Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where is it?

i can’t find my good camera. The last time I used it, was to take pictures of the ice storm. I found the case, but no camera. WTF!?!

I wanted to put pics of my new, used, car up for yall (even though most of you have seen it already). CRAP!

Maybe the maintenance man came in and took it.
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I just came to change the air conditioner filter my ASS!

Maybe I misplaced it. It’s not like I live in the Shangr La, though, so I should be able to find that bugger.
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It’s too big, for my taste.

Maybe Dale hid it from me in an attempt to make me go insane. I think I like this theory the best.
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Did you ever see Gas Light?

So have a good weekend and week. I will try to find my camera so that I may post some good pics for you.

Until then, stay sane. I am gonna try to hold on, myself.

If only the voices tell me that I can.

Sarita Bonita Consuela the third.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


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Remember this scene from the masterpiece movie known as Labyrinth?
So do I. It plagues me. I often think about this scene, and I don’t know why.

I don’t know why I am telling you this. Maybe if I blog about it, I will stop thinking about it.

Good day.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What I have done during the ice storm:

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1. try to memorize the rancho los amigos scale of cognitive awareness

2. look over some websites pertaining to dysphagia treatment and therapy (swallowing problems often occur in persons who have experience traumatic brain injury or stroke. I will be working with these people during my next internship which I should have already started but have not thanks to the BLACK ICE)

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Frozen berries

3. Clean the kitchen while listening to Dr. Laura

4. Cook while listening to Dr. Laura
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Little bird

5. cut gemstones of a mesh shirt that I will never wear. Plan to use the gemstones in my scrapbook.

6. Laugh at Dale as he gets drunk on the whiskey thus becoming the man we all know as “whiskey Dale”
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7. do all of the laundry. Even Dales stinky socks.

8. clean my closet of clothes that I have not worn in a year. That’s a lot of crap.

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I can’t believe this is happening in Austin.

9. Try to dance like Shakira to amuse my husband

10. go through old letters, cards, and e-mails given to me by Dale many moons ago. I read them out loud to him. It was sweet.

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It sure is pretty

11. check myspace 1,000,000 times a day

12. sneak out to buy milk, ciggys, and wine. I had to sneak out because there is no way the husband would agree that these are life saving purchases. (what? I went today when the ice was not that bad)

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It used to be grass

13. IM Bean, Laura B, and Colin so that I can have conversations with people other than Whiskey Dale. I also called Rachel. I (I enjoy whiskey Dale, and regular Dale but a gal has to get some kinda conversational variety)

14. venture outside to take icy pictures
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I did not go down this set of stairs, though, as they are covered in ice. Dale hurt his neck slipping down these bad boys last year.

15. take 2 baths a day and soak in the hot water while reading my book. I finished my book. Now what?

16. Marvel at the large tree in the back that is sagging like the rolls on a blood hounds mug
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Last week, that limb was reaching towards the sky

17. watch the weather and traffic report for at least 80% of the tv viewing time (thanks to Dale)

18. decide at noon that drinking wine today is a good idea
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That’s a big snowman for Austin

19. run laps around the apartment because it is the only exercise I can get

20. delete people from my myspace friends list. Don’t worry, you are all still there. I had to get rid of the dead weight

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Did Ansel Adams take that?

21. Wait for Dale to go to the bathroom. When he is in there, stand very close to the door so that when he opens it..l..BAM, I am right there ready to laugh at him for no reason.

22. Listen to Dale explain to me that I am a weird-o.

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My truck, covered in at least 2 inches of ice. I could not open the friggen door!

23. internet, internet, internet

24. curse that my buddy J3 has not posted a new blog. (although the last one was a gem)

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She is using the tried and true method of kicking the ice off of her car. I watched her for a while, and she still could not get her door open.

25. Write a blog about what I have been doing during the ice storm.

Monday, January 15, 2007

How Danny Do

Sometimes, when traveling to Austin, Danny likes to enjoy a few beers on the road. He ONLY does this if he is NOT driving, mind you.

It was not long ago that it was still legal for passengers of a vehicle to drink while traveling.

Now that times have changed, so have our methods. Some of us choose to not drink while riding shotgun. Danny chooses to hide his roadie with the following system:

1. Insert beer can into soft drink cup
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2. Make sure the straw goes into the can
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3. Enjoy
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What does he do with all of his empty cans, you ask?

