Tuesday, August 30, 2005


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Is it gross that I posted a pic of my feet? I have to be honest, I feel a little weird about doing so. They don’t stink, I promise.
I got a MUCH needed pedicure today. The color I chose is an OPI shade called “Hollywood and Vine”. Awwwww, what a cute name. It is time to end the French manicures of the summer and move into the approaching fall colors.

I also got my eyebrows waxed, something that was way overdue. The blunt lady that waxed them for me told me so.

blunt Lady: “Wow, you really need a wax!”
Me: “Uh, yea…it’s been a while”
blunt Lady: “It must have been a REALLY long time”
Me: “Mmmmm”
I did not know what to say to her! Really, she does not need to point out that my brows were unruly; I knew that which is why I was THERE!
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Eyebrows fixed

Oh, and the lady that did my pedicure felt it necessary to loudly inform me that one of my feet had a bigger callous than the other. I don’t know if the two young gals sitting next to me wanted to know that, but they found out anyway. (now you know it as well)
Thank you pedicure lady.

The other day, Dale and I were driving down Burnet and I spotted a wig shop that I had never seen before! OH MY GOSH! I can’t wait to go visit it. I need a red wig.
“need a red wig, don’t you mean you Want a red wig?”
No I NEED one, like I need the blood in my veins which is also red.

I made a lot of new enemies this summer, and by enemies I mean POUNDS. 6-10 of these bastards decided to take up residence in my mid-section. I have already given them an eviction notice, but they are still hanging around. By the beginning of next week, I hope that two of them will have come to there senses and take off.

I really like King of the Hill. Dale says that I can do Bobby’s voice really well.

I conquered my fear of boats just in time for the end of my summer Va-Ca.

Monday, August 29, 2005

a short little postie post

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How much did four books and a lab packet set me back?


I was only able to buy ONE used book. The rest are brand spanking new. School starts on Wed, so this blog may take a shift. I do not know how often I will be able to post.
Keep checking though, because I may have interesting stories about the goings on in grad school.
I can not talk about any clients I may see….sorry.
I CAN talk about professors, other students, the drag rats, and pineapples.

Good day.


Friday, August 26, 2005

About that 80's party...

Here is a message I received from Rachel:
“Sarah - can you please make sure everyone knows that it WILL be an 80s party on the 7th of October. Anyone who would like an invite should email your address to chaquita77@yahoo.com. And get your rubics cubes ready....

You heard the woman, the PARTY IS ON!!! Thank you Trish, Emily, and Rachel for going with the 80’s theme. You will not be disappointed. Do you guys remember this tv show from the early 80’s?
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It was on when I was like 3-5, but I remember singing the chorus of the theme song. *Ahem..
“Believe it or not I'm walking on air
I never thought I could feel so free
Flying away on a wing and a prayer
Who could it be?
Believe it or not it's just me”

I loved that show!
See you all at the party. (except for you, Colin. You are not welcome to the Trish, Rachel, Emily Residence anymore due to the “incident” involving the margarine and the washing machine.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Prayer

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Dear Lord,
I want to take this moment to thank you for one of your greatest blessings. Thank you, oh Father, for allowing Dave Navarro to reach the level of fame that made it possible for the American Public to be able to watch him. Dave appears on the small screen not once, not twice, but three times a week as a co-host on the reality show “Rock Star INXS”.
God, I just wanted to let you know that without Dave I would not be secure in the fact that no matter how much of an ass I may ever appear to be, Mr. Navarro will ALWAYS be a bigger one. Heavenly Father, I also take comfort in knowing that I will NEVER be as pompous or Vain as Dave. The world can only hold one ego as huge as his. If we had more Navarros out there then I firmly believe the world would implode.
SERIOUSLY, did you guys see that show tonight? I caught the tail end of it, as I often do because I can’t bring myself to watch an entire episode for the fear that I may vomit uncontrollably, and I almost pee’d myself. The blonde guy got called out as one of the bottom three contestants. Dave Navarro said something along the lines of “Dude, I don’t know what to say….this is a travesty, I just don’t know what to say”. Then, Dave held the mic out an arms length away from his body and let it drop to the floor with a sad thud. The rest of the panel was silent from the shock of Dave’s cheesiness. (the rest of the panel being the remaining members of INXS by the way). Dave then topped his microphone dropping dramatics by pointing at the panel of INXS with all the dramatic flair that is infused into his DNA so that they would know it was their turn to speak.

