Tuesday, March 29, 2005



Happy B-day Margaret!!!!
We miss you a lot! Guatemala sux, Austin rulz! Ha ha! Ok, so it is past 10:00 and I am a little tipsy from the wine drinking that happened at the Mad Potter. Rachel, Trish, Laurie, Linda, Amanda, and Angela joined me in my birthday celebration (part one) for pottery painting and wine drinking. I had a great time but I wish you were here to celebrate with me. I will post another pic from the pottery night (or “Diva night” as they called it) later on. For now, I just want to wish you a VERY HAPPY B-DAY. I can’t wait until you come back to Austin!
Note: Dale, Laurie, and Trish...I had to crop ya'll out because it was the only way that the birthday message would be visable. (sorry)
Note # 2: it is also my sister Stephanie's B-day, but she does not read my blog so it's all goooooood.
Note #3: I am going to bed now.



That’s right ladies and germs, I have made it for another trip around the sun. Here is a poem commemorating my day.
Twenty eight feels great,
This weekend my husband will take me on a hot date.
I have 2 years to go until I am thirty,
Although I feel young, my back still hurts me,
28 years ago on this day I was sent down from heaven,
The funny thing is….I still feel 27.

Monday, March 28, 2005

birthday eve

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dale has the power


“Ooooooooo-Aaaaaaaaaaah” The magical disc has been bestowed upon Dale. He is the chosen one. For centuries the legend of the magical disc has been passed on from disc golfer to disc golfer. I will now pass it along to you, dear readers (all 5 of you).
Back in the 1800’s disc golf started as a sport in which farm boys would fling hardened cow patties across the pasture’s of Scotland. Young William McDoltry seemed to be blessed with a great talent for this game. He could toss a Cow patty farther than anyone he came across. Villagers would gather around and watch William throw the patty. Some say that he had the finesse of a dancer and the strength of an ox. His Cow patty would soar across the rolling green fields for great distances spinning and turning precisely the way he had intended. Talk of William’s talent spread throughout the surrounding villages and eventually King George IV, the ruler of Great Britain, became aware of it. He was the first ruler of Great Britain to visit Scotland in 200 years and it was all due to William McDoltry. The King came to William’s village and requested that William display his talent. William was defiant and refused to do so because of the terrible History between England and Scotland. The King was infuriated, and demanded that William be drawn and quartered for daring to insult his majesty. As William was being prepared for his death, he was given one more chance by the king to fulfill the request bestowed upon him. William accepted and was led to the pasture. As he awaited the King’s arrival, a peasant made his way to William and informed him that he overheard the Kings royal guards talking and found out that the King had planned on having William executed after he finished entertaining him with his marvelous skills. William devised a plan of his own. The King arrived and was seated and William took his position in the field. He picked up what would be the last cow patty he would ever touch and got into position for his final event. William flung the Patty with all of his might using all of the fury that had possessed Scotsman for years due to the evil acts of Great Britain. The patty soared across the field and then, just as William intended, magically turned in the sky and changed coarse heading directly for the King himself. With the speed of a soaring eagle as it descends upon its prey, the Patty flew across the sky in direct path for the King, hitting him right across the throat. As it made contact, it damaged the King’s vocal cords and then burst apart. The thousands of pieces of the broken patty started glowing and eventually disappeared. The King permanently lost his ability to speak. William was rushed by the Kings guards who began stabbing him over and over with their royal blades. William’s last words were “My power will once again be reborn in the disc of another player, one of pure heart and great spirit. This person will know his power when his disc takes on a glow of a thousand sunsets”. And now, it is DALE WEBB that possesses the power of William McDoltry.
Ok, I was really bored. I apologize.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Disc Golf

nice shot

I went with to the disc golf coarse with the boys on Saturday….or was it Friday? I took on the role as the “official disc golf documentarian”. This is a picture of “painted toe Danny” right after he launched the disc. You can see the disc soaring between the trees…damn, I am GOOD! Josh Johnson has already informed me that I will have to go out with the boys again because he was not present for the pictures. He assures me that he will have an extraordinary game complete with wonderful photo opportunities making it worth my time. I don’t mind going again at all, as long as the fellas keep me in the company of beer. The only problem is, the coarse is quite long and there is no-where to pee. Sure, there are port-a-potties at the beginning/end of the coarse but where is a gal to relieve herself when she is somewhere in the middle of the park? If I were camping, I would have no problems with dropping “trou” and going in the bushes….but this ain’t camping. The other disc golf players worry me. You see, it is a free sport not to mention one in which you can drink and smoke whatever you want while playing. Therefore, the type of people that play range from: geeky boys to hippies to white trash rednecks. We have all seen DELIVERANCE and I am not about to pee in the woods while some redneck drunkard hits me with a disc knocking me out after which he would exclaim to his friends “keep a look out while I take care of some business” and all the while I hear banjo music playing in my head as I am bitten over and over again by the thousands of chiggers that dwell in the park. No thanks.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Woopie! I love games!

air brushed toe art

Let’s play a lil’ game, shall we? It’s called “whose toe-nail is this”? I know a few of you already know the answer (Colin and Laurie), so you guys need to wait until other people post their guesses before you post what you know. Ok, here are the choices:
Does this toe-nail belong to….
a.Dale (the husband)
c.Danny (Lubbock dwelling friend)
d.Mali (a friend from school)
e.Lee (leeangeloangelofdeathmartinez-palomos)
Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005



Pronunciation: g&-'tär-ded, gi-, esp Southern and Midland also 'gi-"tär-ded

Function: adjectiveEtymology: French guitare, from Spanish guitarra, from Arabic qItAr, from Greek kithara cithara, FROM JOSH JOHNSON, Guitarded

Plural: guitards
1. A person that sucks at playing the guitar, but does not know it, and insists on playing for an audience.
2. A person that sucks at playing the guitar, and knows it, but insists on playing the guitar alone or in front of friends.

