk with me? Well, me and the Dale and the Dogs.


So the other day, I had a dream about my dentist. In real life am so scared to tell the dentist that I am ready to get my bottom wisdom teeth out because I don't think he will give me any gas to sooth my nerves. I am scared he is going to suggest that I "tough it out." In my dream, when I asked him about the gas, he said "sure Sarah. We will give you the gas and make you as comfortable as possible."


And then, he put the little gas mask over my nose and gave me a shoulder massage.
Yes, a shoulder massage.
After that, I was placed in a chair that moves around to make you feel like you are floating.


When the floating chair was finished, he and his hygienist escorted me to a bedroom located in the basement of his practice. They told me to get in the warm and comfy bed. It had crisp white sheets and a fluffy down comforter. The pillows were just right and there was an electric blanket under the sheets that was set to the perfect temperature.

Once I was in the bed, sung as a bug, The dentist hopped in and spooned me until I fell asleep - at which point he pulled my wisdom teeth.


I didn't feel a thing.


Why couldn't the real thing be like the dream? Well, I could have done without the spooning but everything else would be great!


uh-oh. Another dog has dared to enter the area and my dogs ain't having it. We better go home.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What To Do With One Brown Glove

If you ever find yourself sitting outside on a sunny day, wearing one brown glove and deciding that you really don't like the fashion statement you are sending out into the universe,
I have a suggestion for you.

Take that brown glove off of your hand and use it to make yourself a squirrel/woodchuck/beaver looking creature!
"Oh, Hai!"

It's simple, really. All you need is some thread, some stuffing, a button, and just a little patience. (yeeeeah, some more patience...yeeeeah-GNR)
Ok, you need like three different colors of thread and a needle as well.
Otherwise, you could not make this decorative tail.

And pipe cleaners. You will need those if you want your creature to have the ability to stand freely.

But that's it. I promise.

The patience is a strict requirement. Without it you just might end up with something like this-
You are looking at squirrel head number one. The stitching is messy and I cut off his eye (accidentally). Dale placed it amongst the flower stems. Creepy.

In Other News:
I really like watching the Olympic snowboarding events. These kids look like they are having a good time, listening to their i-pods and smiling at the crowd. They are so dang cute! You know they would be fun to hang out with. You can tell that they like to laugh and probably give hugs to everybody they know.

Johnny Weir just about kills me. He is so smug yet so adorable. I like him and I wish he would design my next Halloween costume.

SXSW is in the air! I just got my wristbands yesterday and have been researching which bands I want to see for a few weeks. My buddy J3 will be making the trip to Austin to attend the festival. LeeAngeloAngelofDeath may make it down here as well. It's gonna rule!

Driving by the echelon building is brutal. I pass it twice a day on my way to-and-from work. I am so glad that most of the people in the building got out. God is good.
We have had freaks and sociopaths throughout history (Jack the Ripper, Charles Whitman, John Wilkes Booth, etc.) This guy, Joe Stack, is nothing new...but it sure does sting more when it happens in your town.

Happy Friday to you! I have an appointment with my back doctor. Good times.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

Crazy Amy was kind enough to post a message on my facebook page about a meeting of the Austin chapter of an organization called "Women in the Outdoors."
Basically, outdoorsy women meet up at Chili's and talk about the outdoors. I think they probably plan camping trips and maybe give each other tips on where to buy the best one-person kayak.

Rachel commented on the post with this gem:

Rachel Ŧ
"I love the outdoors. (If drinking wine on the patio counts as loving the outdoors.)"

Being in a smart ass state of mind, I followed up with this comment:

"I love the outdoors.....but I hate women."

To which Amy replied,


"Ahhhh. I love sarcasm as much as I love a scary clown head wearing a hearing aide in a box of shredding."

What? Scary clown head? Hearing Aide? Shredding? WHAT!!


you mean,



Box of shredded paper- check.

Scary clown head- check.

Hearing aid------

I sent this to Amy via UPS. It was worth it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Crazy Heart

Yesterday we saw Crazy Heart, a film staring Jeff Bridges,Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Robert Duvall.
It's a film about a seasoned country musician, his love of whiskey, and his adoration of Gyllenhaal's charachter. Bridges himself is musically inclined so the scenes where he is performing are actually enjoyable.
Crazy Heart is one of those movies that reflects upon actual life so accurately that it pulls you into the story and doesn't let go until the credits roll. Of course, it helps that Jeff Bridges happens to be such a bad ass actor. Maggie Gyllenhaal also did a commendable job. I am still singing a couple of songs from the movie. In fact, after the movie I wanted to go home and pick up the guitar and play a little.