Oh Dave, every time I catch a moment of that show I see you making an ass out of yourself. I LOVE IT!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Rachel's Turn

This past weekend, Rachel so kindly allowed me to turn her into an Urban/American/whatever the hell I am calling it at the moment Geisha. We went to Josh’s compound for the photo shoot where I found many different and interesting backgrounds for Rachel to pose in-front of. Many pictures were taken, and I had a really hard time narrowing down which ones to post here. I originally had 27 that I wanted to show you, but have painstakingly narrowed that number down to 19.
Get to lookin!
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I love this one, a candid moment
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Sunday, August 21, 2005

To Trish, Emily, and Rachel

Remember long ago when computers looked like this?
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During this period of American Culture, it was ok for Pat Benatar to dress like this
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I am not sure if was ever ok for Don Johnson to wear these shoes, but in the 1980’s HE DID!
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Oh the 80’s……..you gotta love that decade, which is why I am submitting this Idea to Trish, Rachel, and Emily. HOW ABOUT AN 80’S PART TO CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY’S?
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Last year, you all successfully threw the white trash party. Everybody had a great time dressing for the occasion. We loved the fact that you decorated the house in fake flowers and mullet pictures, and that you covered the windows in tin foil. Who could forget the white trash buffet featuring ants on a log and twinkies or my personal favorite, the clothesline hanging up in your front yard adorned with large sized undies.
If you want to do the white trash theme again, I will happily dress for the occasion. But wouldn’t it be fun to look like this?
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The costume possibilities alone are plentiful! People could come in hair band style so wonderfully executed by the members of Poison:
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OR, people could look more like the weepy morose Robert Smith of The Cure:
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Oh the 80’s…the decade when most of us believed that this man was straight:
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I had a crush on him anyway.

Oh the 80’s…the decade when most people were confused about this man’s sexuality and gender:
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Yes, The 80’s…the decade that turned out one of the best punk bands known to man
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The 80’s, when I had no Idea what Cyndi Lauper was singing about in her song “she bop” but I sure did like the beat.
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“She’s so unusual”!

The 80’s, when Michael Jackson was still black.
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What a DECADE!!
Just imagine, we can listen to 80’s music all night long! Colin can tell us stories of his youth as a teenager in the 80’s. We can play pictionary and talk like valley girls! “oh my gawd, like totally awesome”!

It’s just a thought.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wigiddy Whack!

I wanted to tell you all a little something. First, we are all clear on my little wig obsession yes? Wuz that? You need proof of my obsession? WELL FINE THEN! Before I take you on a picture journey of the proof , here is a little disclaimer: I have posted pictures of myself wearing all of these wigs (except one, maybe). However, you have not seen these poses.
Exhibit A:
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This is a nice rocker look. If my hair were really like this, perhaps I would be too cool to talk to you.

Exhibit B:
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“Sleep with one eye open, for one day I will come for your children”.
Good ol’ blondie. She is a killer.

Exhibit C:
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This one is a bonus because Colin is wigged-out right beside me in that lovely mullet wig. Laurie is not wearing a wig, but she can stay in the photo. You all remember my biker wig. Wait, lemme show you josh in that same wig:

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Exhibit D:
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The Catherine Zeta Jones wig. (or as the nice Korean lady that sold me this piece called it “it micher doug-ah-resess wife wig”)

So here is my point, I am this way for a reason. My family is bananas. That’s right babies B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
Check this out, my lovely mother wears a wig because her hair is a tad thin. I think she looks fine without the wig, but she sure does look sassy when one adorns her pretty head.
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As for my brother and father………..perhaps they could do without
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Joseph Novice Richard the III (funny, my moms first name is Nancy and this picture makes me want to call my brother Nancy Boy)

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Joseph Novice Richard the II
I just don’t think red is his color.

My mother has like 3 or 4 wigs. She usually only wears the red one, but she can be a blonde or brunette if she wants to. On Christmas, as we waited for my mother to come home, my 3 siblings and myself donned her wigs to surprise her when she entered the house. She was the most surprised at seeing my brother with hair. I wish I had a picture of that, but I don’t. DAMN!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jiffy Lube

