Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Parents Live in East LA

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Seriously, the background of this pic includes the fence and tree of the people that live across the street from my parent’s.
Dale made a comment of how the fence, which is about to fall down by the way, and palm tree look like they belong in east LA.

I then decided to dress my brother up like a cholo.
Take a look at the close up.
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Being a camera whore, I decided to get in on the fun as well. I threw my hair up and donned the required dark lip liner that you see gracing the faces of many female gang members. Well, at least that is the way they wear it when I see them on law and order or some other Hollywood production.

Have a looksie:
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I don’t know any “real” gang signs, so made this one up on the fly. My fingers are displaying the sign language symbol for “f”.

My parents live in a little duplex on the west side of San Antonio. The neighborhood is quite run down. There home has been broken into only once. I have a little ritual when I visit them. Every time Dale and I turn the corner onto their street I bust out into Elvis Presley’s song “In the Ghetto”.
But you know what? They have no problems living where they do. They have a big yard and plenty of room for themselves. My dad is happy because he can plant veggies in the back and BBQ to his hearts delight. My mom enjoys decorating the inside of her house with various items and they love their new recliners.
They do just fine, thank you very much.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Dale finally got the bike of his dreams for Christmas!
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Christmas at the Webb’s went off without a hitch. Dale’s family are soooooo easy going. They took turns supplying me with various pain medications (over the counter and prescriptions). I was suffering from back pain that demanded me to stay seated on the couch 95% of the time.

We took 95 pictures of the Christmas happenings at Dale’s parent’s house, and I am in none of them. Well, none of the ones we took on my camera anyway.

I guess Dale did not want to remember his drugged up wife.

I behaved myself though. Really, I did.

In other news,
I got in trouble at the Target Starbucks today.
I ordered a triple grande sugar free hazel nut non-fat latte and the lady told me they were out of lids.

I saw the display cups on top of the espresso machine and asked “can I just take a lid off the display cup”

The lady shrugged and said, “ok”.

SO I got the lid and went to the bathroom to wash it gooooooood.
Who knows how long that thing had been out there. When I came back for my coffee, the manager was there. She noticed I had a lid and asked me if I had gotten the lid from my car.


I told her I took it from the display. As quick as you can say “power hungry” the woman removed the display and told me I should not have done that.

I replied “you should have ordered plenty of lids then”.

She stared at me with her beetle like black eyes and said nothing.

Off I went to finish my shopping.

The end.

I hope the other starbucks worker did not get in trouble.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Cinnabon Coffee sucks!

Yesterday, Dale and I braved the crowd at highland mall to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping.
There we were at the Cinnabon waiting for our coffee when I saw something that made me shudder.

I had my trusty new camera with me, so I decided to take a snap shot for your viewing……uh……..well, not viewing pleasure…, well crap. I just wanted to show you this lady, ok?

I made dale stand by her so it would look like I was taking his picture.
Exhibit A.
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The photo does not do her justice my friends. I could see her butt cheeks peeking from the bottom of those daisy dont’s.

Here, take a closer look..
Exhibit B.
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I pointed this woman out to the worker at the cinnabon as she handed me my coffee. I am nice like that. The worker cringed and said “OH NO!”

Take one final look
Exhibit C.
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I don’t care how warm it is, you do NOT wear shorts like that in December.
If you are this lady, you just DO NOT wear shorts like that EVER…even when you are by yourself listening to your Billy Ray Cyrus tape collection!

Ya’ll have a Merry Christmas. And remember; keep your ass covered when in public.
Auntie Sarah

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Last night,
I hung out with actor Seann Williams Scott of American pie fame.
You know, he played Steve Stifler.

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Ok, ya got me. It’s not him.

He is a dead ringer for the real guy though.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Guess What?

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I got a new wig........
a long time ago. In October to be exact.

I just have not had a chance to debut it here, on my blog.

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That was until yesterday happened. Dale got me a bad ass new digital camera. This baby is pocket/purse size. I will have it with me always so that I can take pictures of all the odd things I see during the day.

Thanks Dale
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Now I can show off my old, new wig.

So far, I have only gotten him underwear(for christmas)

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But I do have this wig……………………..

Friday, December 16, 2005

You All Know Clint

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He is one of my best friends.
He is also an animal lover. He has Chihuahuas a plenty, a cat, some peacocks, some chickens, and lord knows what else.

