Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Bloom

Oh Hai!

Every day, when I get home, I enter the house and Cooper runs through the doggie door to go outside. He does so with such urgent speed, as if his little dachshund ass were on fire. Charlie stays inside and watches as I prepare their lunch. I mix some dry dog food with wet dog food and place it on the counter. I can't put it on the floor until Cooper enters the house or else Charlie will eat his food and Cooper's food. Once I place the food on the counter, Charlie and I go outside on the deck and call Cooper. It goes like this:

Sarah: "Cooper!"

Charlie: "Woof!"

Sarah: "Cooper, come get your food!"

Charlie: "WOOF WOOF WOOF!"

Cooper eventually runs up his ramp, through the doggie door, into the kitchen, and up to his food stand. I put the food bowls in the stand and the dogs get their lunch.

Today, when I went on the deck to call Cooper I noticed this tree is blooming:
The Tree is our neighbor's but we get to enjoy it. It smells great and the butterflies LOVE it.

I stood under the branches for a while, trying to capture a picture of the butterflies. When I watched from the patio, groups of 3 or 4 were gathering amongst the branches. Once I was up close only one or two would hang around and they did not stay in one place for more than a second.

I did get one shot:
I wish I had a better picture. Oh well. I have the true image in my brain box.

"Brain box." I like that.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Soft Canary

I went to the outlet mall to buy myself some GAP t-shirts and maybe some shorts. I had a coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I got the shirts and shorts and decided to take a look around a few other stores in the area. The weather was beautiful and I thought I would take advantage of it before it turns so hot and humid you can barely breathe.

I went into Hush Puppies and got some dang-ol' Chango flippity flops. They have a good arch support.

I went into Guess and decided everything looked cheap. Nothing purchased.

I went into Leggs Bali and almost got measured for a bra. Nothing purchased.

I went into Calvin Klein and purchased a lovely white blouse.

I went into Ralph Lauren and laughed at all of he yacht attire. Nothing purchased.

I went into Coach and I bought my Summer Bag.
I almost wrote "space for rent" on my 5-head. Man, that is a lot of square footage above my eyes!

They had a sale for 20% off their already discounted prices. I really got a great deal on this bag. I would pay the same for a dress I REALLY liked, and I get to wear this bag daily if I want to. Not bad.

Three years ago, Miss Bee introduced me to the world of Coach. Before that, Coach was not on my radar. I would buy my bags at TJ Maxx, Target, or a thrift store. Spending more than $30.00 on a purse seemed ridiculous. I just didn't "get it." And then, I visited the Coach outlet store and fell in love. The leather....the colors...the shapes! I was sold.

Now, I have a spring bag, a winter bag and a summer bag. I know that is silly, but it makes me happy.
"Everyone needs a summer bag."-Miss Bee

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heartless Bastards

I only began listening to the Heartless Bastards a few months ago. I read about them in either a music blog or a magazine. Can't remember which. The first time I heard them I was blown away by Erika Wennerstrom's voice and how it somehow ran parallel with the guitar riffs one moment and boomed over them in an impressive display of dominance the next moment. Here she is, Erica:
Antone's April 17th 2010

This band really pulled in a crowd. We had a spot right up front, near the right side of the stage. The crowd was all around us leaving very little wiggle room. Unfortunately, the show was at Antone's which means the only place you can stand and experience good sound is smack dab in the middle of the floor. Not to the left, not to the right, and not too close to the stage. In my opinion, the sound at Antone's is shit.
After about half the show had gone by, we ended up giving our spot to a couple of hobbits, um...I mean smaller ladies, and heading towards the back so we could take in the sound. (I only called them hobbits because they were a). Short like hobbits and b). they were flirting with Dale.)

Here was my view:
Not bad.

Another thing about Antone's....if it is crowded it is very difficult to make your way to the bathroom if you are on the opposite side of the room. If you are on the side closer to the front door, it's easier to just leave the bar and go to the hookah bar next door to use their bathroom. Otherwise, you have to take a treacherous journey squeezing yourself like a contortionist as you move through the crowd. Modesty goes out the window when you find yourself pressing against guys and gals alike. You try to not make eye contact as your body slides against theirs. You may mutter "sorry...excuse me" but you are not there to chat. You need to move. After one trip to the restroom, I rejoined one and Dale only to have Dale point out that my top was unbuttoned. It happened in the crowd, somehow. Ugh.

Back to the show- do you ever notice the "super fan" when you are out at a show? You know the dude. He has parked his ass front and center and he screams and gets red in the face when the band comes out. He makes sure that the band knows the He knows the words to all of their songs. To prove it, he sings during the entire show and points to the band for emphasis.
That guy is awesome.


I am 100% dead serious. That guy is awesome. He loves the music, loves the band, and could give a shit about what anybody else thinks. He allows himself to get lost in the music and goes on a journey with the band. He is not there to look cool, or to say he saw so-and-so just to sound cool in conversation.