"funny how fallin' feels like flyin', just for a little while."

Should you go see it in the theater? Eh, why not? I think you would enjoy it. The scenery and a couple of concert scenes look nice up on the big screen and the sound track sounds good throu the surround sound system.

On to the next thing- Valentine's gifts.
(Or St. Valentine's gifts...if you prefer)

Dale went out to the gym and came back with these. Actually, the gym was his excuse to get out by himself so that he could pick up these goodies.

Check out Charlie's photo bomb. That dog is constantly sneaking into my pictures.

Dale got me 3 necklaces (two of which he saw me admiring at one point in time), some beautiful flowers (Whole Foods has a wonderful selection), and a book about back pain.

The back pain book may seem random but I was totally excited to get it.

I got Dale a shirt that I had ordered for myself off of shirtwoot. I accidentally ordered the wrong size. The shirt fit Dale so I told him it was his Valentine's day present.


In Other News:
*I hear that The Black Keys have recorded a new album that should come out in March or April 2010. I hope they play SXSW this year.

*Rachel Ray annoys the shit out of me. Mostly, It's her voice- all scratchy and damaged.
Secondary to her voice, is her neck. It looks like her head was pushed down on her body, thus compressing her neck into an unnaturally short state. That's just mean. I'm sorry. (also, she says shit like "E.V.O.O." Blech. Team Paula Dean, all the way.)

*hope you have a lovely Sunday. We are going to check out the new Sprouts market and possibly swing by Bed Bath and Beyond. Rock and Roll, baby!

Monday, February 08, 2010

I'm Just a Girl

OPI nail polish recently put out a line of colors inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Naturally, I already own two of the colors (because I am a sucker for themes).
***Urban Decay put out an Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows. You can buy it for me if you want. I won't mind.

Here are my nails - freshly coated with "Absolutely Alice":
(I just got that ring-it was on sale. I love it).

Here is a better photo:
I lifted that photo from -"a nail polish fanatic's resource" *my nails look a bit different because I used a colored undercoat.

It took me about two weeks to actually purchase this color. The first time I saw it at my local HEB, I picked it up and admired it for about five minutes. I put it down and told myself that I was too old for blue-sparkle nail polish. Every time I went back to HEB, I would repeat the same ritual. My inner child/rocker/pixie finally won the battle and the bottle was purchased. I painted my nails on Saturday and told myself that I would remove the color before I went back to work. Yeah, that didn't happen.

Oh look!
It's Charlie!
*the nail polish color I am wearing in this photo is also from OPI's Alice in Wonderland collection. It's called "Off With Her Red!"
What a sweet baby. As I type this, both Charlie and Cooper are snuggled up against me. I love those guys.

What else to say...........Oh, I bought a new dress:
It's called "The Socialite" and it was Francesca's pic of the week, last week. Spring is around the corner.I can't wait to wear it.

Oh, and you know what else? I am loosing weight. Two weeks into it I am 5lbs down and my pants are already fitting better. I'm using SparkPeople to track my calories/fat/carbs/etc. Before I started tracking what I ate, I knew that I was taking in too many calories but did not know by how much. DANG! I had to stop it with the apple fritter indulgence and the constant snacking. I used to go through those yummy quaker mini-delights like they were free. Now, I am amazed that the box I bought 3 weeks ago is still sitting in the pantry.

Now you are up to date with all things girly. Well, Charlie is not girly. He is a tuff guy.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dreaming of Mini Muffins

I had a dream, last night, that I was at a fabulous backyard party. The weather was warm, I was dressed comfortably, and I was hungry. Thankfully, I spotted a table full of mini muffins. "How perfect," I thought. "Mini muffins are low in calories. I should eat one." (I have been watching my weight lately. My body is pissed that I am no longer feeding it apple fritters from Starbucks so it is punishing me with hunger/craving dreams).
Any-hoo, where were we...

Oh yes, I saw the table of mini muffins. I walked up to the table and selected the most decadent looking muffin. It was chocolate with chocolate icing. (For breakfast, I have been eating deep chocolate vita muffins for about a week now. They are really good and only 100 calories. Sadly, they are not iced).

I lifted the muffin up to my lips and opened my mouth. I could feel the muffin on my mouth as I pulled my lips back to reveal my teeth right before taking a bite. It felt so real!

In fact, it felt so real that Cooper could feel it.
You see, he was sleeping right next to me and, in my sleep, I was about to bite his nose. I had his nose on my mouth and I was about to bite it. He must have felt my teeth press against his little snout because he snapped his head to the side and let out a huff. It totally freaked him out. If freaked me out too!

That little black nose was, but for a minute, a perfect chocolate mini muffin.