Sadly, one of his dogs died today. Really, it was his brother’s dog, but Clint and his mother loved the dog as well.

Meet the late great Woo (aka Robin).
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He was hit by a car this morning, and now the Lemon family is in mourning.

I really liked that dog. He would sing with you. It was the cutest thing ever.
When I visited CLint I would scoop woo up and walk with him as clint fed the birds. He was so cool.
I am pretty sad about the whole thing.

They buried him by their garden.
Woo will sing no more.

Here are Woo’s wife and kids
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He fathered a second batch of puppies, but I have no pics of them.
HE was closer to these as they all lived together until Woo met his end.

Clint still has his Peacocks
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Poor Woo.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Done and Done

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And just like that, at 9:45 I finished my last take home examination. It consisted of six pages for six answers to six questions. It took about 5 hours to complete.
I got up at 4:00 this morning to prepare more for an oral exam that I had to take at 10:00am. That exam was completed in about 45 minutes. I left school, came home, took a nap, and then took care of business. MY SEMESTER IS COMPLETE YA’LL!

At 9:46, I cracked open a lone star beer. My husband just arrived with a 12 pack of miller lite. I will now commence celebration.

I hope that those of you that can will join me in celebrating the completion of my first semester of grad school, post haste.

Adios, Mutha Truckers!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

just read it, and be happy

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The list of events starting from last night to now (10:25)

-Yesterday, they closed the campus at 2:00. I hung around for a bit, until a security guard told me to leave.
-Yesterday, got home at 3:30
-worked on a take home test from 4:30 to 10:00
-took a bath at 10:15 and studied for a different test that was to take place today at 3:15
-Went to bed at 11:00
-Got out of bed at 5:30
-Got on the road at 6:00
-Stopped by walgreens at 6:20 and bought a beanie cap
-Got to starbucks at great hills trail at 6:30
-Studied at starbucks until 8:00
-Hit the road a witnessed what looked like the apocalypse on hwy 183 north. At least 11 cars with in a 1 miles stretch of the hwy were pulled over on the side of the highway with no owners in sight.
-I exited 183 and took Burnet to 45th to Guadalupe. (the roads were easy to negotiate)
-Got to school at 8:45 and SCORE! I found a parking spot. I had to do some fancy parallel parking, but I can handle it.
-Went to my building to discover that it was locked. Shit. I knew the school was not opening until 10:00, but I thought that perhaps I could get into my clinic. Oh well.
-Started walking to starbucks at about 9:00
-Got to starbucks, ordered another coffee, and began to study (again)
-starbucks was packed, BTW
-at about 9:20, the place erupted in a buzz mixed with excitement and disbelief.
-some of the students were saying that the school was closed for the entire day.
-YAHOO! At 9:30, I left campus.
-9:55, I arrived at Rudy’s BBQ and purchased a yummy breakfast taco.
-10:15, back at home. HOLLA!

Last night, I told Dale that if God wanted to smile upon me he would close UT for the day (today). I needed a bit more time to study. And Lo! God sends his glorious smile rays upon my being. SO happy!
So happy!
Soooo, happy.
I need to study now. Bye.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dale Wins

Last night, Dale got home at about 6:45. He immediately went to the kitchen and busied himself with some mysterious project. I asked him what he was doing, and he said that he was making a surprise for me. A few minutes later, he asked if I had eaten. I told him that yes, I had just finished my dinner. He said, “ok, then eat this to cleanse your palate” and he offered me a corn chip. I ate the chip and asked him again what was going on…he just giggled and scooted off to the kitchen. At the time, I was working on a term paper so I did not chase after him as I normally would do. A moment later, Dale emerges from the kitchen with this:
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“Oh Dale, I have to finish my paper” I said. I can’t drink right now.

But Dale did not give up:

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I told my beloved, “Really, Dale…I just can’t. it looks really good, but I need to do my paper”.

He was just not taking no for an answer, and this is the last thing I remember:

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It all worked out fine in the end. I only had one drink, and I finished my paper without any troubles. The drink is made of grapefruit juice and some fine 100% de Agave Tequilla. The two substances balance each other out to where you can not taste the grapefruit, and the tequila is as smooth as silk.

The end.