Friday, April 25, 2008

This may make me look bad

I had to go to Wally World, today, to buy a friend some weight watchers cookies for her birthday. It’s early in the morning and I am not up for chit chat, so I go to the self check out station. Right as I begin to scan my item, this employee comes up and says “would you like to donate $1.00 to the DELL Children’s hospital? I turn to look at him at he is shoving one of those paper hot air balloons in my face. You know the ones that you sign and then they hang them in their windows for all to see? I said no and he looked all disheveled and slunk away. Then, the stupid machine would not work and I looked up to find him and he was just staring at me like I was a piece of shit. I waved his sorry ass over and he SLOWLY made his way to my station, fixed the machine, and walked away without saying a word.


It’s Guerrilla bullshit, and I hate it. I don’t like being ambushed. I mean, come to my front door like regular charity seekers so I can ignore you! Wait, scratch that. I hate that as well.

One time, I was buying a sixer at the diamond shamrock and the lady spewed out with “would you like to donate a dollar to children’s miracle network?” I politely said “no” and she replied with “really?” She said it like she was shocked. I said “Yes, really.”

Don’t try to guilt me into donating, bitch. I stopped going to that store after that.

I mean, listen…It’s not that I don’t like giving to charity. I give money to charity. I really do. Sometimes I give money to organizations through the internet. Sometimes I donate money for good causes like fight for the cure or the Aids research foundation or the Ronald McDonald house. Usually, I give these charities money when a jar is simply displayed on a counter in a local business. I am MORE likely to give money when I am not harassed for it. I've given to the Children's miracle foundation many times when there is the little jar.

I think I am going to start my own charitable organization. That way, when the people at gas stations or superstores pull this shit I can turn it right back on them and ask if they want to donate to my charity. How would they like that? Not so much, I’m guessing.

“No I would not like to donate to your charity, but would you like to make a contribution to the Dachshund foundation for healthy spines?”

Sunday, April 20, 2008

10 years


Earlier this month, Dale and I marked our 10 year anniversary. We started dating back in 1998, some time around Easter.

We were 21 years young. He was a college student, about to graduate, and I was a DJ working the midnight shift at a classic rock station.

We tried to keep our relationship hidden from our mutual friends. The plan was foiled when they spotted us making out at a night club in Dallas.

I totally dug him from the moment we met, even though he was wearing socks with sandals.

It was not long before we packed up a U-Haul, grabbed Lee, and moved to Austin. He got a job offer at this great company where he remains to this day. I had no idea where I was headed. I just knew that I wanted out of Lubbock and that I wanted to be with him.

I also knew, from very early on in our relationship, that I would marry him.
(even though, in a heated fury fueled by an argument that I had just had with Dale, I told Colin that I would “NEVER MARRY THAT MAN!”)

We will be married for 4 years on the 22nd of May.

Now, Dale is keeping me hostage in my own home. Sure, he has a valid reason. He does not want me to do too much activity thus impeding upon the healing that must happen for my back to get better. I’m all dopey on the pain pills and muscle relaxers. Bean told me that it sounded like I was in a Brittney Spears type situation.

Help Me!

All I want to do is go to TJ Maxx to look for new summer dresses!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Neck and Back

I went to a spine specialist the other day to try and figure out what was going on with my back. Basically, I have had the chronic sacroiliac joint problem for 13 years and my upper back (trapezious area) has been hurting on and off for almost 2 years. Since Oct of this year, perhaps longer, I have not had a day without pain.

The spin doctor that checked me out was very nice and very thorough. After pulling and prodding my extremities and joints, running some simple neurological tests, and triple checking my MRI films, he came to the conclusion that my upper back issue is not related to spine or nerve damage. Therefore, it must be muscular.

I will be going to physical therapy, again, but this time they are going to do more massage for my upper back and “manipulation” for my lower back. If that does not work, then we move onto steroid injections.

The joint in between the sacrum and iliac is so small, they would have to do the procedure with the help of an x-ray.


I think I may try acupuncture as well.

The doctor told me that there was no “silver bullet” that would cure me. I may have to try different avenues before I get results. If it were a disc issue, they could do surgery and I would be better. The muscular thing can be harder to deal with.


