Saturday, May 28, 2005

Good Lookin'

Howdy folks! Webduke here! Blogabilly is taking over, YAIOUS crappy pian damn! Faoset Imde Granny. Swiet Indato Praester of Mmeitests. Where's my wife? Anyone seen her?

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

more shakin', less bacon

Ooooooooooh, are you all tingly with anticipation? I know you wanted to see some more of the face shakin’ shots.

Let’s start off with Mike, a.k.a. “itch”
His is good because he kinda has that one eye open while the other is closed zombie look.
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My husband Dale is next on the block. Just look at that flesh fly. Dale has very stretchy skin. The picture can attest to that.
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Now, let us please view Dabner’s shakin’ mug.
Dabner was the fella that was giving me a lap dance in my previous post.
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Ok, and now we can look at mine. I am not that good at shakin’ my face. Lord knows I tried. My hair looks like I am in a 70’s shampoo commercial though….does it not?
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

no shaky for you!

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This was taken at Danny’s b-day party……….the day before my one year wedding anniversary. That’s right, I am not afraid to have some young thing give me a lap dance while my husband watches and laughs at me. Was it not me that suggested we go to a strip club while we were in Vegas? Did we not get side by side lap dances while we were there (even though I did not know what to do with the stripper as she shook her tush in my face so I gave her a nice back scratch to pass the time)?
You will get some more face shakin’ pics later………if I feel like it.
And I probably will so you are in luck.
I had a few beers at lunch today, can you tell?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Shake it, shake it....ah yea

The shake the face series is brought to you by Jeff of
He has made it a tradition to vigorously shake your face for the camera so that you are left with an image such as these. I am going to break this post up into a series, offering you a little bit at a time. In today’s post you will be treated to one of Jeff’s face shakin’ images, Clint’s face, and Danny’s face. I’ll post more of these bad boys later. I just don’t think you can handle all of them in one sitting. Lets start things off, shall we?
Jeff with the tongue in:
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Heeeeeeeeeeeers Danny
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And now, let’s see Clint shake that thang
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Monday, May 23, 2005

Dale's Buzz

Lubbock has been good to me so far. Dale got a buzz cut courtesy of Danny Harmon. Check it out.
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Then, I decided to get a piece of that action.
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Here is the finished look. Well, not really because after this was taken Dale had Danny buzz it down a little further.
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Anyhoo, everything is fine. There was an incident that took place at the O bar. Sarah Webb almost had to choke a bitch. I’ll tell you all about that later. For now, just soak in the fabulousness of Dale’s freshly shaven melon.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lubbock or Leave it

Clint has peacocks!

Friday, I will be leaving for Lubbock. I am officially going for Danny’s late b-day bash.(you know danny)
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But, while I am there Dale and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary (May 22nd). Aslo, on the 21st, the graduation ceremony at UT will be happening and I will not be there for it. I’ll walk when I have my masters. No need to do it twice.

Dale and I are going together, but he will return this coming Monday and I will not. I will be staying with my friend CLINT and we will be doing some of this:
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And if I am lucky, maybe I will see him do some of this:
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I also plan on visiting my lil sis and her baby. Clint and I can take the kid for the day and pretend that we are a family:
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Hopefully, I will be able to update my blog with a “while in Lubbock” post. If not, I am sure the trip will provide me with a few stories that I can tell you when I get back. So stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Vodka Gimlet

lime garnishing not needed...but it sure is pretty!

As many of you know, the Vodka Gimlet is my favorite drink. My friend Clint introduced me to this ambrosia like concoction during one of my visits to Lubbock. We were at Café J’s and he ordered this drink for me by saying “She would like a vodka gimlet served up please”. Served up means that the drink is placed in a large martini glass thus doubling the contents. If you already knew that, then good for you. I had no idea what it meant at the time.
A gimlet is simply vodka cut with a little lime juice. Again, I did not know this at the time. Therefore, I downed three of them because they are delicious!!!
Rachel, I think you might have been there with me….I am not sure though because I inevitably became quite intoxicated.
Any-hoo-da-li-do-da-li, this is how you make a yummy yummy gimlet:
2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Lime Juice
Combine in a shaker with ice.
Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Serve with a lime squeeze.
Now, make one for yourself and invite me over when you do.

Monday, May 16, 2005

No J for Josh

Mike Fox

The other night, I was talking with a friend while he perused the pages of a people magazine. As he turned the page and noticed a particular photograph he exclaimed, “Michael Fox is finally looking like he is getting older now that he has parkinsons.” I said, did you just drop the J in his name?” He said, “yea, I don’t need to say the J. I never say Hunter S. Thompson or Vivica A. Fox. The middle initial is stupid. I like to say the name as if I know the person.
This is why I love my friend Josh Johnson…the infamous middle initial eliminator. He plays by his own rules. He does not follow the common thread of society. He drops the middle initial!

In other news, I found this picture of Rachel on the internet.

Her brother, Adam, has a website dedicated to his family. He has not updated in a long time, so the images are a bit old. Now, let’s address the shirt shall we?
I personally LOVE this shirt. Still, it cracks me up to see Rachel sporting the skull and cross bones like she is a member of some biker gang. Can you imagine? Sorry Rachel, I had to do it. It is just toooooooo good!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

damn, I had some long hair!

posessed troll

This pic was taken way back when I first moved to Austin (around 5-6 years ago). There really is not much of an explanation to go along with it. I am a bit chubby in the pic because, well… I use to be a bit chubby.
I thought you would enjoy.
That is all for now, I have a chest cold.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Glutton for punishment?

you know it

Glutton for punishment?