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Ladies, are you tired of being hassled every time you go and get your oil changed? In the past, it seemed that every time I went to get my oil changed I would have to prepare myself for the same degrading experience. It would go a little something like this…(insert the wobbly mind fade as you travel into my memories)
I pull into the Jiffy Lube around 8:00 for the early bird special featuring the low price of $19.99 for an oil change. A man, always a man, ushers me into the garage making sure that I steer correctly over the pitt. With a big smile, he asks me how I am doing. “Fine” I always say, even if I am not doing fine (I just don’t think the jiffy lube man really wants to know about my menstrual cramps when he asks how I am doing). With his trusty clipboard in hand, he asks me what kind of oil I use. If I pause to think about it, he gets an “awwww, isn’t she cute” grin on his face and says, “You don’t remember”? Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. What is the big deal? He can figure that out by looking under the hood. I think they just ask that initial question to see if you know anything about an oil change. When I tell him I am here for the $19.99 oil change, they ALWAYS tell me that they recommend I go with the $39.99 package because my car has so many miles and blah bi de blah blah blah. “No, I just want the regular oil change please”, I reply to their dismay. They start their work and try to tag on extra charges. “you need a new air filter, and this fluid is low, and OH you really should get a tune up which we can do for you now”. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. By the time I leave, my neck hurts from the amount of times I have to shake it side to side as I turn down all of their suggestions. (fade back to the present)
Today, my friends, I had a different experience. Everything started as usual. The jiffy lube man came over and told me I should really do the $39.99 deal. Right in the middle of his shpeal, the manager said to him “NOPE, she does not need that. Give her the regular oil change”. The other man was stunned! “Really?” he said in obvious disbelief. “Yessir” , replied the other man. Then this mystery worker approached my car and said, “Sarah????”. At first, I thought he knew me. I then realized that he had looked up my customer info using my license plate number. “That’s me” I said. “Nice to meet you, I am Daniel (I think that was his name) the new manager here”. We chatted for a second, and he took over the oil change that the first guy started. NOT ONCE did he bring up my air filter or fluid levels. When the job was done, he came and reminded me that my inspection sticker was out. I told him I was aware, and that I wanted to get it done today. I asked him if he knew of a place nearby and he told me that the Goodyear service station right behind them would do it. “But be careful”, he warned “I think they are doing emission tests now”. Like a father giving a daughter advice he continued with “these days, a lot of mechanics will try and take advantage of women. It is just what they do. Hell, I got fired from my last job because I would not go along with that scheme. Anyways, if they tell you that you failed the emissions test and that you should pay them $300.00 to fix your problem you just leave that place and come back here. We can fix it for $59.99 at the most.” Then, he surprised me with one final warning. “Don’t let them JEW you out of your money”. What if my maiden name was “Stein” or “Lefkowitz”. Seriously, people need to watch their racial slurs. Still, I pretended to not notice his comment as I thanked him and drove away. To give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he meant nothing by his comment. Some people are not as sensitive to political correctness as others. Also, he was probably a stupid Italian WOP (haha, just kidding. I am part Italian ya know).
Besides the fact that he may be a Hitler Lover, the man has changed my jiffy lube experience from a moment of anxiety to a nice visit. This Jiffy lube is located at 13781 N Highway 183
Off the 183 access road right past Anderson Mill heading North.
Right now, you can get the early bird special throughout the day. I believe the special ends when this month ends. I suggest you go….unless you are Jewish.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Danny, Dale, and Jeff

These Three guys have known each other for quite some time.
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Together, they have grown so much as men.
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Danny even has Jeff inspect the length of his nipple hair. Now that is friendship.
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Warning!!! Cam- Whore Alert

In the not so distant past, I found myself in my biker friend’s garage. The garage is like their lair where they hang out with their friends amongst biker posters, motorcycles, motorcycle parts, cigarette butts, and beer cans (some empty, some full)
On this particular visit, I noticed a sticker on my friends bike that simply stated D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.
I asked him what that meant to which he replied, “what dilligaf (saying it as a word)”? He then pulled down the collar of his shirt to reveal a D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. tattoo. With a straight face, he said to me “Does It Look Like I Give A F**k”.
I laughed and told him that I needed a t-shirt that said that….I was trying to fit in. Little did I know that my request was about to be fulfilled. It was like my friend was some kind of magic biker genie. He told me he would give me his t-shirt because he could always get another when he visited Dallas. His wife produced the shirt, which was fresh from the washer. I had to leave, so there was no time to dry my gift. I left the biker lair with a new, wet shirt in the back of the truck.
I decided to take a picture of myself wearing the shirt to be sent with a thank you card to my biker friends in hopes of being added to their collection of pictures on the walls of their lair.
I ended up taking two, and can’t decide which one to send. Here is one
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And here is the other. Oh joy, it is in puzzle form! Solve the puzzle to see the pic. When you are finished, eat some corn on the cob (it is on sale right now).

Friday, August 05, 2005

Jibba Jabba

When I was little, I would arrange the covers and sheets on my bed to be like a nest. It was how I slept.

When I got older, I would sleep with my hands crossed over my chest as if I were in a coffin. (nerd alert)

Currently, I can not leave the house (or the bedroom really) until I have made my bed. My room can be a wreck, but the bed MUST be made. I don’t know why.

Criss Angel, Mind Freak, is one of the funniest shows on tv. Too bad for Criss because he is trying to be all dark and mysterious. Oh, and I also feel sorry for him because he spells his name C R I S S.
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What a goob

I can eat the same thing, every day, for a long time. I once had the same (flavor) healthy choice meal for 3 weeks straight for my dinner meal.

Right now, I would love a piece of toast with cream cheese spread thick on top.

I hate it when my waiter/waitress sits down at my table when I am ordering. I also hate it when they do not write down the order. I have never been a waitress, so perhaps I am just being unsympathetic.

That is all for now. I am tired.