At least I know it is not my spine.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

ipod crap


Put your ipod on shuffle and for the next 20 songs write down each song and who it reminds of you and why.

Let’s Go – The Cars
Wow, this is a tough one to start with. I guess this Song Reminds me of Lee because he loves the cover of Candy-O so much. It is pretty sexy:

Papa was a Rolling Stone- The Temptations
This Reminds me of my friends that used to be in the band Plaid Joe, This is one of the songs they would cover.They laid it down tight, yall.

One More Cup of Coffee-The White Stripes
Jeeze….I don’t know…
Sometiems, when I think of the White Stripes I think of Colin being the one to break the news that they canceled their tour. What a freakin’ bummer that was.

Jolene – The White Stripes
I think of my older sister. We were on a road trip and this song came on and she said in a horrified, yet curious, voice “Why is a MAN singing this song!”

Good Friday- The Black Crowes
Hmm…old boyfriend, I guess. Kind of a break up thing.

Suger, We’re Going Down Swinging- Fall Out Boy
Oh My GOSH! How embarrassing! This is one of my guilty pleasure songs that no one should know about! I guess I think of Dale because he would give me shit if he heard it on the Ipod. “down down in an earlier round, and sugar we’re going down swinging!” Blech…I can’t help but sing along.
Why they gotta put the fat kid in the back? Awww, and he is wearing a shirt to cover his emo chunk.

Pretty Girls Don’t Cry- Chris Isaak
I think of myself, of coarse. Ha! I joke you. Really, I think of Dale. He turned me on to Chris Isaak’s Baja Sessions.

Buffalo Soldier- Bob Marley & The Wailers
I think of the Vasek brothers. I hung out with them when I first moved to Austin. They were totally organic and hippified.

Magic Bus- The Who
I think of Rachel’s dad. He had an old VW Van and the lyrics to this song were taped up behind the back seat so we could sing along.
Theirs was mustard yellow with a brown stripe….I think.

Living for the City- Stevie Wonder
I think of Jeff when I hear Old Stevie Wonder. I know he has appreciation for the man.

Purple Rain- Prince and The Revolution
Oh man. I think of Ethan Dometrius and Wess Nessman from KFMX. They had a band and they would cover this song.

Growing On Me- The Darkness
I think of Josh Johnson singing along to any Darkness tune in his sudo-supprano style… knashing his teeth and playing air drums while riding in the back seat of Dales Truck.

One Way or Another- Blondie
Nothing comes to mind immediately…let me think harder..

Still, I got nothing.

Change The Locks- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
I think of riding in the car with Dale on the way to a Tom Petty show, listening to all of his songs and singing along.

I’m a believer- Neil Diamond
I think of Dina and Rachel, fellow Neil Diamond appreciators. I also think of the Monkeys, as they covered this song. Gotta love that Mickey Dolenz.

Stuck in the Middle with You- Stealers Wheel
I think of Stew…this guy I briefly dated. He would play out the scene from True Romance where the one dude is torturing the other dude as he dances around to this song. He had this cool little shuffle move. I think he cut that guy’s ear off (the actor, not Stew).

Kiko And The Lavender Moon- Los Lobos
I was just telling Rachel, the other day, how I loved this song. It sounds like the title to a children’s book.

Love Train- Wolfmother
I think of Jeff because he introduced me to Wolfmother. I also think about driving around Lubbock after I bought this album at the Hastings. I felt like a bad ass. Try it out and see what I mean.

Gotta Get Up- Harry Nilsson
I think of The Dukes of Buccleuch, a.k.a. Dale and Josh. They love them some Nilsson and so do I.

Out The Window- Violent Femmes
I think of Clint. We would listen to a few Violent Femmes tunes back in the day. This is not one of them, but It still makes me think of Clint. Plus, Clint kind of sounds like the singer.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I am overwhelmed

Seriously, I have way too many b-day photos.
Lookie there

I am just going to post a few more….

Don’t eat my dog


Don’t eat my face

Don’t call me a metro

Don’t take the picture from that angle

Don’t mess with my Marna

Don’t look so awesome

Don’t turn into satan

That is all I have to say about that.

Now go have a nice day.