A hipster, he ain't.

That is all.

WAIT!!! No it's not. One more thing...Heartless Bastards new Album is called The Mountain. It's great! Let it be your summer soundtrack. You can buy it here.

That is all. (Fo' real)

Monday, April 19, 2010

What Not to Wear While Drinking

Last Saturday, we went to Antone's to see Leatherbag, Hacienda, and Heartless Bastards.
I had gone on a little shopping trip before and found this cropped jumpsuit thing that I was dying to wear:
Mix one part crocodile hunter to two parts Mr. Furley and this is what you get.

It was so comfortable....until I had to go to the bathroom. When nature called, I had to unbuckle the belt, unbutton the entire get-up, peel it backwards off my shoulders, slide my arms out of the holes, and pull it down. It was quite a lengthy process. A rather lengthy process that is not fun when you have had 5 miller lites and have already waited in the line for the bathroom for 8 minutes. You live and you learn.

At least I looked cute next to Dale.
He was definitely looking good so I had to step it up. Yup, I chose "step it up" by wearing a onesie.

Now, on with the music:

Up first, Leatherbag
This is Randy Reynolds. He is the singer/songwriter that is Leatherbag. The band is local and I suggest you get out there and go see them. I know I will be doing so again in the near future (May 18th at Mohawk). Sounds like Dylan, Springsteen, and BBQ.

Here is the rest of the band (a talented bunch of fellas):

Next up, Hacienda

I only have one picture to show you of these guys. All you need is this one picture because it is that awesome.


See, I told you.

Hacienda has a new album out called Big Red and Barbacoa. (You can buy it here)
I love this album. Love it. Dale has been hogging it so I just recently go to listen to it over and over again. The songs have wormed their way into my brain and I find myself humming them during the day and selecting some of the songs for my own personal soundtrack.

What, you don't have your own soundtrack? You mean to tell me you don't walk around with a song in your head- the beat driving the rhythm of your feet? You would be so much more awesome if you did.

Heartless Bastards on the next post, kids. I gotta wrap this one up.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'll admit, I have a crush on a few fellas that I have seen on the tube. Really, I have a crush on the characters that they play (with the exception of one who plays himself). None of them are as cute as my husband, and I doubt that any of them would or could treat me as good as he does. The husband knows all about of my little crushes. I am sure he has a few himself (he used to like Juliette Lewis). Ok, disclaimer over. Now on with the list!
(In no particular order)

Mike Rowe

(Dirty Jobs)
I like his voice, his blue eyes, and the fact that he is dirty for 98% of his show.
I imagine that he is a shorter fella in real life. his IMDB page says he is 6', but I am not sure if I believe that. He seems short.
Fact: Mike Rowe is a trained opera singer.

Hugh Laurie

I like the character, Dr. House. I'm not so sure about the real Hugh Laurie. He has a British accent and seems like a perfectly nice gentleman. I like the intelligent asshole (with the American accent) that I see on the television better.
Fact: He is an accomplished piano player.

Timothy Olyphant
(Justified, The Crazies, Deadwood)Photobucket
Timothy has played a version of the same character in at least 3 of his projects. The above photo is from his most recent television series, Justified. It's on FX and it's pretty good. He plays a US Marshal and he wears a cowboy hat. I like a man of authority.

Here he is in Deadwood
He played a store merchant turned Sheriff....and he wore a cowboy hat.

And here he is in the movie The Crazies
Guess what he played? If you answered, "some sort of law man" go ahead and pat yourself on the back. However, he did not wear a cowboy hat. Too bad.
Fact: He swam competitively while attending the University of Southern California.

Honerable mention: Ryan Moore
Pro golfer, PGA Tour
I watched about 3 minutes of the Masters Tournament and that was long enough for this fella to appear on the screen. I thought he was kind of cute. He does not look like the other golfers.
Fact: I thought Phil Mickelson's last name was "Nickelson" until I read my friend's blog in which she discusses Mickelson.
I can't be the only one to have thought that. I mean, who has that last name... "Mickelson?" It sounds like an accident to me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hot Rollers, Hair Spray, and Teasing

I got bored and I didn't want to clean, work, or do anything productive. Therefore, the hot rollers came out to play.

Would you still be my friend if I wore my hair like this?


I should go to work like this and see if my co-workers notice.

They probably wouldn't notice, actually. My hair is so volatile. One day, it's made up of bouncy curls and the next it looks like it's in the beginning stages of dread locks.

Did you know that many years ago my husband told me I should dread lock my hair? Is that the right way to use that phrase? Whatever. Any-hoo, he did. He also told me I could let my legs and under arms get hairy. He denies this but I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. He said that my hair "naturally wants to form into dread locks" and that I should let it. I said something like, "well if I have dreads I might as well splash on the patchouli and throw away my lady schick." He responded with "that's ok with me, wully bully" Ok, maybe he didn't say that exactly but I remember him saying he wouldn't care if I had hairy pits. Gross.
Again, he does not remember any such thing....but I do.