I don’t know.
Remember kids, it is against the law to travel in a car with an open container containing an alcoholic beverage. Even if it is hidden in a coke cup.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

dirty 30

We had a great time, Friday night, celebrating Dale’s 30th birthday. Unfortunately, not all of the pics that were taken came out that good. They camera seems to be having a problem with it’s auto focus feature. I will share with you the pics that came out nice (except for one, which is fuzzy but I think it is funny).

The night started off at Laurie and Colin’s casa. They bestowed Dale with a bottle of wine as a birthday present.
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He looks so happy!

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Yes, the label does say “Old Fart”

Next, the four of us hopped into a cab which would take us downtown

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Fuzzy pic, comfy ride

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I got the front seat. Remember, kids, cab it when you can. Safety first.

Our first location station was the Casino El Camino where we all drank plenty and some of us ate. They have the yummy patent on hamburgers.
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Dale enjoys a beer

Colin, Laurie, Cody, Marna, Chris, Paul, Josh, Natasha, and Margaret joined Dale and I at this location. I don’t have pictures of everyone. I do have a picture of Cody and Dale taking the first shot of the evening (courtesy of Cody).
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The night starts off right.

Here is one of Dale and Laurie (a.k.a. “Bean”)
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Margaret and Sarah
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Margaret dressed “rock and roll” for the occasion.

Five of us (Dale, Sarah, Colin, Laurie, Margaret, and Chris) made it across the street to Emo’s where we witnessed another bad ass performance by the Lions.

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Damn, those boys are good.

I managed to get a few good shots:
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Love that shirt

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Awww yeah

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Front man must have a deal with the devil to put on a show like he does

Here is Colin, grinning the entire time the Lions were playing
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Watching them is like drinking a few jager bombs

Last one
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I wish I had more pictures to share with you. Dale says that he had a great time, and that he was happy to have celebrated his birthday the way we did. We do it right, yall.

He will always remember:
telling the two nice ladies from Dallas that Laurie was chatting with “Fuck Dallas! Dallas Sucks!”

Singing Dick In a Box to the cab driver on the way back to Colin and Laurie’s

Watching Cannon Ball Run ,for the first time, the next day while nursing a hangover

Having Margaret show up to a bar that was playing Rock music and not club music.
(she enjoyed herself)

Having lots of people show up to Casino El Camino, in his honor, even though a lot of them had to get up really early

Eating pizza, once again, standing on sixth before we ventured home

The fact that everyone in attendance could not deny the bone crunching power that is the Lions (seriously, go see them when you can. Make that trip up to Dallas, or see them at their SXSW showcase)

Can’t wait to do it again next year.

Monday, January 01, 2007


This new years eve, Dale and I celebrated by eating at an Italian grill (the tree house) and then hopping over to Trophy’s to catch some rock and mutha truckin’ roll.

We stuck around for 3 bands…2 of which were really good.

First off, we saw White Denim
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I’ll be damned if this 3 piece did not have me confused, happy, dancing, and wondering what these boys were going to throw out at us next the entire time they were playing.

Check out their myspace and listen to shakeshakeshake. Hell, listen to all of their tracks. I will definitely be seeing this band again.

After they finished, Dale commented on how unpredictable they were.
“There is nothing worse than a predictable band”, he said. And he is right. You don’t want to be bored a rock show. I want the musicians to work it. I will throw my praises to them in the form of hoots and hollers (the famous "do it" statement coined by j3, the music junkie) and the occasional international rock symbol
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If they don’t work hard…I just sit there and stare into space. No fun.

Anyway, after White Denim played, some “predictable” band got up their and did their thing. I think some people liked what they were doing, but I did not. Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

Speaking of winners…
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The Lions did it again. This is the best live band I have seen in Austin in a looooong time. It’s the kind of show that keeps you on your feet even if you have a sore back…which I did. If you live in Austin, go see the lions. If you live in Dallas, go see them when they are in your city, as they tour often. I think they will be in houston soon. I don’t think they have made it to Lubbock yet, but I spoke with the lead singer a while back and he says they would like to.

Dale and I had a great time. Last year, on new years eve, we saw the Flame Trick Subs and Basin Street. Both were great. I think we will continue our tradition of seeing live music on new years eve for years to come. It’s just too fun to not do so.