Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Webb

Dale and I recently celebrated 4 years together as hubby and wifey.
What did we do?

I’ll tell ya, kiddo. We went to the Driftwood Winery and had a lovely picnic lunch.

Oh, and we had yummy wine as well.
More, please.

It really is a gem of a place, that winery. Dale had visited it a few years ago and has always wanted to take me.

We snacked on 3 different cheeses, two kinds of chocolate, grapes, strawberries, and blackberries. Oh…and sammiches.
We even got to bring Cooper. He had a lovely time.


It got pretty hot, but we did not really care. Can you see the sweat? Ew.


Happy anniversary to us!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My drive home from work, today, started out like most other days in the recent past. I got in my car, started it, rolled the window down to cool it as it was Africa hot in there, and began to head home.

I slowed down as I approached a red light on sixth street. Before I came to a stop, it happened.

A loud and quick BAM….
Droplets of dark liquid suddenly decorated the inside of my windshield…
The side of my face was wet……..

“what in the name of jim-bob just happened?”

The dark liquid fell from the ceiling of the car onto my head and arm.

It was then that I realized that a can of diet coke had just exploded.

It had been placed in a plastic bag that morning and forgotten about on the passenger seat, never making it’s destination of the refrigerator in the break room.

The liquid that did not find it’s way onto my windshield, ceiling, or body pooled in the passenger seat. I sopped it up with a light jacket I had in the back seat and then examined the can.

The damn top popped right off!

Much like this…

For a split second, it scared the hell out of me. Then, I realized I was pretty lucky it happened when I was almost stopped. I can’t imagine what would happen if it popped while I was speeding down mopac.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Careless Whispers

Recently, I was visiting Lubbock for my godson’s first communion.
If you live in Lubbock and I did not see you, I am sorry. I only saw a few people as it was a very short trip. I will be back in the dust bowl this summer so sit tight.

Any-hoo, My friend Danny persuaded me to join him at his favorite watering hole, the “Robin’s nest.” Let me just say, I hate that bar. It’s another one of those joints that makes my “rape-o-meter” go off. It’s small, dark, dirty, and filled with strange men.

As we pull up to the bar, Danny switches the radio station and “Careless Whispers” comes on. We both sing along with George Michael, belting out lines like “and I’m never gonna dance again, guilty feet I’ve got no rhythm.”

We exit the vehicle and walk up to the bar, still singing the song.

That’s when Danny starts throwing down the dance moves. A little hop here, a dramatic twist there…it was smooth. I dance along with Danny, always trying to top whatever move he just completed. A few steps away from the front door, Danny executed a flying leap. The only thing I could do to top it was to swing around the pole that was next to the front door.

Swinging around, I sing “Though it’s easy to pretend, I know you’re not a foooooooooool.”

I almost busted my ass, but it was pretty awesome.

We laughed, composed ourselves, and entered the establishment only to be met by a wall of curious stares from the patrons.

Danny said, “don’t worry, they are checking me out.” Good one, Danny.

I figured they were staring at me because I did not look like a 50 year old male hillbilly like the rest of them.
Oops, wrong hillbilly…


That’s better.

Turns out, I was wrong as to why were being visually assaulted. As I sipped on my beer, I looked above the bar and saw a tv screen. Wanna know what was on it?

Yeah, It was a live feed of the parking lot. Security camera, yall.
At least it did not have audio.

I hope they appreciated the routine.