No thanks. White kids sporting dread locks is on my list of things that piss me off.
Besides, white chicks that sport dreads typically don't wear make-up. Obviously, I love the make-up.

While I'm at it, the same goes for cornrows. I don't care if you are on a cruise to Jamaica. Don't do it. Buy yourself a rum drink instead. You'll thank me later when you don't look like this:

That is all.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kid Wigs

My sister and her adorable family recently came to Austin for a visit. As an aunt, I have learned that you should always have something on hand to entertain the little ones. That something can be paper and crayons, a piano, or wigs made for kids. I myself LOVE wigs and own 4 or 5 of them. So, when I saw these cool wig sets (they included matching sunglasses and jewelry) in pink and purple I had to buy them.
They loved them!

Not wanting to leave her out, I put my sister in one of my favorite wigs and included her in the fun:
I love all three of these gals with all of my heart!

Here are the nieces having a drink on the bar:

Here they are eating breakfast (which consisted of banana nut vita-tops because I did not have any cereal or oatmeal):

Here is a cool picture of miss Z, the older niece:

And a cute one of little L, the younger niece:

I wish they lived in Austin so that I could see them on a regular basis. I miss them.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I recently bought this peacock yard statue from an artist here in Austin. He was selling his wares in a gallery on South Congress. I've been dying to tell you about it!

The Artist used polished sea glass for the eyes on the side of the head and the eyes of the feathers.

The stained glass came from a catholic church in Provence, France. He recently traveled to Provence and learned of an old Catholic church that was being restored. They were just throwing out the old material, stained glass included, so he gathered up some glass for future projects. He was told that Picasso would frequent this church while visiting Provence (something he often did for inspiration).

The metal is just run-of-the-mill metal. Spare parts from a junkyard that he collected, primed, painted, cut, and welded together.

I bought it thinking I would display it in my peacock-themed bathroom.

But it did not fit on the shelf or on the windowsill. You can see his foot hanging over the ledge.

So, I put it outside next to a tree.

I LIED! The peacock came from Target.


Monday, April 05, 2010

SXSW 2010: The Black Keys

The time for The Black Keys to take the stage was almost upon us so Dale and I decided to make our move to get closer to the stage. The crowd was massive. People were packed tighter than sardines as they waited for the band to appear on the outside stage. At one point, as we pushed our way through the crowd, I became separated from Dale. I kept moving forward until I saw him. There he was, hanging out on the side of the stage talking to this guy:
I forgot his real name but we called him Buffalo Bill. Nice guy.

I walked right past the gate and stood next to Dale. I noticed the tub of Lone Star Beers on Ice, our very close proximity to the stage, and the fact that members of The Antlers (as well as some other musicians) were in the area with us and realized we were in the VIP/Backstage area. WHAT?
Some reports say that Danger Mouse (producer and musician) and James Mercer (of the Shins) were standing with us. I did not notice them, but I was watching the stage.

A few minutes after I arrived, somebody blocked off the entrance to our area. I kept thinking we were going to get kicked out but it never happened. We just acted like we belonged there and people assumed that we did. Dale even helped himself to some of that Lonestar.

And then, The Black Keys took the stage
Here is a pic of the Set List. They played everything a Black Keys fan would want to hear and more. Their set was so tight! It was full of energy, groove, and testosterone (in a good way. Ha!) . I seriously don't understand how they are so talented.

Check out Patrick Carney, one of the world's best drummers:
I really like the new drum kit. I wonder if he designed it?

This is how close we were:
People stood outside all day so that they could get a good spot. Dale and I walked to our spot 15 minutes before the show. Do I feel bad? No. I feel lucky.

The best part is that I can actually say I shared the stage with The Black Keys. I climbed up the back ramp, stood behind the band, and took a few this:

And this:

I didn't stay up there long because I did not want to press my luck.

Would you like to see a few pictures that feature Dan Auerbach?
Sure you would:

I mentioned that MOG -THE WEB'S HOME FOR MUSIC LISTENING AND DISCOVERY threw this SXSW party. Well, this is David Hyman, the CEO and founder of MOG. He graciously posed for a picture with me and did not kick me out for wearing that ridiculous hat in the backstage area.

The Black Keys will make you dance. Well, unless you are some lame-ass twit who would rather check her facebook page and update her twitter shit than actually enjoy the best show she has probably ever been present for. I wonder if she even knew who she was watching? Probably not.
Everybody is getting down but the twitter twit.

Here are the boys leaving the stage:

What can I say? We have excellent Black Keys Karma.
Need I remind you about show at Bill's Place during SXSW 2009? Here is a photo from that night. Too much fun.