Ladies and gentlemen, there are some of us out there that like to create ripples. Colin may think he has tossed a brick in the bathtub, but really he has only tossed a pebble in the ocean. I am referring to the comment he left on my previous post: “great pics...for an ugly chick.”

I do love a good rapscallion. It gives me reason to call upon my evil side for revenge.

So, in the spirit of revenge I will tell you a few interesting things about Colin that you may not know.
He sleeps with a stuffed rabbit named “snuggles”
His favorite musician is Kenny Chesney
His favorite TV show is “one tree hill”
He once entered a contest to design the Spurs new uniform…unfortunately, they did not like the lavender flowers motif he submitted.
He voted for the smoking ban

Now you all know more about Colin. I will leave you with this image, taken years ago when I worked with him at AAT. The finger belongs to yours truly.

Monday, May 09, 2005


nice braids

My hair use to be straight. I did not get a full head of hair until I was 2, and when I did it was very fine and very straight. I am not sure how old I was in this pic, but I am rockin’ that rainbow shirt like nobody’s business. Here is a timeline of my hair:

0-2yrs old---no hair…ok, maybe some peach fuzz

2-years old—very straight. I went through two hairstyles. This one in the first pic, and a very short cut. I think she just wanted me to have hair that was easy to brush.

11 years old--- My mom took me to the salon to get a perm. It took 3 hours for my hair to take the curls (no pic, sorry)

11 ½ years old--- back to straight. The perm did not last. (no pic)

12years old – 16—horribly frizzy hair. Once I hit puberty, my hair became curly. I did not really know this, because I never let it be in it’s natural state. Instead, I would blow it dry and brush it out. The result was a big frizz ball.

16- present----curly q.

Good. I am glad that is all out of the way. This post was basically a test. I am trying to figure out how to post multiple pics in one blog. SUCCESS!

Saturday, May 07, 2005


so cute!

This was taken on my last day at TSD. Well, my last day that I will be interning there anyway. I am going to try and do some volunteer work there this summer. How can I not? Look at those faces!! This is a kindergarten class of cuties. The little boy in the middle is doing the “I love you” sign. What a sweetie!

Wednesday, I am going on a canoe trip with the 5th graders from the school. It should be interesting. I bet I have something to say about it here, at my blogspot. It may be hard to canoe and sign at the same time. I think I will be wearing a life jacket.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Graduation Creation

It's hard to take pics of yourself.

AHHhhhhhhhhh, so yesterday was my last day of class (as an undergrad) and since I am not walking at the official graduation ceremony I decided to dress up in my own graduation creation.

The blue robe is part of a brides maid dress I wore at Dina and Danny’s wedding. The pink stole is left over material that I used to make tablecloths for my own wedding. The golden cord is a purse strap cut from a hideous bag that I never tote around. Brag*--I graduated with honors so I had to have something flashy.

I am holding a tassel that I purchased from the UT co-op. It was around $4.00. I got out pretty cheap compared to the student’s that are actually walking. They have to buy all that crap to wear, plus announcements and all the other junk.

So there you have it friends. I have officially graduated. Who wants to celebrate and have some drinks with me?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005



Perhaps this pic is being posted to prove that my husband does not read his wife’s blog.
Perhaps he would be quite angry if he knew that I posted a pic of his closet in a state of disarray.

Perhaps you should not tell him I did so.
Perhaps the contents of his hamper are strewn across the floor because he was looking for something he wanted to wash.

Perhaps he was looking for something he wanted to wear…even though it was dirty.

Perhaps you have done the same thing.

Perhaps he needs to do some laundry….no, wait.. I am SURE that he needs to do some laundry.

Monday, May 02, 2005

are they f***ing seriuos!!!

quench your thirst

I was in my friendly neighborhood Albertsons today (Albertsons, it’s your store), heading for the diet cokes when lo and behold I spotted this disgusting concoction that the crazy people from golden beverages have distributed. On the bottle it says: “Throughout the years, people have enjoyed pickles…and pickle juice. In the tradition of pickles we have crafted pickle juice for those who seek distinctive refreshment with essential vitamin and mineral fortification. Combining the nostalgic goodness of old fashioned pickles with modern nutritional supplements creates the unique Sport Drink with a Bite to quench the craving.”

It’s not 100% pickle juice…in fact it is basically water, salt, vinegar, corn syrup, natural dill flavoring, and a few other nasty ingredients.

I want to know………would any of you guys drink this bile? The whole thing…….not just a sip.


It cracks me up that they are touting this to be a Sports drink.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

New Blogger

The next print ad for Rudy's BBQ

This is my pal Jeff. He enjoys BBQ, Music, baseball (sports in general I assume), dancing a jig, his lovely wife, and his dog. To find out more about Jeff (or Jeph, or j3ph…depending on how he chooses to spell his name at the moment), visit his blog:
Jeff is extremely creative, and his blog will have many an interesting post. There is something for everyone at He is new to the blog world, so go ahead and give him a visit. You would be a fool not to.

In other news, I only have 3 class days left until I am finished with my undergraduate portion of my education. I have projects to complete and tests to study for, but I would rather sit on my ass and watch independence day on FX for the second time this weekend.

In other, other news….. I went out with Dale, Lee, and Josh last night. Long story short……I ended up in a “wrassling” match with Josh in which I managed to hit my head hard against Lee’s floor. OUCH! I am 28 damn years old so why must I continue to act like I am a teenager? I’ll tell you why, it’s all due to the beer and Josh’s continual commentary on how he can beat me up. Bastard.