The infamous Josh Johnson coined this word. He explained to me one day that half of Austin was “guitarded”. I told him that I was DEFINITELY guitarded, fitting in on the 2nd definition of the term, and he said that he himself was a little guitarded. I guess that makes us a couple of guitards, even though he is WAY better than me.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

So Happy

The waiting is the hardest part

Authors Note: Check out the pic above for reference. For some reason, I could not post the pic and my message in the same blog, so I had to do it in two separate blogs. Whatever.

Get ready for a long post kiddies.First of all, I am sorry that I said this post would be up the other day and it was not. Just as someone should have advised my ex-brother in law when he he promised on his wedding day to stay with my older sister until “death do them part”, I should not make promises I can’t keep. I would have posted sooner, but I had problems with deciding on what picture to put with my post. I chose this one of Dale and I at our post-reception wedding party. I was soooooo happy. This post is about an e-mail I got that made my mood the absolute opposite of what I was feeling in the picture above. Just read the frickin’ e-mail already!
Dear Sarah, The faculty in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders has completed its review of applicants for the MA program in Speech-Language Pathology for the Fall 2005 semester. At this time you are on a waiting list for admission. We did want to let you know your status so that you may include this information in your planning for graduate school.We had an extraordinary number of highly qualified applicants, and it is simply not possible to admit all such individuals to the program, as much as we would like to. We have asked those applicants who were admitted in the first round to let us know by April 15th whether they plan to enroll in our program. At that time, therefore, we will have a much better idea whether we will be able to admit you for a spot in our incoming class. Accordingly, as of this date we have not yet made a recommendation to the Graduate and International Admissions Center regarding your status (that is, as of now you have neither been formally admitted nor denied admission). The official action will be taken only after we can determine available space in the program.Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information at this time.Sincerely,Dana J. WoolfGraduate Program Coordinator
SONS OF BITCHES!!!! If I don’t get into the program, I would have much rather them just flat out not have accepted me. Right now, I am appreciative of the fact that I still have a chance, but it is like waiting for a deeply penetrating splinter to work its way out of your finger tip because you can’t reach it with tweezers. I just thought you would all want to know my grad school status. For those of you who believe in God, say a lil’ prayer for me. For those of you that don’t believe in God, I’ll say a lil’ prayer for you.
“The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you
While combing my hair, nowAnd wondering what dress to wear, now
I say a little prayer for you
Forever, forever, you'll stay in my heartAnd I will love you
Forever, forever, we never will partOh, how I'll love you
Together, together, that's how it must be
To live without youWould only be heartbreak for me”

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Waxing Gibbous

you like?

Recently, I was assigned the task of creating a lesson plan for the 5th grade science class at TSD. Let me tell ya, that is not as easy as it may sound. Rachel, if you are reading this I feel for you. My lesson plan was about the Earth and Moon’s orbit around the Sun and the different phases of the moon. Today, I had to teach it. Last night, I worked from 5:30 – 11:30 without taking a break. I had to prepare all of my materials. I made these cool models of the Earth, Sun and Moon, I made a poster board visual aid that documented the moon’s phases, I made a peek-a-boo calendar of the Moon’s phases for the month of March, I prepared Moon log books for the student’s, and finally…..I made these cool moon phase cookies pictured above. Anyway, it went really well! I did not think I could teach that subject using sign language but with the help of the “real” science teacher it went off without a hitch. Tomorrow is my last day with the science/social studies class. I think they are going to move me to the art class for the last part of my internship *yay. Just now, I ate a spoonful of chocolate icing that was left over from the cookies. OH MY GOSH…………..I may vomit. I did not eat a single cookie last night or lick a single utensil, but could not resist temptation today. I wish I had b/c that icing was tooooooo sweeeeeet. I have the shakes and the upset stomach. So, a la Miranda from Sex in the City, I took the left over containers of icing and dumped dish soap all over them before I threw them in the trash. Damn, this post is going on and on. Check back tomorrow for a brand new post. I already know what it is going to be about. I just need a picture.
Ta Ta

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


he was really BIG

Meet Bob. He is the JI-NORMOUS bug that has been living in my house. I first saw him a few days ago on a wall in my bedroom which is where he was when I took his pic. He hung out in the same spot for hours. The next day, Bob was gone………………or was he? Turns out, Bob decided to move into my bathroom. This is a fact I did not know until last night when I went into the bathroom for my evening bath (a nightly ritual that Dale says is a waste of hot water). So, I go in the bathroom, start my bath, and disrobe. Then, I turn to the sink to brush my teeth (I like to scrub the choppers while naked). Ok, so I approach the sink and low and behold there is BOB!!! I was startled to see him so up close and personal. I screamed, “Dale!!!!!!!! There is a bug!! Come get it!! HURRY”!!! Now, I know that Bob would not bite me, I was more afraid he would somehow enter my ear canal, burrow through my eardrum, enter my inner ear cavity and lay some eggs ( I did not know if Bob was a boy or a girl). The little baby Bobs would later emerge from their shell and form a bug colony in my head. Other bugs would find out about this bug oasis and would soon join them, entering my ear as I lay sleeping at night. Eventually, it would drive me mad and I would pull my hair out and call myself Chaka. This could not be a good thing. So, faster that you could say “Sarah is a wussy” I jumped in my bath tub and closed the shower curtain. Dale saved the day by capturing Bob in a Rudy’s BBQ drinking cup and then setting him free outside. THE END.
P.S. "Sarah is a Wussy" sounds like a chinese food restaurant.